State Meeting

Culpeper Center

137 South Main St., Culpeper, VA.

January 28, 2017

Minutes of GPVA Business Meeting



Present were: Kirit Mookerjee (Arlington), Holly Baxter, Charlie Jordan (Blue Ridge), Kimberly Lowe (Central Virginia), Gerald Anderson, Chris Fink, Sean Immanian, Mia McGill (Fredericksburg), Audrey Clement, LuAnne Inn (Fairfax), Charles Brown, Bryce Davis, Kyle Rockett, Ryan Ruff, Mike Shushan, Jeff Staples (Hampton Roads), Marcus Sutphin (Lynchburg), Steven Gillespie, Ryan Wesdock (New River Valley), Bryan Bordeaux, Brian Cotton, Caitlin Cotton, Tim Cotton, Elizabeth Davies, Stephen Davies, Will King, Kathy Kirk, Elizabeth Melson, Jen Wingard, Carl Zitzmann (Piedmont), Andrew Franke (South Fork), Lauren Buckley, Lucas Keckley, Tamar Yager, Tom Yager (Shenandoah), Sid Smith (At Large).


Quorum consisting of at least half or four (4) of the seven (7) locals--including At Large-- participating in the two most recent business meetings--Arlington, Blue Ridge, Central Virginia Greens, Fredericksburg, Hampton Roads and At Large on October 2, 2016 and Arlington, Blue Ridge, Central Virginia Greens, Fredericksburg, Hampton Roads and At Large on May 28, 2016.


Sid was elected facilitator on a vote of 14-5-0. Audrey took notes, Will King was time keeper, and Kirit was vibes watcher. .

Agenda modifications

The following motions to modify the published meeting agenda (Appendix A) were acted on as follows:

  • A motion to add affiliation of Lynchburg and South Fork Greens to the agenda was adopted by consensus.
  • A motion to table official reports except the treasurer's report at the end of the meeting was adopted by consensus.
  • A motion to defer GPUS committee review and elections for incumbents but address vacant seats at the meeting was defeated on a vote of 3-11-4.
  • A motion to defer nominations till the May meeting was defeated on a vote of 2-22-0
  • A motion to defer GPVA committee review and elections was defeated on a vote of 2-21-0.


Confirmation of Press Secretary.

The recent election by the GPVA Interim Committee of Tim Cotton as Press Secretary was ratified on a vote of 25-1-2.

2016 Elections.

Audrey Clement reported that she got 27,798 votes or 27.1% of the total in a race for Arlington County Board. Full report in Appendix B.

Glenn Kirk, who was endorsed by the Piedmont Greens as a write in candidate for CD 7, got 0.46% of the vote in Culpeper County and averaged 0.25% elsewhere in the district. Glenn also spoke at a University of Mary Washington event before the November election with Jill Stein.

Kimberley Lowe, who was endorsed by Central Virginia Greens as a write in candidate for CD 5, got 0.2% of the vote.

Review of Website Progress.

Chris Fink reported that the IT Committee teleconferenced in December and agreed to revamp the GPVA website with new features including: social media, blogging, email blasting, online content management, distributed database maintenance, and congressional district designation capabilities.

The committee agreed to implement a Nationbuilder [NB] website for interim use at: and a permanent Drupal website at:

Tamar Yager reported that Jill Stein paid for an annual NB subscription for GPVA, which will be used until the Drupal site is complete. The Yagers will pay any additional costs associated with exceeding NB basic service limits. Tamar advised that Jill Stein will make her donor database available to GPVA in the near future and that NB provides voter registration lists for free to all candidates for public office running in those districts.

Chris Fink advised that membership in all GPVA committees except the Interim Committee can be established by subscribing to its corresponding listserv.

Full report in Appendix C.


Affiliation of Locals.

Affiliation of the Shenandoah Valley Green Party encompassing Clarke, Frederick, Page, Shenandoah, and Warren Counties, the city of Winchester and a geographic center at Front Royal, was approved by consensus. Full report in Appendix D.

