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Meeting Minutes

  Rockbridge Greens

August 13, 1998

Present: Eric Sheffield, Kathy Fox, Catherine Bodnar, Sarah Raz, Tara Daystar

1) Treasurer's Report: Current balance in the account is $285.14. $75.00 went for the publication of the newsletter We will not be selling hats at the Community Festival. Kathy saw some nice hats that the Pennsylvania Greens were using to raise money. She will try to get some information about the supplier, the various products available, etc.

2) Rockbridge Community Festival (August 29th, 10-4) Our booth is number B-43 The following Greens have volunteered to help:

    9-11: Eric and Catherine
    11-1: Karen Ahneman
    1-3: Kathy Fox (and other times if needed)
    3-4:30: Laura Parsons and Tara Daystar
There will be a raffle for prizes to be donated (hopefully) by Blue Heron, Rockbridge Global Village (Eric will talk to these two), Cocoa Mill, and Food Co-op (Catherine will talk to these two). To enter the raffle people will have to fill out a questionaire asking who their county supervisor or city councilmen is (are), what district they live in, and what they think the 3 most important issues facing the area are. (Tara & Sarah will work on these).

We will have registration forms available for people to register to vote. (Catherine will pick up forms and make a signs to advertise as well as raffle/quiz and free popcorn/water and recycling) We will have a barrel available to recycle soda cans and one for paper. (Eric will provide the barrels, Catherine will make a sign) We will give away popcorn and water. (Kathy, Elise,Tara, and Sarah will pop the corn, Kathy will bring the water, ???? will bring cups and a pitcher and ice)

3) Newsletter : Thanks Sarah! We will have a quarterly newsletter, the next one scheduled for mid-October mailing. Deadline for submissions is September 15.

4) Ernie Dickerman's death. Eric shared the news of Mr. Dickerman's death. He was a well known conservatinsit who supported the Greens (especially Elise's run for office)and lived a very simple life. His obituary was in the New york Times, and Eric and Elise and the Rockbridge Greens were on a list of 90 people/organizations Mr Dickerman asked to have informed of his death.

5) Eric announced the state meeting at Sherry Stanley's (in Verona), August 15-16.

6)Platform: We may need extra meetings to work on the platform. Kathy added several items to the list of issues to address (issues raised at the regional house meeting she organized). Sarah and Tara commented on the poor environmental quality at the highschool (rooms with no windows, bad ventilation, etc) We need more input. Please bring any additional items to add to the list to the next regular meeting (September 10).

7) Next Meeting: Thursday, September 10, 7-9pm at the Montessori School or the Rockbridge Regional Library, we'll let you know!

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