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Press Release:
Selvage Runs as Write In for District Board

Contact: Miriam Gennari, Press Secretary, Virginia Green Party, 703-549-1422,


Kathy Selvage is asking fellow citizens for their vote as she seeks to serve Wise County on the Lonesome Pine Soil and Water Conservation District Board.  With one vacant seat open in the November election, Selvage said, "Our community must have representation on issues related to mountain top removal and protecting the integrity of our water."   If elected to the District's Board of Directors, it would put her in the position to help protect her community and the surrounding land and waterways.

Selvage is no stranger to environmental issues.  She has live in Wise County almost her entire life. She has made helping preserve and protect the land, forest and waters in the surrounding counties her life's work in the last decade. "Every community is connected and maintaining the integrity of our environment is not something that should ever be compromised," she told supporters. Environmentalists agree the thoughtful manner Selvage approaches issues will promote the positive discussion on the many key land and soil issues confronting not just Wise County, but the entire Commonwealth.  She is viewed as reasonable and aware of the importance of a robust economy.

Her background in financial management helps Selvage understand the challenges of mountain country residents who yearn to build their economy without degrading the streams and mountains that could ultimately prove costly to local citizens.  This no-nonsense, dollars and cents approach proved to be a spring board to leadership when she decided to become a community organizer.  She teamed up with Carl Ramey, a 37 year veteran of underground mining and Larry Bush, a retired MSHA inspector, and others to form the first environmental organization in southwest Virginia. A founding member of what is today called the Southern Appalachian Mountain Stewards, the group went to work addressing the ravages of surface mining.

If elected, her goals include more effective and efficient conservation practices for mining, negating its harmful effects to area watersheds.  Selvage sees conservation and a well-rounded economy going hand-in-hand.  Selvage has been active in the University of Virginia-sponsored "Building Local Economies" forums.

Recognizing that coal will be with us for years to come, Selvage noted, "We must be more cognitive of  environmentally-sensitive ways to mine for coal."  If elected, Selvage plans to press for earth-friendly practices in coal mining.  She also wants more transparency and dialogue between the mining sector the community about real and potential environmental risks.   "Together, we can build an economy based on industry and tourism that will sustain Virginia's mountain region," said Selvage.

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