Affiliation of South Fork Green Party encompassing Rockingham, Augusta, and Highland Counties, the cities of Harrisonburg, Waynesboro and Staunton and a geographic center at Staunton, was approved by consensus. Full report in Appendix E.

Affiliation of Lynchburg Green Party : A motion to defer consideration of affiliation of the Lynchburg local until receipt by GPVA of the local's bylaws adopted was adopted on a vote of 27-1-2.

Voting Rights Bylaws Amendment.

A motion to table the proposal until the Structural Reform Committee (SRC) is reconstituted was defeated on a vote of 5-20-0.

A motion to refer the proposal to the SRC was defeated on a vote of 8-16-3.

A motion to amend the proposal to add a second sentence to paragraph 7.4.2. such it reads as follows:

"7.4.2 Affiliated locals of the GPVA may cast one vote on all major decisions at state party meetings and in the Interim Committee through their representative or designated alternate. The representative or designated alternate of the local shall be named to GPVA co-chairs prior to the meeting by the local's co-chair or Interim Commitee representative. The At-Large Local may cast one vote on major decisions at state party meetings by being polled by the facilitator and their majority decision, if any, recorded as a single vote."

was adopted by consensus.

The amended proposal was adopted on a vote of 20-9-2, over the objection of Charlie Jordan, who noted that GPVA Bylaws Section 12.1 requires that proposed Bylaw amendments in final form "be published to the GPVA membership 31 days prior to the next state meeting."

It was agreed by consensus that the Bylaw amendments hereby adopted take effect at the next state party meeting.

Local Affiliation Bylaws Amendment.

A motion to defer consideration of the Bylaw amendment on affiliation of locals to end of agenda time permitting was adopted by consensus.

Officer Election Bylaws Amendment.

The section governing election of officers was adopted as amended to read as follows:

"14.1.3 The Officers shall be elected as follows:"
" Officer elections are to be held at the first business meeting of each calendar year except in extentuating circumstances or lack of quorum."
" In odd-numbered years elections shall be held for one Co-Chair and the Press Secretary. In even-numbered years elections shall be held for one Co-Chair, the Treasurer, and the Webmaster."
" Terms of office end on the date of the meeting at which a new election for the office is prescribed by Para. Offices for which scheduled elections are not held at the prescribed meeting are vacant. (Cf. Para 14.1.5.)"
" The Co-Chairs shall be eligible to serve no more than two terms consecutively."

on a vote of 26-1-2.

It was agreed by consensus that the Bylaw amendments hereby adopted take effect at the next state party meeting.

Local Disaffiliation Bylaws Amendment.

The proposal to amend Section on grounds for disaffiliation of locals was withdrawn by the sponsor.

Candidate Nominations.

The following candidates were nominated by consensus as Green Party of Virginia (GPVA) candidates for election to the Virginia House of Delegates in 2017:

  • Will King, District 18, endorsed by Piedmont Greens and Shenandoah Greens
  • Gerald Anderson, District 88, endorsed by Fredericksburg Greens
  • Andrew Franke, District 58, endorsed by South Fork Greens
  • Jeff Staples, District 77, endorsed by Hampton Roads Greens

Officer Elections.

Kirit Mookerjee and Chris Fink were elected by acclamation to serve two year terms as Treasurer and Webmaster, respectively. Charlie Jordan was elected by acclamation to serve a one year term as GPVA Listserv Moderator.

Legislative Status Report.

Elizabeth Melson reported that HB2315 providing for instant runoff voting in statewide offices, which was supported by the Piedmont Greens and carried by Delegates Freitas and Rasoul, was tabled by the Campaign Subcommittee of the House Privileges and Elections Committee, because it did not have a budget appropriation.

Treasurer's Report.

Kirit Mookerjee report that the state party currently requires no dues and urged members to donate to the state party either online or by check. Full report in Appendix F.

Local Reports.

Local reports are incorporated by reference in Appendices G,H,I, and J.

Remaining Items.

All other items of business were deferred without objection at the meeting to the GPVA Interim Committee.

- Submitted by Audrey Clement, Note-Taker.


The original meeting agenda can be found HERE.


Candidate Election Report, January 26, 2017

As an Independent candidate for Arlington County Board, I was the only ballot qualified GPVA member in Virginia in 2016.

