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Meeting Minutes

  Rockbridge Greens

June 18, 1998

The meeting was held at Shannon Spencer & Rich Wallace's house in Lexington. Those present were: Eric Sheffield, Shannon Spencer, Richard Wallace and Sarah Raz

1. Treasurer's Report: Eric reported to Shannon via email that the Green party has $543.04 in the bank as of 6/18/98.

2. Eric discussed the interviewing process and some of his findings.

3. Shannon gave a brief overview of what is going on with Imagine Rockbridge.

4. We discussed the Rockbridge Platform briefly. It was decided that we would begin working on the platform at our monthly meetings. Each person is encouraged to bring five ideas (in writing) for consideration. The ideas could be as short as a sentence and the wording need not be polished.

5. Steering Committee: We accepted the resignation of Daniel Metraux who has transferred his membership to the newly formed Valley Greens. We elected Sarah Raz to the steering committee. Current steering committee members are: Catherine Bodnar, Elizabeth Daystar, Kathy Fox, Sarah Raz, Eric Sheffield, Shannon Spencer, and Michael VanNess.

6. Sarah(463-7156) agreed to start editing a newsletter for the Rockbridge Greens.

7. The Rockbridge Greens will have a booth at this year's Rockbridge Community Festival (August 29th). Those present at the meeting discussed having people who stop at the booth give 5 suggestions for the future of Rockbridge County, in return they would be entered into a contest to win a Rockbridge Greens T-shirt. This information will then be used to inform our platform.

We need volunteers to sign up to sit at the booth for one or two hours on the day of the Festival from 11am-4pm. Eric signed up from 9am-11am.

8. We decided that we would not organize any participation in this year's Labor Day events since we aren't involved in any campaigns and need to focus on the platform.

9. The next two monthly meetings will be held at Shannon Spencer & Rich Wallace's(463-7331) house at 214 Walker St. in Lexington. The dates are: July 9 and August 13, 7-9pm (the August 13th meeting location is subject to change, we'll keep you posted).

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