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Meeting Minutes

  Rockbridge Greens

June 10, 1997

The Rockbridge Greens met at the Rockbridge Public Library at 7:00 P.M. on Tuesday June 10, 1997.

Present: Eric Sheffield (facilitator), Sherry Stanley (note taker), Robyn Hill, Eli Fishpaw, and Kathy Fox.

1. Minutes -- We read and approved the minutes of the April meeting, which had not been available in May, and the minutes of the May meeting.

2. Treasury -- The Rockbridge Greens have a balance of $481.07; we will need to pay about $150 for our semi-annual levy to the GOV soon. Presently the GOV balance is $66.58.

3. Blue Heron project -- As agreed at the May meeting, Eric sent out both e-mail and hard copy messages to Rockbridge Greens asking them to support Laurie Macrae's plans to relocate and expand her restaurant. The message asked for loans totaling $50,000 from the Green community. In fifteen days the goal was met. Laurie learned that the banks would have charged her 12.5% interest, but her maximum interest from the community was 6%. Laurie has the contractors lined up and work on the restaurant should begin soon. Eric will write an article on this project for the next newsletter.

4. General Assembly Elections -- We have four candidates qualified and Charlie Jordan still to find out his status. Eli Fishpaw announced Friday that he will be running in the 18 district.

Dale Diaz will announce Thursday, June 12, that she is running in the 26th district. Her candidacy has already been made public because her Democratic opponent asked her to withdraw because her candidacy would hurt his. She declined.

Sherry Stanley has qualified and will announce at the end of this month when she returns from vacation. Daniel Metraux has qualified and will announce in August when he returns from summer research work abroad. Eric reminded the candidates that they should meet with all newspaper publishers, radio directors, etc. sometime between now and the end of August. We discussed the possibility of having some sort of breakfast at the annual Labor Day campaign kick-off in Buena Vista. We would like to have a big crowd there to show support for our Green candidates.

5. Soil and Water Conservation District campaign -- We will have two candidates from the county, Kathy O'Hara and Darrell Croson. We nominated both and at this time believe both have qualified. Eric will verify this.

6. Summer Gathering-- The Rockbridge Greens will send out a notice about the gathering. The notice will go to all GOV members with e-mail. Eli, with possible help from Robyn, will design a postcard to be sent to all Rockbridge Greens and other Greens without e-mail who would be likely to come to the gathering. Eric will prepare the address labels. We would like to get the notice out by June 20.

We sketched out a rough schedule: Friday, welcome to camp, no structured events. Saturday, 1-3, George Loveland and Bo Chagnon workshop "The Growing Divide" from United for a Fair Economy, 3:30-5, Open Debate on whether or not to run Greens for office, 7-10, Plans for the future for Greens of Virginia. Sunday, (possible) sweat lodge in the morning, business meeting from 11-4. Saturday pot luck and Sunday order out for pizza. Possible tour of straw-bale and other alternative houses sometime during the weekend. Sat. morning additional discussions and activities.

7. Green Pages-- We would like to have distribution points throughout the area for people to pick up applications, etc. We approved the purchase of plastic stands to hold copies of the application. We need suggestions and volunteers to place in businesses.

8. Next meeting-- Tues. July 8, 1997 7:00 P.M. Rockbridge Regional Library.

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