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Meeting Minutes

  Rockbridge Greens

April 9, 1996

The Rockbridge Greens met at the Rockbridge Regional Library at 7:00 PM; on April 9, 1996.

present: Cathryn Harbor (facilitator), Cathy Fox, Stephanie Porras, Eric Sheffield, Harmony Periman, and Sherry Stanley

1. The minutes of the March, 1996 meeting were approved.

2. Eric reported that we have $412. 50 in the Rockbridge Greens treasury and $251.38 in the Greens of Virginia treasury. A recommendation to Send $20 to Common Ground in response to a fundraiser was accepted. Also it was agreed that we would send $40 to cover the fee for the Rockbridge Community Festival. A request from the Greens of Virginia to raise the local levy met with the observation that this could deplete our budget. Eric said the solution for more money should be to sign up more people.

3. It was announced that the Draft Nader PAC will hold a meeting on April 27 at Sherry's house. She will contact everyone involved.

4. We received the Greens of Virginia report on the March 31 meeting from Harmony and Sherry. The food was good. Eric read the minutes and we made several corrections.

5. Mailing list: Eric made a proposal to sell our mailing list on a case-by-case basis, starting with the Draft Nader for President move. He said there is no real substitute for sending people a letter for fund raising. There were several voices of opposition to this proposal. We followed with a discussion of how to raise money otherwise. Eric followed with a proposal to call everyone on the mailing list. Though there were few people willing to participate in this, the list was divided and callers will use the script Eric provided. Only about half of the list was able to be accounted for by the volunteers present. The original proposal was tabled.

6. Tom Ahnemann has offered a web page available to the Rockbridge Greens, but he needs someone to design it. It was decided that Harmony, Charlotte, Eric and Tom need to get together.

7. We read a letter from Lorri Olan thanking us for the donation we made to Project Horizon.

8. Elise Sheffield is firminng up plans for the welfare roundtable which will take place May 21,1996??????????? Next Meeting May 14,1996, 7:00 at the Rockbridge Regional Library Script For Soliciting Help With Nader Campaign (use as a guide, you don't have to read verbatim)

Hello this is (your name), I'm calling on behalf of the Rockbridge Greens to see if you can help us with our drive for ballot status which you may have read about in the last newsletter.

We have five areas that we're looking for members to help us with. Do you mind if I read through them to see if you would be able to help with any of them?

1. Could you put "Nader 96" bumper stickers on your cars? How many do you need?

2. Would you be willing to circulate a petition to get Ralph Nader on the ballot for President in Virginia, among your friends and acquaintances? Would it be convenient for you to pick up your bumper stickers and petitions at the Healthy Foods Coop? If so we'll leave them there with your name on them. If not we'll mail them to you.

3. Would you be able to petition at the polls on Tuesday, May 7 in Lexington or Buena Vista (anytime between 6:00am and 7:00pm) during the city elections?

4. Would you be able to petition at the polls on Tuesday, June 11 (anytime between 6am and 7pm) during the primary election?
5. Could you make a contribution of $5-$100 to Draft Nader for President-Virginia (8 River Ridge Rd., Verona, VA 24482), which is covering all the campaign costs for printing the petitions and bumper stickers, sending press releases and petition packets, and coordinating the volunteers?

For any questions feel free to call Eric Sheffield at 540-261-4306. Please notify Eric of the results of your survey at the above phone or send to Rt. 1, Box 380-A, Buena Vista, VA 24416.

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