The Rockbridge Greens

Meeting Minutes

  Rockbridge Greens

September 9, 1997

Rockbridge Regional Library

Present: Stephanie Porrass, Eli Fishpaw, Eric Sheffield, Daniel Metraux, Sherry Stanley (note taker).

1. Minutes --- Eric read the minutes and we approved them.

2. Treasurer's report --- Rockbridge Greens have $461.37, but $178 of that is for the campaign ad we are planning to run in the News-Gazette. The Greens of Virginia have $23.48, but we have paid for all the costs of the 9,000 copies of the newsletters we had printed.

3. Labor Day --- Eric said he thought our breakfast and parade had gone well. Eli said that in the future we need to work on our logistics. The Lexington News-Gazette covered the story although other newspaper and TV coverage was nonexistent. With more than a dozen people in the parade, we distributed about 1400 newsletters.

4. Community Festival --- Eric said this went well too. Eli did lots of campaigning, and we had three candidates in attendance --- Eli, Sherry, and Daniel. On the same day, Dale Diaz had a fundraiser at a farm in eastern Rockingham County. She had three different bands playing but very low attendance and made some money from it but barely enough to justify the time and money paid for ads.

5. Web site ---- Eli expressed his concern that he has seen no change on the web site; we are still announcing events that happened five months ago. Eric said that Charlie has had some problems that prevented him from making progress on this. He said that at least the platform is there. We asked that we at a bare minimum delete the outdated material. We made up a list of prioritized items for Charlie to handle and agreed to look for someone else to serve as a back-up and possible replacement as our web site manager. We asked that Charlie delete the old material and add the candidate contacts, if nothing else.

6. Riegel --- Eric informed us that former professor of journalism at W&L and member of Rockbridge Greens Tom Riegel died last month at the age of 94. Riegel came to the Greens late in life but his support will be missed and our condolences go out to his wife Jane and the rest of his family.

7. Congressional election proposal --- Eric made the following proposal: 1. The Rockbridge Greens will nominate a candidate to run for the 6th Congressional seat in the 1998 elections. 2. The preferred candidate will be a woman or minority from one of the population centers in the district who has a record of community activism for social justice and/or the environment. 3. We will begin petitioning as soon as the forms are available.

We discussed this proposal. We would need 1500 signatures to get someone on the ballot. Sherry said that it was essential that we find a candidate who has the time to run a committed race. She also said it was essential that the candidate have a willing group of volunteers to campaign. She felt that she had no energy after three years of campaigning for first Elise, then Nader, and now herself to put into this and we should wait until after these elections to make this decision in order to think about possible candidates and to see if the present campaigns generate some energy. We agreed to consider this at a later date.

8. Soil and Water Board --- Phil Welch from Buena Vista has agreed to be a write-in candidate in his district. We nominated him.

9. Campaign bumper stickers --- We have the $200 needed to buy bumper stickers that could serve for this campaign and for general use. We decided to order 1000 3" x 11 1/2" bumper stickers saying VOTE GREEN for $200. Eric will order these in the next week.

10.State meeting --- We reminded everyone of the state meeting to be held in Staunton at the Staunton Public Library on October 4. We will have a short business meeting, a guest speaker speaking on the national forest, and a candidates' workshop.

11.Next meeting --- Our next meeting is October 14, 7pm, Rockbridge Regional Library.

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