The Rockbridge Greens

Meeting Minutes

  Rockbridge Greens

November 13, 1997
Rockbridge Regional Library, Lexington, Virginia

Present: Kathy Fox, Eric Sheffield, Eli Fishpaw, Phil Welch, and Sherry Stanley (note taker).

1. Minutes --- Eric read the October minutes, and we approved them.

2. Treasurer's report --- The Rockbridge Greens have $25.94 and the GOV, $219.89. Eric suggested sending a letter to the trial subscriptions asking them to join.

3. Elections --- We will get official reslts after November 24. Eli said the most important point is that we can't do this alone. We mentioned that the very few people who are voting are disproportionately over 60 years of age. Eric said we need to increase the number of letters-to-the-editor we generate. Sherry said we must run in manageable door-to-door campaigns. Other suggestions included campaigning at free clinics and food banks.

4. Soil and water conservation board --- Kathy O'Hara, who was on the ballot, received 946 votes,18% coming in third in a four way race for two seats. Phil was elected as a write-in candiate for Buena Vista with 12 votes; and Stephanie Porras, receiving six votes in a write-in effort, was elected in Lexington. We spent some time discussing Phil's role as a new member of the S&W.

5. Christmas party --- The annual Rockbridge Greens holiday party will be on the second Friday of December. We decided on a potluck dinner but not the location.

6. Harrisonburg local --- Sherry said that she would be leaving the RG to help form a local that would serve the Harrisonburg area, possibly Augusta County also. We already have a candidate for city council this spring. This local has been generated from a JMU student political organization, Democratic Socialists of America, and Dale's campaign.

7. Letter to new local --- Eric proposed sending a letter to the new local offering our if they wish to run a candidate in the next congressional election. Sherry said she personally did not have the energy to work in a campaign again next year and saw little enthusiasm elsewhere to do this. She said there could be a candidate in northern VA and perhaps our energies should go there. We agreed that if we are going to make this move, we should do so soon.

8. Sustainable Communities workshop --- A group from Maryland on a grant from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation is running a pilot program in Lexington. Eli and Eric will attend.

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