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Meeting Minutes

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March 11, 1997

The Rockbridge Greens met at 7:00 P.M. at the home of Jeanne Hepler in Lexington, Virginia.

Present: Eric Sheffield, Eli Fishpaw (note taker), Kathy Fox, Adrienne Hall Bodie, Jeanne Hepler.

1. Minutes: Minutes from the February meeting were read and accepted

2. Treasurer's report: Eric reported a blance of $403.80. Our yearly levy to the Greens of Virginia is about $300 and none has been paid yet. Response to the voluntary dues notice has been weak.

3. Delegate Race effort reported by Eric. Charlie Jordan of the 9th district has decided to run. Eric has decided to run if no other Green candidate from his district has stepped forward. Other potential candidates were discussed. ( Phil Welsh, Joan Manley, Darrel Croson)

4. Platform Meeting: Report on platform meeting in Charlottesville given by Eli. The committee is working on a format that would include a hierarchy of positions that includes core values and positions that we hope all candidates representing the Greens will support strongly. Tier two referred to as the laundry list includes more specific strategies for implementing the tier one values. The meeting went through our last platform and decided which values were core values. The group asked Eli to write up these in a concise form. The meeting also went through the laundry list that had been submitted in writing. Sherry Stanley took notes and agreed to write up the revisions for consideration in the wider meeting.

5. Rockbridge Green Pages: Eric gave a report on the Green Pages. Applications for listing in the Green Pages will be ready next month. The strategy is to start out as an expansion of our web site. Eventually this will result in a paper copy to be sent out to all households in the county. This is to include all local businesses that choose to participate at no cost to them. When it is published, graphic display adds will be included at cost to the business, potential revenue for the greens. Adrienne Bodie has agreed to edit the Green Pages.

6. We agreed to hold our next meeting, April 8, 1997 at the home of Sherry Stanley in Verona.

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