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Meeting Minutes

  Rockbridge Greens

April 12, 2002

Rockbridge Greens met at 7 PM at the Rockbridge Regional Library for a publicly advertised mass meeting to select a presidential nominee.

People who attended: Eli Fishpaw, Michael May, Eric Sheffield, Kathy Fox, Daphne Raz, Elisabeth Daystar, Kary Smout, Catherine Bodnar

1. We began with a discussion of the Green nominees for President (Ralph Nader, Stephen Gaskin, Jello Biafra, and John Haglin). Eric explained the voting system we used which was based on proportional representation (a candidate needed 14% of the vote cast in order to receive a delegate at the national convention) and instant runoff voting (every vote counts as the votes cast to candidates who do not make the 14% threshold are redistributed to those who do). Following the discussion votes were cast. Each candidate received at least one first choice vote. Each ballot was forwarded to the state polling place. However, if Rockbridge had been the whole state, the results would have been as follows:

    Stephen Gaskin - 4 votes - 2.5 delegates
    Ralph Nader - 6 votes - 4.5 delegates
2 Eric gave some background on the 6th district congressional race and asked for candidates to volunteer. There were no takers.

3. The Greens will be participating in the W&L Earth Day Celebration. Michael Mays and Jamie Slagel will organize a table for us.

4. Eric gave the Treasurer's report. We currently have $389.28 in our account. The Rockbridge Greens currently have 139 members (the largest local in the state). There are 462 Greens state wide.

5. The Steering committee agreed to meet quarterly. Catherine, Eric, and Sandra Stewart agreed to stay on as members, there were no other nominations. Eric agreed to continue as Treasurer and Catherine volunteered to be note taker. The slate was approved by consensus.

6. The Greens will participate in the Rockbridge Community Festival again this year. Details will be decided in the near future.

7. Eric asked for anyone interested in going to the Green's National Convention in Denver this June. No one volunteered.

8. The Greens State meeting is Saturday in Waynesboro. Eric will be going.

9. Our next meeting will be sometime in July (to be decided by the newly elect Steeering Committee).

The meeting was formally closed at about 8:15.

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