The Rockbridge Greens

Meeting Minutes

  Rockbridge Greens

July 9, 1996

Present: Stephanie Porras (facilitator), Eric Sheffield (notetaker)

1. The June minutes were not available. Stephanie Porras, Kathy Fox, and Darrell Crosen were reported to have attended.

2. Treasurer, Eric Sheffield, reported a balance of $254.48 in the Rockbridge Greens account.

3. A short term, no interest loan of $200 to the Greens of Virginia was approved so that they could mail out the newsletter and a fundraising letter.

4. A proposal to allow the Concerned Citizens Coalition to put an insert in our newsletter about the airport referendum, and to use our bulk mail permit if they want, was appoved. Stephanie will convey the desicion to the CCC.

5. Our booth at the Rockbridge Community Festival will be in the usual place. Stephanie volunteered to coordinate the staffing of the booth. The festival is Aug. 24 from 9am to 4pm. Please call Stephanie (463-9610) to volunteer for1-2 hours.

6. NEXT MEETING August 13,1996, 7pm at the Rockbridge Regional Library. We will be discussing plans for the Rockbridge Community Festival, the Nader petition drive, a proposal to commit $100 to a lawsuit challenging the Commonwealth of Virginia for denying its citizens the right to write-in for President.

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