The Rockbridge Greens

Meeting Minutes

  Rockbridge Greens

May 14, 1996

Present: Kathy Fox (notetaker), Eric Sheffield (facilitator)

1. April Minutes were approved as read.

2. Eric read the treasurer's report. The Rockbridge Greens have $289.48. The Greens of Virginia have $229.54.

3. Program meeting, May 9, with Jason Rutledge on sustainable timber harvesting methods, and Dr. Erich Uffelman on bio-inorganic chemistry in the body was well attended.

4. Charlotte Morgan, Tom Ahnemann, and Eric Sheffield worked out the design for the web page on the Internet for both the Rockbridge Greens and the Greens of Virginia.

5. The Rhode Island Greens met with Ralph Nader. They were satisfied with his presentation and responses. Nader confirmed that he will remain a candidate through the general election, he believes that he will be on the ballot in at least 10 states including Virginia.

6. The Draft Nader for President Committee- Virginia met in Verona and approved a press release to be distributed throughout the state. It has not yet appeared in print. The general strategy is in Network building and contacting people who show interest. Nationally, Nader is pulling 8% in the polls.

7. Correspondence:

The Buena Vista Labor Day committee sent an invitation for Sept. 2 parade and speeches. We have no local candidates this year, but could decide to participate if Nader will be on the ballot.

Pax Christi is sponsoring a Pilgrimage to Peace Places from Appomattox to York Town, Aug. 6-10. The theme is "Nonviolence is a family value." The invitation will be passed on to the Greens of Virginia.

8. Since Alice Buchanan has not attended steering committee meetings, Eric recommended that she be removed from the steering committee. Eric also nominated Kathy Fox for addition to the steering committee. Both suggestions were approved.

9. Harmony Periman is responsible for organizing the Summer Gathering of the GOV, May 31-June 2. A mailing was sent out to 270 people. A press release needs to be sent out.

10. A press release is to be published about the May 28 forum, Holes in the Safety Net: Rockbridge Responds. Seventy invitations were sent out. A follow up letter will be sent after the forum.

11. Eric and Elise Sheffield have received an award from the Common Ground organization in Harrisonburg for "promoting a new political vision respectful of the issues of Peace, Justice, and the Environment."

12. A proposal to initiate the Rockbridge Green Pages was presented by Eric. The proposal was accepted and Eric & Elise Sheffield, Kathy Fox, and Cathryn Harbor were appointed to the committee. Other interested people should contact Eric or Kathy. A meeting will take place at the Sheffield home on May 24.

13. The next business meeting of the Rockbridge Greens will be on Tuesday June 11, 7:00pm at the Rockbridge Regional Library.

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