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Meeting Minutes

  Rockbridge Greens

February 13, 1996
Rockbridge Regional Library - 7:00

Present: Eric Sheffield, Elisabeth Daystar, Cathryn & Erin Harbor, Sheri Grace, Marai Wise, Darrell Croson.
Absent: Alice Buchanan, Michele Jones, Charlotte Morgan, Stephanie Porras, Hal Washington.
Invited Guest: Lorri Olan, Executive Director, Project Horizon.

Program: Lorri gave an extensive presentation on the history and current activities of Project Horizon. In a nutshell Project Horizon deals with the needs of battered women and educates the community about the problems of domestic violence.

A discussion followed which focused on ways the Rockbridge Greens could assist Project Horizon. A relatively simple goal would be to include some of Project Horizon's priorities in our Rockbridge Platform which is currently under development. A more extensive goal would be to assist in development of a Rockbridge area shelter for battered women. We hope to discuss specific proposals along these lines in the near future.

We expressed our sincere appreciation to Lorri for making time in her busy schedule to educate us on these important issues.

Notetaker: We were again unsuccessful in filling this important position.

Greens of Virginia: Eric Sheffield gave a brief report on the January 20 meeting of the Greens of Virginia. The major decision was to seek ballot status this year through running a "draft Ralph Nader for President" campaign. To this end we elected a central committee of 13 members which included Rockbridge Greens Harmony Periman and Sherry Stanley. A committee was also appointed to draft bylaws.

Newletter: We were reminded that the deadline for submissions for the Spring newsletter was February 20.

Next Meeting: March 12, 1996, Rockbridge Regional Library, 7:00PM Please contact facilitator Stephanie Porras (463-9610) if you will not be able to attend. Preliminary Agenda:

1. View Nader-Donahue interview video.

2. Elect Notetaker

3. Report from Treasurer

4. Report on Greens of Virginia Meeting

5. Discussion of additions necessary to the Green Party of Virginia Platform to make it relevant to a presidential campaign. (The state organization agreed to this after hearing concerns from the Rockbridge Local. Please look over the enclosed platform and note needed changes.)

6. Facilitator for next meeting.

7. Possible change of monthly meeting date.

8. Welfare reform roundtable.

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