The Rockbridge Greens

Meeting Minutes

  Rockbridge Greens

August 12, 1997

Rockbridge Regional Library, Lexington, VA

Present: Eli Fishpaw, Stephanie Porrass, Kathy Fox, Eric Sheffield (facilitator), Sherry Stanley (note taker), and John White.

1. Minutes --- Eric read the July minutes; we approved them with no corrections.

2. Treasurer's Report --- The treasurer did not have our current balance. NOVA Greens donated $50 to help publish the newsletter. Eric has asked for more but has received no response. We are getting money for the GOV from the fundraiser. We agreed to loan the GOV $200, if necessary, to print the newsletter. We also approved to spend $200 for VOTE GREEN bumper stickers. Kathy Fox is working on one or possibly two fundraisers, one possibly at Glenn Maury Park in Buena Vista and one possibly at Rockbridge High School. The group No Strings Attached would be willing to do this with a little money for transportation. Kathy said she would continue to pursue this.

3. Labor Day --- John White is taking care of the plans for a potluck breakfast at Christ Episcopal Church. He initiated a phone tree so all the members present could contact Rockbridge Greens and said he would issue a press release. Eric will make the arrangements for our participation in the parade and for Eli and Daniel Metraux to join the speakers on stage.

4. Newsletter --- Eric said that he hopes the newsletter will be ready by August 23 for the Community Festival and Dale Diaz's fundraiser. We will print as many as we can afford.

5. State meeting --- The next state meeting will be held in Staunton at the Staunton Public Library on October 4. We will have a short business meeting in the morning, lunch, then a guest speaker, and a campaign workshop in the afternoon.

6. Rockbridge Community Festival --- Eric will start setting up at 9:00; the festival actually starts at 10. Eric and Eli will begin an 9:00, Sherry will work from 10 until 12, Stephanie from 11 until 1, Kathy from 1 until 3. Eric will finish up.

7. Web site --- Apparently we have lost our web site manager. Charlie Jordan has volunteered to replace her and is in the process of updating the site.

8. Interim committee --- We nominated Kathy as our representative to the interim committee.

9. Campaign --- We looked at possible posters for delgates, ideas for people to help with pamphlets, the possibility of GPVA or Rockbridge Greens buying bumper stickers that could be modified to the candidates.

10. Pamphlet --- We expressed an urgent need for a GOV pamphlet. Kathy will work on designing this.

11. Next meeting --- We will meet Tues., September 9, 7pm in the conference rm. at the Rockbridge Regional Library, Lexington.

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