The report below, which summarizes all my candidacies since 2011, indicates that in 2016 I got 27,798 votes or 27.1 percent of the total in a county that went almost 76 percent for the candidate at the top of the ticket, Hillary Clinton. This was more than double the votes I got in 2012 with Obama at the top of the ticket.

In 2016 I spent almost $16,000 on outreach or about 57 cents per vote. I campaigned hard despite the opposition of the Arlington Green Party, which lobbied other locals to join with it in vetoing GPVA's endorsement of my candidacy.

I am running again for Arlington County Board in 2017 and the Arlington Registrar has notified me that my signature petition, which was submitted on January 23, has been accepted.

Going forward I welcome the support of other Greens in future runs for political office.

Audrey Clement, Ph.D.
Member, Fairfax Greens (formerly Northern Virginia Green Party)

Year Election Spent Votes Percent of Vote $ per Vote AGP Support
2011 General $19,671 9,728 16.5 $2.02 YES
2012 Special $7,405 1,007 7.0 $7.35 YES
2012 General $8,777 12,769 12.9 $0.69 YES
2013 General $8,614 17,916 31.1 $0.48 YES
2014 General $8,305 18,429 32.8 $0.45 NO
2015 General $11,229 6,761 10.1 $1.66 NO
2016 General $15,916 27,798 27.1 $0.57 NO
Total All $79,915 94,408 19.6 $0.85 N/A


APPENDIX C : Webmaster's Report

Webmaster's Report, January 28, 2017

During this reporting period, the IT Committee has pursued the goal of supplying the GPVA with a new website and upgrades to our IT services, including membership and contact management. Under direction of the webmaster, the IT Committee met multiple times in October 2016 to formulate a plan to upgrade our IT services, and this plan was submitted to the GPVA Interim Committee for review on Dec. 8, 2016. This plan called for short-term implementation of a NationBuilder website, to immediately capitalize on its promise of access to state voter lists and social media integration, followed by longer-term implementation of a self-hosted Drupal-based website, to take advantage of its wide range of mature, no-cost content management and contact management capabilities. At present, both sites are up and running (NationBuilder at, and Drupal at, but neither has any content, and some design decisions are still underway. The IT Committee plans to hold another meeting in February to assess status and jump-start the population of these sites with data and content.

- Submitted by Christopher Fink, GPVA Webmaster

APPENDIX D : Shenandoah Valley Greens Local Report

Report of Shenandoah Valley Greens, January 19, 2017

On January 8, 2017, the newly-formed Shenandoah Valley Green Party made it official. We elected Lucas Keckley chair, Tom Yager, Treasurer and Lauren Buckley, secretary. We also nominated Will King for District 18 House of Delegates and will be helping him on his campaign.

We're hoping for consensus on affiliation at the January 28 meeting in Culpeper. Assuming it is in order, Lucas will be our rep to the Interim Committee. Lucas is just now joining all the right listserves, etc. with the state. So, as soon as he does that, he’s sending the bylaws and minutes of our meeting for everyone’s perusal.

-- Tamar Yager

APPENDIX E : South Fork Greens Local Report

Report of South Fork Greens, January 19, 2017

Last night January 18th the South Fork Green Party also made it official. We elected Melinda Franke co-Chair Myself as Co-chair and Treasurer(Temporary Treasurer) and Angelic Harris as Secretary. We will be asking the PGP to submit my name for nomination to the house of Delegates 58th district tonight at their monthly meeting. We are covering Rockingham County, Highland county, Augusta County, the cities of Waynesboro, Staunton, and Harrisonburg.

We are also hoping for consensus on affiliation at the January 28 meeting in Culpeper.

