The Rockbridge Greens

Meeting Minutes

  Rockbridge Greens

September 10, 1998

Present: Eric Sheffield (notetaker),

1) Treasurer's Report: Current balance in the account is $295.14.

2) Rockbridge Community Festival (August 29th, 10-4) Our booth was a great success. We picked up seven new members and signed up one for the Valley Greens. One hundred people took our Local Political Awareness Quiz and participated in the free raffle. By pure coincidence all the winners were Greens. Tara Daystar won the Healthy Foods Coop certificate, Sarah Bartlett won the Blue Heron certificate, and Winnie Wickstrom won the Rockbridge Global Village certificate.

The free ice water and popcorn were a big hit and combined with the raffle to ensure that there was always a crowd at our booth. A beautiful boquet of roses borrowed from Elisabeth Daystar made a nice addition to the booth. Our location very near the band area made talking difficult at times, so next year we will request a spot farther away.

Thanks to the following for helping out: Eric Sheffield, Catherine Bodnar, Karen Ahnemann, Kathy Fox, Sarah Raz, Tara Daystar, Elisabeth Daystar, Sherry Stanley, Laura Parsons.

We need to write thank you notes to our raffle donors and to the newspapers mentioning the donors and volunteers. It was suggested that perhaps Catherine Bodnar might like to do this.

3) We approved several proposed changes to the bylaws of the Green Party of Virginia having to do with membership and national organizations. The proposed changes were forwarded to us from the GPVA ad-hoc bylaws committee.

4) We approved the following proposal from Eric Sheffield and appointed Eric, Catherine Bodnar and Kathy Fox to the Rockbridge Platform Committee. The committee would welcome others, contact any member.

Rockbridge Platform Proposal

A. The platform of the Rockbridge Greens and all revisions will be approved by the following process:

    1. The Rockbridge Platform and all revisions shall be drafted by a meeting of the Rockbridge Greens or a designated committee.

    2. The recommended platform or changes shall be mailed to each member of the Rockbridge Greens in a format by which they can indicate approval or disapproval of each new or changed plank .

    3. Returned ballots will be tallied 30 days after the mailing by a person or persons designated by a meeting of the Rockbridge Greens. The tally clerk will forward all ballot materials to the next meeting of the Rockbridge Greens.

    4. New or changed planks in the platform are approved if the votes in favor are 75% or greater of the total votes for or against that change. Deletions are approved if supported by more than 50% of the total votes for or against the deletion.

    5. The Rockbridge Platform and all changes made through the above process shall remain in effect until changed by the same process.

    6. The Rockbridge Greens , or designated committee, may approve non-content changes to the platform without the need for the above described membership ratification process. Such changes may include: titles and arrangement of the planks of the platform; grammatical and stylistic changes to the wording of planks; creating and naming various subsets of the platform to be used in cases when the entire platform would be too cumbersome; combining planks; and other similar changes.
5) Meeting adjourned 7:15.

6)Next Meeting: Thursday, October 8, 7-9pm at the Montessori School , Lexington.

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