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Meeting Minutes

  Rockbridge Greens

July 26, 2001
Rockbridge Regional Library

The quarterly business meeting of the Rockbridge Greens took place at 7pm on Thurs. July 26, 2001 at the Rockbridge Regional Library.

Present: Eric Sheffield, Devan Malore, and Kathy Fox. Eric facilitated and Kathy took minutes.

1. Minutes: There were no minutes to read from the previous meeting.

2. Treasurer's report---Eric reported there is $632.74. $100.00 was given to Brian Czech for speaking--He also got some private contributions. Eric had bought 14-15 of his book and sold most of these.

3. Czech presentation--about 50 people participated in the discussion series and presentation. There were around 10-12 people in each discussion session. Brian was pleased with the turn-out and responses at his presentation. No new people signed up for the Greens. A new idea arising from this experience is to consider who are Czech's mentors and maybe to get them to come to speak.

4. Better Not Bigger--Fodor, the author of our next book-discussion series, will cost $2000 (in addition to traveling expenses) to speak. Since he lives in Oregon, but has family in Maryland, we're asking him to let us know when he will be visiting them, and maybe we can work out a speaking arrangement at that time.

His book reflects on urban development and states that growth is not inevitable and not desirable. Some conservation people say that growth is inevitable and desirable--they just want to keep the earth looking attractive. It is good to get the anti-growth message out there.

Eric will buy 12 books and we'll set up discussions for Tues.Oct. 2, and Thurs. Oct. 18 at the library. We'll have plenty of time to do publicity. We'll offer $300 from the Greens and try to get help from RACC and W & L to sponsor Fodor's presentation. Maybe we'll talk to the Sierra Club about support, involvement, and advertising the series.

5. Rockbridge Community Festival--August 25th---Last year, we had petitions to get Nader in the debates and to keep the courthouse downtown. They generated lots of interest. This year we're going to do a petition to keep the city from selling the part of Moore's Creek with the old Lexington Reservoir. We will get some background information that Peggy and Glen Leasure worked on through a RACC committee. Kathy will talk to Daphne about writing up the petition. We'll also get copies of both books with dates of future discussions. Kathy will work on updating our Rockbridge Greens pamphlets, and editing a newsletter. Eric will set up the booth and work from 9 to 11am. Kathy will work from 11am to 1pm..We'll ask around for others to participate.

6. The Greens of Virginia--Jeremy resigned and Jana Cutlip is one of the co-clerks. The Valley Greens have disaffiliated. Roger Clark is the Press Secretary. They are revising the by-laws and there is an email address to get involved, but Eric wasn't sure exactly what it is. There is a movement to have locals doing the decision-making.

7. 10th Birthday Celebration!! Eric will talk to Laurie about using the Blue Heron, and Kathy will talk to Steve Parent about music--probably to take place in Nov.

8. The next quarterly business meeting will be Thurs. Oct. 25th at 7pm at the Rockbridge Regional Library.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Fox

Rockbridge Greens