The Rockbridge Greens

Meeting Minutes

  Rockbridge Greens

February 11, 1997

The Rockbridge Greens met at 7:00 P.M. in the Rockbridge Regional Library in Lexington, Virginia.

Present: Eric Sheffield, Sherry Stanley (note taker), Kathy Fox.

Work: During the meeting the members of the steering committee addressed and stuffed letters to the members of Rockbridge Greens. The letters concerned the Green Pages project.

1. Minutes: We corrected the levy prposal to read $3.00 per member rather than $300 per member per year and accepted the corrected minutes.

2. Treasurer's report: Eric reported a blance of $276.87.

3. Common Ground: We had received a letter from Common Ground asking for a contribution. We agreed to send $20.

4. Platform Meeting: Eric announced that the platform committee of the Greens of Virginia planned to meet in Charlottesville on February 22 to revise the platform for the upcoming campaign season. Eric has agreed to facilitate that meeting.

4. 1997 Campaigns: Eric said that at the last state meeting a recruiting committee had taken on the task of looking for possible candidates in the House of Delegates elections. Charlie Jordan is setting up a meeting in Roanoke for this purpose. We are working and communicating.

5. Rockbridge Green Pages: This week we are sending out a letter asking RG members to volunteer in various phases of the development of the Green Pages. We plan to use the next meeting to call people who have not responded. We need to develop some concrete guidelines for finding businesses to include in this list. Could the invitations be published in the newsletter, printed on flyers and distributed at possible pick-up sites, etc.? The first step should be to look at the yellow pages and then put those businesses in the data base for phone callers to contact.

7. T-shirts: John White has volunteered to buy Green t-shirts with his own money. Then when we sell them, we pay him for the cost of the t-shirts and keep the difference.

8. Eric will look for a place where we can have at least two phones to place calls to RG members for our next meeting, March 11, 1997.

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