State Meeting


May 28th, 2016

Minutes of GPVA Business Meeting


Present were: Gerald Anderson (Fredericksburg), Christopher Fink (IT Committee), Charlie Jordan (Blue Ridge), Kirit Mookerjee (Arlington and Finance), Mike Shushan (Hampton Roads), Sid Smith (Central Virginia), Tamar Yagar (At-Large).


Quorum consisting of at least half or four of the eight locals participating in the two most recent business meetings--At-Large, Central Virginia, Hampton Roads, Richmond, and Blue Ridge on September 19, 2015, and Arlinston, Blue Ridge, Central Virginia, Fredericksburg, Northern Virginia, and At-Large on January 31, 2016--having been achieved, the meeting was called to order.


Sid Smith facilitated, took notes, and watched the clock; Gerald Anderson was vibes watcher. .

Agenda modifications

Two modifications were approved by consensus: to move consideration of affiliation of the Piedmont Greens to the beginning of the meeting, and to add consideration of expenses related to petitioning.


The final agenda was approved as amended without objection as follows:

1.. Piedmont Green Party Affiliation.
2.. Presidential Primary Review.
3.. Ballot Access Petition Status.
4.. Website Discussion.
5.. Candidates Discussion.
6.. Petitioning Expense Allocation & Reimbursement Policy.
7.. Changes to State Meetings : Discussion

Piedmont Green Party Affiliation.

Tim Cotton presented the application of the Piedmont Green Party for affiliation as a Local in the Green Party of Virginia, with the following required office holders: Local Contact, Tim Cotton; Treasurer, Brian Cotton; and Interim Committee Representative, Tim Cotton Jr. The application and by-laws were reviewed, and affiliation of the Piedmont Green Party was approved by consensus.

Presidential Primary Review.

Chris Fink reviewed the results of our Presidential Primary, conducted in March. Forty-six valid ballots were received. On the first ballot at the Presidential Nominating Convention, if there are no dropouts beforehand, three of our four delegates will be pledged to Jill Stein, and the fourth to Kent Mesplay. Mike Shushan expressed concern about whether all members had been notified. Chris explained the procedures he followed, which seemed satisfactory.

Ballot Access Petition Status.

Sid Smith reviewed the progress of our presidential ballot petition drive. Approximately 1700 signatures had been obtained, and petitioning was ongoing among several volunteers. The goal is to surpass 6,500 signatures by July 1st, in the hope of securing our ballot line early and thereby freeing the Stein campaign's resources to focus on more difficult states. Kirit Mookerjee noted that we should solicit donations to the GPVA Federal PAC for petitioning.

Website Discussion.

Discussion ensued concerning plans for the website. Tim Cotton Jr. expressed his desire to assist, and has considerable prior experience with CRM (Customer Relations Management) software in political applications. Chris Fink will invite him onto the IT Committee, and a proposal will be developed for presentation to the IC. The proposal will include an integrated Content Management System (CMS), CRM, and database.

Candidates Discussion.

No Green candidates are currently planning on a campaign for election in this year. It was noted that Audrey Clement is running as an Independent for Arlington County Board. It was also noted that state senate District 1 will be having a special election, and that this district encompasses Williamsburg and Newport News. If a candidate can be found, this would be a good office to contest.

Petitioning Expense Allocation & Reimbursement Policy.

It was agreed by consensus that decisions regarding how to allocate funds for petitioning expenses, including paid petitioners, would be deferred until we knew how our fund-raising effort was doing, and could have a better sense of what resources we had to work with. Also, it may happen that we will want to focus any further paid petitioning in Congressional districts with too few volunteers.

Changes to State Meetings : Discussion.

Discussion ensued regarding our meeting frequencies and formats. It was generally agreed that most (but not all) business meetings can take place via teleconference, and that at least one general meeting of the sort organized for the same afternoon as the current business meeting would be desirable. Sid and Tamar agreed to work up a formal proposal for consideration at our next business meeting. Chris Fink and Kirit Mookerjee recalled that there also used to be an annual camping meeting at Pocahontas State Park, and that these had been very useful and pleasant.

Next meeting.

Teleconference in September.


Minutes GPVA



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