The Rockbridge Greens

Meeting Minutes

  Rockbridge Greens

July 8, 1997

The Rockbridge Greens met at the Rockbridge Library in Lexington from 7:00 P.M. until 9:00 P.M.

Present: Dale Diaz, Eli Fishpaw, Eric Sheffield, Sherry Stanley (note taker), and Robyn Hill.

1. Minutes -- Eric read the minutes; we approved them with no corrections.

2. Treasurer's Report -- The Rockbridge Greens have a current balance of $326.57.

3. Newsletter -- We agreed to try to have a newsletter printed for the upcoming election, maybe by the time of the Community Festival. The GOV funds are low so perhaps a 4-page paper would suffice. The newsletter would focus on the election and the success with securing loans for Laurie's new restaurant.

4. Green Pages -- We have received only three applications at this time. Obviously people will need encouragement. We looked at the flyer put out by EARTH at JMU to see their format and decided that would work as a first printing possibly, with the description part optional. We decided to stop people at the Community Festival and ask them to fill out the form.

5. Summer Gathering -- Eli said we will have the school house at the Common Ground location. Eric has written a press release concerning the Fair Economy group presentation. We compiled a draft agenda for Sunday's business meeting.

6. Nickname -- Robyn Hill, a law student at W&L, had reviewed the letters General Assembly candidates had received disqualifying their "Green" nicknames. She reported that she had examined the laws and found no legal precedent for this. She judges this disqualification as discretionary. Since the candidates running for Soil and Water Conservation did not lose their nicknames, this appears to depend on the electoral board the candidate is dealing with. The two candidates present who had received these letters agreed that they had more pressing needs than pursuing the loss of their nickname.

7. Endorsements -- Tex Wood from the Reform Party has asked for some time at the gathering to talk about possible coalition between the Reform and Green Parties. We agreed to invite him and another representative from the Reform Party to Sunday's business meeting.

8. Delegate campaigns -- All delegate candidates, except Daniel Metraux who is studying in Japan this summer and Charlie Jordan, have announced their intentions to run. The Greens of Virginia have five candidates qualified to run for the General Assembly. We approached the subject of how to raise money for these candidates. We agreed to ask the state to use the mailing list to solicit contributions, with a carefully worded letter that would explain the costs such as posters at $1.00 each or 400 flyers at $25 or bumper stickers at $1.00 each. The money will have to go directly to the candidates because we do not have a PAC. Eric suggested that we get yard signs printed because they are not expensive. We tentatively approved a mailing to the Rockbridge Greens, which may or may not be part of a mailing to all Greens in Virginia. Also, Dale has a fund raiser planned for August 23 in eastern Rockingham County at the Frederick Farm. It will be from 3 until 9 with music as the main event; the farm provides food vendors and charges based on the number of people who arrive, in other words perhaps $1 per person no matter how many appear. Eric suggested making an appeal to the national e-mail list also.

9. Soil and Water Campaign --- Both Rockbridge Greens, Kathy O'Hara and Darrell Croson, got on the ballot in a 5-candidates for 2-seats race in Rockbridge County. There is only one candidate for two seats in Lexington and no candidate for two seats in Buena Vista. Eric urged that we start a write-in campaign.

10. Community Festival --- The festival is August 23 so we urge people to attend it and then move on to the fund raiser in Rockingham County. Eric suggested that we have a jar to collect money for one of those Rgood luck candidatesS ads that everyone signs. It will be necessary to make sure this does not conflict with any campaign contribution reporting on the part of the candidates. The festival usually runs from 10 until 4; we need volunteers to run the booth.

11. Labor Day -- Eric will get the details about the annual Labor Day campaign-kick-off in Buena Vista and try to get us signed up. It would be good to have all the candidates present.

12. Next meeting -- The next meeting is to be held on August 12, 7pm at the Rockbridge Regional Library in Lexington.

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