Green Party of Virginia Condemns Recent Airstrikes on Iraq

Green Party of Virginia Condemns Recent Airstrikes on Iraq; Calls for De-Escalation of Tension

RICHMOND, VA -- The Green Party of Virginia condemns the recent airstrike on Iraqi soil by the Trump administration which targeted and killed high ranking Iranian and Iraqi officials. This strike is likely illegal under U.S. and international law, made without consultation of Congress, the United Nations or the Iraqi government. The Pentagon has also failed to provide exculpatory evidence of a direct threat against American soil, despite its claims of acting in self-defense.

This brazen airstrike, in retaliation for a rocket attack on an Iraqi military base which killed a US military contractor, was launched before clear evidence of responsibility has been established and threatens to further destabilize the Middle East – a region which has suffered for decades under the boot of American geopolitical power.

We call on the Trump administration to immediately seek a de-escalation of tensions with Iran and to withdraw troops from the region. We must put an end to endless wars, which have been backed by a bipartisan consensus in Washington, and instead work toward peace and recovery in the Middle East and across the globe. We demand that Congress act swiftly to repeal the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force and to reassert its constitutional responsibilities for the declaration of war.