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The Green Party of Virginia is the electoral arm of the Green movement in Virginia. Recognized by the Virginia State Board of elections, the GPVA, made up of affiliated locals and at large members, is the only Green Party in Virginia accredited by the Green Party of the United States (GP-US), which in turn is recognized by the Federal Election Commission (FEC). Hundreds of Greens belonging to the 46 State Parties accredited by the GP-US have been elected to public office, including several in Virginia.

We invite you to join the Green Party of Virginia in building an alternative political party and a movement dedicated to promoting our Ten Key Values, including ecology, democracy, justice, community and peace.

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Meetings & Events

The last GPVA state meeting was held via teleconference July 12, 2017, with a continuation on Aug, 6th, 2017. Minutes of this meeting are posted HERE.

To keep things organized, if you are considering submitting a new proposal at future meetings, it is suggested that you download a Proposal Form, fill it out, and have copies handy at the meeting. Remember to break down long proposals into shorter, individual proposals to increase the odds of success.

88th District HOD Candidates' Debate : Sept. 13, 7:00pm, Lee Hall, Room 411, University of Mary Washington Campus, Fredericksburg VA. Map here. Wear green & show your support!

GPVA Summit : On Sunday, September 17th from 10am to 4pm, the Green Party of Virginia will hold a Party Summit at the Rockfish Community Center on the future of progressive politics in Virginia. We will identify the most pressing issues that should inform our strategy and focus in the coming electoral season, and in preparation for the midterm elections in 2018. We will review our mission and our electoral and legislative goals, and seek consensus on the best ways to champion a progressive agenda for the people of Virginia. All members are welcome to attend.

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Green Issues

Have an idea for a grassroots issues advocacy campaign? Contact the Chair of the Activism Committee.

  • The Green Party is Fully Committed to Peace!
  • Opposition to the unpatriotic Patriot Act
  • Publicly Funded Campaigns
  • Open Source Verifiable Voting Systems
  • More Voices and More Choices on the Ballot
  • Open Debates Inclusive of Third Parties and Independents
  • Women's Rights, including access to health care, job equality, and a Woman's Right to Choose
  • Put an End to Racism
  • Repeal Repressive Homophobic Laws - Full Equality for Members of the LGTBIQ Community
  • Single Payer Health Care
  • Affordable Housing
  • Living Wage
  • End Corporate Rule! Corporations should not have status as legal persons.
  • A Level Playing Field for Family Farms & Small Business.
  • Fair, Progressive Taxation
  • Affordable Tuition
  • Free/Open Source Software
  • End the Death Penalty
  • End the War on Drugs
  • Traffic Reduction/Rail/Smart Growth
  • Mattaponi River Dam/Prince William Reservoir
  • Clean, Affordable Alternative Energy. No nukes, coal or other antiquated, expensive and unsustainable power.
  • Identification of the Worst Local Polluters
  • End the colonial status of our nation's capital. DC Statehood Now!

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The Green Party of Virginia
Last Update: Aug. 13, 2017

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