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March 12, 1996
Rockbridge Regional Library - 7:00

Present: Eric Sheffield,Stephanie Porras--facilitator, Cathryn Harbor, Charlotte Morgan, Sherry Stanley, Harmony Periman, Cathy Fox, John Beem.

Nader : We began by watching the video of the Phil Donahue interview with Ralph Nader. Eric then caught us up on the progress of the Draft Nader Campaign in Virginia. He explained that we need 30,000 signatures with a minimum of 200 from each cingressional district in order to place Nader's name on the ballot. The Greens of Virginia have written and approved the by-laws, nominated and approved a state central committee, and met all state requirements to begin this process.

Treasuerers Report: Eric reported that we have $345.92 in the treasury and have paid our levy to the GOV. The GOV balance is $610.53.

Platform: We then discussed platform revision ideas. Charlotte suggested that we need an education subset that would include more equitable funding on public education and express our support of conflict resolution in the schools. In election reform areas we proposed mail-in voting or voting on nonwork days. We also added support of proportional representation. We agreed that we should delete the hemp medication clause. Ed Pearson had sent a suggestion to support a peace tax fund, which would allow conscientous objectors to pay taxes with no maoney going to military activity.

We also suggested elimaination of race and class discrimination in exposure to invironmental hazards. We agreed that we support eliminating US military bases in foreign territories. Also a proposal to reinstate the draft was made. We suggested supporting a ban on the hiring of replacement workers during strikes or labor disputes. All these proposals will be passed on to the platform committee and the GOV.

Welfare Roundtable: Elise Sheffield and Sheri Grace are continuing to work on the project. The roundtable will focus on reforms that are occurring and what they mean. A date has not been set.

Web Page: Tom Ahnemann has offered a free web page and training. Harmony and Charlotte expressed interest.

Project Horizon: We continued discussion from last month's domestic violence presentation. We have been asked to support a movement to send $29.95 to Project Horizon and make a public statement that this donation was made as a statement of negation of the O.J. video, which costs that amount. Sheri Grace has voluteered to write a letter to the editor expressing that we have done so. We asked that she send that letter to several papers.

General Assembly: Stephanie closed the meeting with an offer to share a compilation of environmental issues that went through the G.A.

Next Meeting: April 9, 1996, Rockbridge Regional Library, 7:00PM Please contact facilitator Cathryn Harbor (261-1206) if you will not be able to attend.

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