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Meeting Minutes

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August 13, 1996

Present: Harmony Periman (facilitator), Eric Sheffield, Sherry Stanley (notetaker), and Eli Fishpaw

1. Harmony read the minutes of the 7-20-96 meeting of the GPVA and we made a few corrections to make a ready copy for the fall GPVA meeting.

2. Eric read the minutes of the RG July meeting. We made no changes.

3. Eric gave the treasurer's report. The loan to the GPVA has been repaid, and the RG have $254.48. The GPVA has $164.10. Eric said he had just sent a check for $500 to the attorney for the write-in suit.

4. Eric reported the status of the GPVA lawsuit for a presidential write-in. He is the primary contact with the law firm handling this case. He has sent out an appeal on e-mail to the nationwide Nader list and the state e-mail list and has pledges of about $900 to partially meet the $1000 cost of the suit. The attorney plans to file by the end of this week in Richmond. Presently the plans call for suing the Board of Elections and the General Assembly.

The suit is based on Article 2, Section 3 of the Virginia Constitution. Eric reported lots of support for this across the country. Peter Robinson will be part of a press conference when the suit is filed. Harmony said she felt that we should ask for an explanation --- maybe correction --- from the Board of Elections and possibly and governor and she will pursue that.

Eric asked that the RG contribute $100 to the suit, as he has asked all locals to do. We agreed to his proposal.

5. Eric introduced a proposal for developing a voter guide for the congressional race for the 6th district. He had gotten the format for this guide from a peace workshop he attended in Asheville, conducted by Peace Action.

The voter guides focus on issues. We agreed to send copies of the questionnaire by registered mail, e-mail, and fax to the three candidates in this race and then print 20,000 copies. RG will contribute $100 to this, and Eric will ask other groups to help cover the costs of printing. He will try to get this ready for the Community Festival, August 24.

6. Harmony circulated the bulletin from the GPUSA. We do not have anyone attending the gathering this week in L>A>

7. Harmony gave us flyers of the women's gathering in Lexington in September. She and Kate Gresham are organizing this event focusing on the Green's ten key values.

8. Sherry introduced the idea of having an on-going discussion of organization. Having completed the draft Nader efforts, she expressed the need to focus on how to organize volunteer efforts and coordinate various efforts. Eric said he had learned at the peace workshop that volunteers should be treated as if we had to pay them for their time, with appropriate preparations and instructions.

Harmony said she felt organization was difficult without interested, strong locals.

9. Eric reported on the community festival. He said we would show a Nader video and continue petitioning and distribute the voter guide. Also, copies of the newsletter are still available. Stephanie Porras is coordinating the volunteers

10. Eli has agreed to conduct a forum on sustainable economics this fall. Other volunteers should contact Harmony at 462-3282.

11. Eric suggested sponsoring a candidates' debate for the congressional race if no other group steps forward to do so.

12. Next meeting September 10,1996, Rockbridge Regional Library, 7:00pm.

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