Andrew J. Franke

APPENDIX F : Treasurer's Report

Treasurer's Report, January 27, 2017

As of 01/27/17, balances are:

  • GPVA Operating Fund $880.80
  • GPVA Federal PAC $103.91

Recent expenses: renewal of state PO Box until May 31 2017

Donations: $150.00 total from four new members

Possible options for use of funds:
  • -Outreach event possibly including prominent guest speakers or social "hour" with music and food
  • -Resuming the state party newsletter which was most recently sent online to all members in database

Kirit, Arlington

APPENDIX G : Fredericksburg Local Report

Fredericksburg Local Report 1/24/17

The Fredericksburg local gained a significant number of new members from the recent Jill Stein event held at Mary Washington University. We are also gearing up to re-start the UMW Campus Greens student organization this spring, and have identified a suitable professor to act as faculty sponsor of the group. In addition to this and other projects, such as pushing for alternative voting systems at the local and state level, we are pleased to announce the candidacy of our own Treasurer, Gerald Anderson, for the Virginia House of Delegates in the 88th district.

- Chris Fink, Fredericksburg Coordinator

APPENDIX H : Piedmont Local Report

Piedmont Local Report to GPVA, January 24, 2017
Activity Since October 2016 Meeting

We took the lead in bringing Jill Stein and Baraka Ajamu to UMW in Fredericksburg working with Sid, the campaign, UMW, and the Fredericksburg local. We had members provide transportation to and fro for both and their staff.

We endorsed two write-in candidates for Congress in our area and assisted their endeavor.

We selected certain voting precincts to cover and had members with tables handing out sample ballots and literature.

Held an election night party a local establishment to watch results on the tv and laptops

We nominated our secretary Will King for the office of Delegate in HD-18

Had a Holiday Party at a local establishment in December rather than a meeting

We proposed two bills, one for RCV and one for lowering the % threshold for party recognition in VA to Del Nick Freitas; providing the text of each

Members attended VIHC Business Expo and Co-Chair, Elizabeth became a member and liaison between Jason Amatucci, President of VIHC and Delegate Freitas.

PGP Leadership Council members Will King and Elizabeth Melson attended Virginia Farm-to-Table Conference; attended sessions that focused on developing a community-wide local food movement and also niche market opportunities for farmers Elizabeth attended Virginia Association of Biological Farmers Conference learned about bee-keeping and how to help counteract bee losses; encouraged Delegate Freitas to consider legislation to help bees in Virginia (too late for this session.) Attended and added to Jason Amatucci's workshop on hemp. While Jason was presenting, Freitas HB2028 bill was submitted and news came to Jason after the session. Jason recommended

Elizabeth to become part of the leadership group of VIHC.

Follow up conversations with Freitas on these in conjunction with other groups two other bills. Industrial Hemp authorization and a farm to table easing of restrictions.

One of the two we submitted, RCV was submitted to the Assembly and the two we were in conversation with it was as well.

Lobbying support and coalition forming with outside organizations with an interest in these bills. Called and sent emails on behalf of PGP to Delegates and Committees in support and opposition to bills that PGP decided should be our emphasis in the 2017 session. Rallied calls to action through social media and member email groups.

Joined with the Fredericksburg Local in nominating Gerald Anderson of Fredericksburg and Nominated Andrew Franke of Elkton to the position of Delegate in HD-88 and HD-58, respectively. Each district crosses into our geographic boundaries.

Changed the structure of our leadership council, now a committee of 8 members and made changes to our by-laws. Currently updating out logo

Appointed a social media officer to Leadership Council

Since the last meeting in October we added 6 new GPVA members.

We provide a bi-weekly column to the local daily newspaper.

PGP had several members attend Women's March on Washington and Inaugurate the Resistance forum. The March and forum were documented on our Facebook page. Signs were brought that promoted Green Party, US Senate Hemp Bill, Ranked Choice Voting and Protection of Water and Indigenous Rights by opposing pipelines.

January 25th, Will and Elizabeth attend Hemp Lobby Day at the Virginia General Assembly. Elizabeth will bring Green Remedy hemp products to demonstrate the benefits and harmless nature of hemp; lip balm, lotions, CBD oils and hand salves. Other VIHC members will bring hemp building materials and other products made from hemp

Hosted the GPVA January State Meeting

Respectfully submitted,
Elizabeth Melson and Tim Cotton, Co-chairs

APPENDIX I : Loudoun Greens Local Report

Report from the Loudoun Greens for VA Green Party, January 25, 2017/p>

In October of last year the Loudoun Green Party had it's first meeting. 13 attended and we used the time to introduce ourselves. Our second meeting was held a few weeks later, since everyone wanted to meet just before the election.Four people attended. We discussed what we wanted to do in this local. We were focused on making sure Jill Stein had at least 5% of the vote.

