An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders Supporters

Dear Berners,

The Green Party welcomes you and this country and the planet need you. Many of us in the Green Party are former Sanders supporters. In 2016 when Bernie endorsed Hillary Clinton, we left the Democratic party and joined the Greens. We were grateful there was a party to turn to that was standing up for everything we had worked and hoped for at a time when we were feeling politically lost.

Berners belong here with the largest progressive national party that will fight with us instead of against us. We call for all of Bernie’s best policies, and better - Medicare For All, student and predatory loan forgiveness, publicly funded education through college, living wages, a universal basic income, a clean jobs guarantee, legalization of marijuana, restorative justice, affordable housing, an end to perpetual wars and a real Green New Deal. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear that these policies are more necessary now than ever. Your work has brought these issues to greater national prominence and our country is better because of it, but there is much work still to be done. That work must be done in a party that represents us, not the wealthy and powerful.

The Green Party is a party of the people. We take no Super PAC, corporate, or special interest money. Even our structure is different as a bottom-up, decentralized party that is guided by our grassroots members. The Green Party stands in opposition to the corporate two-party system and for proportional representation. We are not just another political party - we are part of an ecosocial movement, with national ballot access. That is real power.

You can be a part of building power in the Green Party. Every vote for the Green Party matters. Achieving 5% of the vote nationally would grant us ballot access in many states and open up public funds to our campaigns. A vote for the Green Party not only builds our party, it sends a strong message to the establishment that your vote cannot be taken for granted. It tells them that you will vote your values and no longer be manipulated by fear. Historical studies show a mere 3.5% of a population can bring revolution, and non-violent civil disobedience is twice as likely to succeed than violence (3.5% Rule). Non-violence is one of our 10 Key Values, ethically as well as strategically based.

Joining the Green Party is a revolutionary act. United we will be an undeniable force in the continuing political revolution for people, planet and peace! Join us!"