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Social Media

The GPVA maintains a number of social media accounts worth checking out, for the latest developments in political action opportunities, discussing current events, strategizing on promotional efforts, and more.

These social media accounts are reserved for the use of GPVA members, and there are guidelines to follow here.

Click here to read the full SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY, adopted Dec.27, 2017.

Facebook GPVA Main Page

This page is for the promotion of the Green Party of Virginia. Its purpose is to engage the public, to promote the party, and to educate non-party members about the GPVA, its principles, and its political program.

Facebook GPVA Organizing and Discussion Page

This page is for GPVA members to engage one another on topics of direct relevance to the GPVA or GPUS.

GPVA Twitter account

This account is for the posting of timely information about the GPVA, and of official GPVA responses and comments on current events.

GPUS Reddit Page

This is a subreddit for news about Green Parties, Green candidates, and Green politics from around the world.

The GPVA reserves the right to provide an atmosphere conducive to intelligent discussion on these social media outlets. Ad hominem attacks, crazed rants, inappropriate cross-posting, anonymous posts and spamming will not be tolerated. Subscribers who abuse the services will have their posting privileges restricted or terminated.

As per the above social media protocol, we have a Press Secretary who is empowered to enforce these provisions. Please contact him/her if you have complaints about disruptive behavior on the listserves. Do NOT contact the webmaster for this.

Here are some guidelines for getting the most out of the lists:

  • Keep on topic for the list. No cross-posting.
  • Attempt to keep posts concise and to the point. Consider the e-mail storage space limitations of your fellow list members.
  • No spamming! Spam will be reported to the spammer's ISP and will result in your subscription being terminated.
  • Check your facts.
  • Copy the URL's of pertinent articles into your posting, and a brief summary - not the whole text. Your comments or suggestions for action add more to the discussion than just the text of articles which can be read elsewhere.
  • Copy only the pertinent parts of the posting to which you are responding.
  • Don't feel obliged to respond to every post - give others a chance to speak up.
  • Don't fan the flames and don't feed the trolls!

Finally, here is a short guide to some of the logical fallacies. Your argument will carry more weight if you avoid these:

  • Arguing from ignorance (the failure to disprove something does not prove it).
  • Equivocation (An elephant is an animal. Jumbo is a small elephant. Therefore, Jumbo is a small animal.)
  • Straw man (misquoting, exaggerating or distorting the other position).
  • Arguing in a circle (Is God kind? Kindness is a virtue and God has all the virtues, therefore God is kind.)
  • Slippery slope (Something catastrophic will happen because of an inevitable sequence of events starting from the item being discussed).
  • Composition (all the players are good, so the team should win).
  • Division (the school is good, so all teachers in it are good).
  • Ad hominem argument (Attacking the poster, instead of the topic).
  • Argument by authority (Someone well respected or well known said it, so it must be true).
  • The fallacy of complex questions (When did you stop beating your wife?).
  • The fallacy of irrelevance (ignoring the issue).
  • Appeal to force (I'll complain to the postmaster on you, if you don't agree with me).
  • Appeal to emotion, without backing evidence.
  • The fallacy of false assumption (If Nader hadn't run, Gore would be President).
  • There are others, these are just a few suggestions for things to beware of in a good discussion.

We Greens distinguish ourselves from the major parties by our values; let us keep those values in mind in our discussion methods.

Enjoy the pages - together, the Greens can make a difference!


Send your comments & suggestions to the Webmaster.

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