We held a meeting in November, six people attended. We discussed Rank Choice Voting, ie what is it, how do we do this next time, are there local officials we should contact regarding that idea? Who would support that? Someone had heard there was an office in MD called FairVote ( That might be an office we could contact to get information.

We also discussed solar initiatives in Loudoun. I have solar on my roof as does another member. We all agreed Dominion has a stranglehold on the General Assembly here in VA but that should not stop individuals from going solar. What other options are there for individuals to go around Dominion should they decide later to give customers a hard time?

There was no official meeting in December since most people were busy..but instead thought of meeting in a restaurant for fun. In attendance was me and one other member. We had a nice chat about various topics.

We just met this month. Five people attended It was our fourth meeting since October.

I mentioned the State party, on the 28th in Culpeper: JT Davis, Kamie and Somari Augusto plan to attend in my place since I have another commitment that day.

We discussed some ideas we could use as tools for Louduon Greens... a banner and a GP flag for upcoming parades. A flag was purchased, and that has now arrived. Someone else has reimbursed the purchaser of the flag since we don't have an account set up yet. I created a sheet of generic business cards for the Loudoun Greens. I have three packs of business card stock that I feel we can use without the need to pay for

We decided we want this local to focus on activism since we are just getting started and would need more people to joins if we wanted to have a member run for office in Loudoun.

We are trying to come up with ways to get our name out there. It was suggested we can attend local town council meetings and other meetings throughout the county. One member brought up the idea of having an event to help a food shelter.

Create FB and Twitter pages for the Loudoun Greens.

A member brought two good books to the meeting: "How to Win an Election", (step by step process) and "The political Campaign Desk Reference"(using social media)

For next month's meeting we will discuss fundraising ideas. We still have a lot to do ie ask who wants to be a co-chair, elect someone to state office, We are also looking at other ideas for group messaging besides using Yahoo,maybe Google or other. JT has had trouble with Yahoo. Would another program work better? I have found it somewhat tough to gauge whether members are receiving e-mails.There doesn't seem to be a response from a lot of people. I cannot tell whether members are busy or are not receiving all of the Loudoun Greens emails.

Maria Bergheim
Loudoun Greens Chair

APPENDIX J: Arlington Green Party Local Report

Arlington Green Party local report (compiled with feedback from members), January 27, 2017

The local had an extremely active second part of 2016; following up on the filing by John Reeder of a petition to designate Westover a historic preservation district, members distributed flyers door-to-door in the neighborhood and organized a tenants group in advance of the County's public hearing. At the initial hearing, John Reeder, Steve Davis and others testified in favor of the proposal. Despite organized opposition from some property owners, the Historic Review Board (HALRB) voted to have staff prepare a study on designating the "garden apartments" as meriting preservation.

During the year, members of the local held meetings with all of the elected Board members and advocated as part of the budget process for expansion of the housing grants program by 8 million dollars, raising the Living Wage to $14.50 and a ban on single use plastic bags. Progress has been achieved on all except the bag ban which has been defeated in the General Assembly.

Communication has been a key focus as members have had Letters to the Editor published in the Sun-Gazette, appeared on Miriam Gennari's cable access interview show, and were guests on the "Green and Sexy" Radio Hour (WERA). Greens jointly hosted an 8th District Congressional candidate debate with the Libertarian Party, staffed a booth at the County Fair with Fairfax Greens, and Mark Antell was a panelist at the Committee of the 100's post-election discussion.

Arlington Greens have continued outreach for future candidates including discussions with Our Revolution Arlington chapter, CARD (a responsible development citizens group) and the "kitchen" cabinet of officeholder John Vihstadt.

With renewed interest in the Green Party, we anticipate a busy 2017.

Kirit, with contributions from Sandra Hernandez, John Reeder, and Marie Pellegrino


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