The Rockbridge Greens

Meeting Minutes

  Rockbridge Greens

April 8, 1997

Present: Eli Fishpaw, Daniel Metraux, Eric Sheffield, Jack Froehlicher (guest), Susan Micklem, Cindy Micklem (guest), Ulysse Desportes (new member), Sherry Stanley (notetaker), and Bruce Busching

The Rockbridge Greens met at Sherry's home in Verona for dinner and a meeting. Because there were people attending who did not know each other, we began with introductions and short histories of ourselves.

Work: During the late discussion time at the meeting we stuffed envelopes to send to members informing them of the state meeting in northern Virginia.

1. We read and approved the minutes of the March meeting.

2. Nominations: Daniel Metraux agreed to run for the General Assembly next fall. He will represent the 24th district. We discussed getting signatures for him and basic plans for qualification. In addition to Daniel, we nominated the following people to run for the House of Delegates election: Charlie Jordan in the 9th district, Eli Fishpaw in the 18th, Sherry Stanley in the 25th, James Ford in the 59th,Watt Bradshaw in the 15th, and Dale Diaz in the 26th. We agreed to take these nominations to the state meeting.

3. Rockbridge Community Festival: We have attended this festival in late August for the past six years and agreed to pay the $40 fee to participate again this fall.

4. Summer gathering: We asked Eli if he and Kathy Fox would organize the gathering for July or late June. He replied that he would but would want to keep it simple. The gathering will be held at Common Ground community in southern Rockbridge County, as is our custom.

5. The next meeting is May 13, 7 pm at the Rockbridge Public Library conference room.

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