Platform Committee (PC)



The Platform Committee formulates, discusses, and recommends to the GPVA membership proposed changes to the GPVA platform.


Membership in the PC is open to any GPVA member in good standing, who has also subscribed to the gpva-platform mailing list.

Platform Proposals

Proposals to modify our platform should be submitted using the following Google Form.
Please refer to the following portion of our bylaws for requirements for platform submissions.

13.1 Structure and Organization of the Platform

13.1.1 The GPVA Platform shall be organized by the Four Pillars, with general headings under the most appropriate Pillar, and specific planks organized by subheadings under each heading.
13.1.2 Each plank shall be titled by its subheading. Below the title/subheading, each plank shall have a Short Statement, typically one or two sentences, concisely summarizing the plank.
13.1.3 Each plank shall have an Executive Summary, which may be a bulleted or numbered list, providing concise statements of each point within the plank.
13.1.4 Each plank shall have a Detailed Discussion, providing all appropriate rationales for the plank.
13.1.5 Each plank shall have a list of Resources following the detailed discussion. The resources, either documentary or electronic, should be such as support the rationales for the plank.
13.1.6 The platform shall be published on the GPVA website, formatted to facilitate both browsing of the plank statements and, by means of expanding sections, the summary, discussion, and references. The General Secretary shall be responsible for keeping the web page current.

Public Documents & Resources