88th District Delegate Debate

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 - 7:00pm

88th District House of Delegates Candidate Debate

Sept. 13th, 7pm
Lee Hall, Room 411
University of Mary Washington Campus
Fredericksburg, VA.



Ground Rules for Proposed Debate

General debate format:

There will be a two-minute opening statement from each candidate (the order determined by a coin toss prior to the debate). There will be a two-minute closing statement from each candidate (reverse order from the opening statement).

During the question-and-answer portion of the program, the candidates will be asked questions by two panelists. The moderator will ask questions that will be submitted in advance by the audience.

The candidate who receives the questions will have two minutes to answer; the other candidates will have one minute to respond. And, there would be 30 seconds for rebuttal, if the first candidate wishes.

1. Applause following a candidate’s response is forbidden. The time any applause or verbal demonstrations take will be deducted from the candidate’s time to answer any questions or the closing statement.

2. A timekeeper will indicate how much time a candidate has left.

3. Candidates are allowed to take notes.

Campaigns signs will be prohibited from the debate room. Each campaign will be provided with a table outside the room for their brochures, yard signs etc. to distribute to their supporters after the event.

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