The Rockbridge Greens

Meeting Minutes

  Rockbridge Greens

September 10, 1996

Present: Stephanie Porras, Eric Sheffield (notetaker)

1. Minutes from the August meeting were read and approved

2. The treasurer reported that the Rockbridge Greens have $8.85 and the Greens of Virginia have $829.99 in the bank as well as several uncollected pledges for the lawsuit. The GOV still owes $500 to our lawyers.

3. No report was given on the Rockbridge Community Festival since all present were there. We had a very nice booth set up including a Nader video. During the day we handed out about 1000 of our congressional voter guides. The event came to an early end about 2pm when a typhoon struck, leading to the eventual collapse of our canopy.

Funds approved to replace broken canopy parts as soon as finances are available.

4. We were able to raise enough money to meet our goal of printing 20,000 of our 6th congressional district voter guide. In addittion to those handed out at the festival, 1300 were handed out during the Labor Day parade in Buena Vista. This marked the 4th consecutive year that the Greens have had a presence at this event.

We are now working on distributing the guides to the Peace Centers in Lynchburg, Harrisonburg, and Roanoke.

5. The write-in lawsuit was filed Aug. 23. There will soon be a hearing on our request to expedite the suit. This is a make or break decision as far as whether we will be able to write-in Nader this year.

6. Nader's vice presidential choice, Winona LaDuke, was approved as substitute for current GPVA candidate Annie Goeke.

7. The Green Womens gathering scheduled for Sept. 14 in Lexington has been postponed.

8. A proposed ammendment to the GPVA bylaws, creating an executive committee, was discussed.

9. The date for our annual meeting was set as either Dec. 6th or 13th. Stephanie will make arrangements and serve on the nominating committee which is seeking new members for the steering committee.

10. The deadline for the next newsletter is Sept. 24.

11. Nell Bolen was approved as the Rockbridge Greens webmaster, and given sincere thanks for volunteering.

12. We approve a proposal to become a Certified Sponsoring Organization of the Global Cooperative Society.

13. Next Meeting October 8, 7pm, Rockbridge Regional Library.

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