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January 22, 1998

The Rockbridge Greens met at the home of Stephanie Porras in Lexington. The meeting had originally been scheduled to take place a week earlier, but was postponed because of weather.

Present: Stephanie Porras, Eric Sheffield, Eli Fishpaw, Catherine Bodnar, Marai Wise.

1. Stephanie agreed to facilitate and Catherine agreed to take on the position of notetaker for the year.

2. Decision making. Eric pointed out that decisions are reached by consensus and distributed a handout which outlined the process we have agreed to follow if consensus is not immediately obvious.

3. Minutes from last meeting. Eric reported that at the last meeting, which was the December annual meeting, we had elected the 1998 steering committee of: Elizabeth Daystar, Kathy Fox, Eric Sheffield, Daniel Metraux, Catherine Bodnar, Michael Van Ness, and Shannon Spencer. Eric Sheffield was elected treasurer.

4. Treasurer's Report. The Rockbridge Greens spent all of their money from last year and need to send out the annual appeal. Eric also reminded us of an upcoming public hearing on a more restrictive sign ordinance.

5. Common Ground. Common Ground is a networking organization based in Harrisonburg. We agreed to renew our annual affiliate membership and pay the $20.00 dues (if we have it!). Eric also reported that 2 new Green locals are forming, one in Harrisonburg and one in Roanoke.

6. Community Financing. Eric reported on a recent presentation he did for the Montessori Center for Children on how successful community based financing can be as an alternative. The Center is considering expanding their facility and were very interested in the ideas Eric presented. They would want the Greens to help in their efforts.

7. The Greens of Virginia will hold their quarterly state meeting on Saturday, February 7 in Richmond. Everyone is encouraged to attend. Contact Eric if you are interested in carpooling.

8. Child Care. Catherine had raised the issue of having child care available for Green meetings. She agreed to coordinate the effort to have child care available if there is a need for it. We approved an expenditure of $10 per meeting to cover child care if necessary and will revisit the situation if this amount is inadequate. For now we can meet at Catherine's home. Heidi Fishpaw is available to baby-sit if there is a need. We will conduct an informal survey to see what the need may be.

9. Rockbridge Green Pages. Eric reported on the very low response to offering a Green Pages of locally owned businesses. The Committee decided to continue the effort to recruit more businesses. Catherine will ask local Green supporters to help refine the web site.

10. Newsletter. Eric reported that Elise Sheffield will no longer be able to edit the state newsletter. Sherry Stanley has taken it over. He raised the idea of re-creating a local newsletter on a smaller scale. Michael Van Ness agreed to do the newsletter as long as he is still in the area.

11. Eric's proposal (appendix A.). Eric closed the meeting by proposing that the Greens begin a campaign designed to challenge all 5 current members of the County Board of Supervisors in the 1999 elections. He suggested that the Greens begin to write a platform and the contact all county voters to let them know there is a serious, viable alternative to the current leadership. The proposal was accepted with great enthusiasm and work will begin immediately.

12. Next Meeting: The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 10 at Catherine Bodnar's home at 7:00 PM. Directions to Catherine's (276 Love Field Lane, 463-6768) Coming from Lexington: Take RT. 11 North over the Maury River Bridge. Turn RIGHT at the light by the E. Lex. market, on RT. 631 (Old B.V. Road). Take RT. 631 approximately 4 miles (you will go under I-81 and over 2 more hills). At the top of the tallest hill is Water Trough Ln.. at the bottom is an S curve. Just as you enter the S curve, on the Right there will be a row of 5 mailboxes. Across the road is a gravel lane that you can only turn left on (the sign has fallen down so the road is not marked). Take a LEFT on to the lane and continue about 3/4 of a mile. Catherine's is a one story brick ranch on the top of the hill on the left. There are only 4 houses on the lane, a log home, a white cinder block home, an old white farm house, and Catherine's. Catherine's is the only one with a long drive way leading up the hill on the left.


January 14,1998

>From : Eric Sheffield


I propose that the Rockbridge Greens adopt, as our primary project for the next two years, a program to develop a Green Platform for Rockbridge, and a campaign to recruit and run five candidates in the '99 Board of Supervisors races.

The objective would be to set the agenda for Rockbridge in the twenty-first century and elect one or more of our candidates.

Proposed Timeline:

1/98- Begin work on platform. Start list of potential candidates. Start list of persons to be contacted for input on the platform.

10/98- Platform draft completed. Begin recruiting candidates.

1/99- Announce five candidates for Board of Supervisors. Begin petitioning and door to door canvassing. Begin fundraising (min. goal $5000).

2/99- Announce platform.

10/99- Every voter in county has had at least one personal contact and received literature.

11/99- Rockbridge becomes second municipality in the nation with majority Green legislature.

Rockbridge Greens