Site Tour (for Members and Visitors)

The GPVA website main menu has a number of "tabs" (Home, About Us, Articles, etc.), each of which is, in many cases, not just a single page, but a dropdown menu of related pages.


The Home page is where new articles are published by default, though they can also be viewed on the "Articles" pages.

About Us

The About Us tab contains a main page describing the GPVA mission, and links to the following sub-pages:


This is our archive of all articles, newsletters, and press releases.


Our events calendar is where you can find information about upcoming state and local meetings and public events. We encourage our affiliated local organizations to publish their events here.


This is one place where our members can discuss among themselves hot topics and issues of interest, in current news, politics, and advancement of Green ideals. (Another such place is our gpva-discuss mailing list).


Here you will find links to our social media sites, as well as links to the national party, the Virginia Dept. of Elections, and other useful external sites.


This tab allows you to zoom into a map of Virginia, so you can see which local is closest to where you live. The tab also contains sub-pages, one for each affiliated local, which give basic contact info, website links, and area of influence.


This is where you will find our list of officers, local representatives, committee chairs, and GPUS representatives. You can also email our Webmaster if you have questions on how to use the site, or feedback on how to make the site work better.


Here, the main page briefly describes the types of committees maintained by the GPVA, and the purpose of each committee. For more detail, sub-pages are provided for each committee, listing their mission statements, membership qualifications, meeting minutes, and public documents. If you are logged in as a GPVA member, in most cases you can also view the list of committee members, instructions on how to join the committee, and any defined tasks their chair has set up. Tasking is an important part of maintaining a productive committee, and committee members may here take responsibility for certain tasks by assigning themselves to these tasks using the "edit" link associated with each task. Clicking on the "edit" link also provides more information about the task.

Additional Features on (almost) all Pages

Almost all pages present the following features, around the borders of the main content:

  • Search Bar : Allows quick access to content.
  • Join Us and Donate links
  • A list of Upcoming Events
  • The User Menu (for logging in/out and updating your contact information)
  • Content Shortcuts for adding and finding content (typically only shown for administrators).
  • Facebook Feed -- A direct reproduction of current GPVA Facebook content

We hope you like the new site, and will consider joining a committee. The GPVA takes no corporate donations, and relies on dedicated volunteers like you to help realize its goals!