The Rockbridge Greens

Meeting Minutes

  Rockbridge Greens

October 8, 1996
Rockbridge Regional Library, 7:00 P.M.

Present: Eric Sheffield, Sherry Stanley, and Stephanie Porras

1. September Minutes were read and approved.

2. Treasurer's report --- Eric said the Rockbridge Greens now have $86.02 after a $100 donation from Plowshares for the voter guides. The GPVA has $661.07.

3. Eric volunteered to write a letter to the editor for the Greens concerning the airport referendum, focusing on the laws concerning referendum in Virginia.

4. Eric reported that Nell Bolen has updated our web site. Both the RG and GPVA are at the same site: She is still working on setting up a bulletin board. The site looks great, and the goal now is to get links to other sites so people can find us without knowing exactly where to look.

5. Eric and Elise have been successful in distributing the voter guides. Eric attended a Common Ground board meeting and they agreed to publish the guide in their newsletter and distribute between four and five thousand. Plowshares decided to insert the guide in their newsletter, took about five thousand, and contributed $100. Elise met with the Lynchburg peace center and gave them five thousand. The next opportunity for distribution is the congressional forum for the sixth district candidates --- October 22 at Rockbridge High School. Please call Eric if you can help with this.

6. Elise has received quite a few articles for the newsletter. We are going to eight pages on the newsprint and hope to go to 5,000 copies. We discussed distribution. Our goal is to have them ready to distribute at quarterly meetings and mail bundles to distributors unable to attend a meeting. We must develop a network of reliable distributors.

7. We have heard from our attorney that we lost the write-in lawsuit. We are considering an appeal and decided that if we can, we should.

8. We approved a proposal for a GPVA interim committee, designed to conduct day-to-day business between quarterly meetings.

9. Tyla Matteson has announced her write-in candidacy for the first district congressional race. We support her nomination by the GPVA.

10. Stephanie is still contacting people about the annual meeting. Anyone who would like to host a party for that meeting should contact Stephanie.

11. We discussed the lack of participation in monthly meetings. We acknowledged that lots of people are doing things -- the newsletter, the web page, the voter guide, the lawsuit, the draft Nader campaign, etc. But we asked whether we should have meetings only twice a year or every other month and then separate committees to get things done. Is this grassroots democracy? Do we need restructuring? We are looking for responses.

12. But until then, we will meet at Stephanie's house for our November meeting. She will fix dinner for us (call 463-9610), but don't feel shy about helping her out. She lives at 335 North Main Street near the corner of Diamond and Main, next to the barber shop. The date is Nov. 12.

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