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State Meeting

James City County Library

7770 Croaker Road, Williamsburg , VA

May 9, 2015

Minutes of GPVA Business Meeting

Present were: Sid Smith and Wendy Hagelin-Smith (CVG), Chris Fink (Fred.), Mike Shushan [morning only] and Jeff Staples [afternoon only] (Hampton Roads) , Jim Lowenstern (NoVA), Tom and Tamar Yager and Audrey Clement (At-Large).


Quorum consisting of at least half or three (3) of the five (5) locals participating in the two most recent business meetings--AGP, Blue Ridge, CVG, and NoVA on September 13, 2014, and AGP, Blue Ridge, CVG, Hampton Roads, and NoVA on May 3, 2014, having been achieved, the meeting was called to order. .

Choose timekeeper, vibes watcher, facilitator, note taker.

Sid facilitated, Audrey took notes, Chris kept time, and Tom served as vibes watcher. watcher.

Ratify agenda.

Sid moved that the agenda published one day late be adopted as the current meeting agenda. The agenda was so adopted without objection as follows:

  • Ratify Agenda
  • Approve minutes of last meeting.
  • 2014 Electoral campaigns
  • Finance Committee report to amend Bylaws to exact membership dues.
  • Proposed GPVA Bylaw amendment for at large members to count towards quorum.
  • Co-Chairs' report.
  • Treasurer's report.
  • Press Secretary's report.
  • Webmaster's report.
  • GPUS representatives' report.
  • Local reports.
  • Lunch
  • GPVA Officer elections (Press Secretary).
  • 2015 November election candidates and campaigns; endorsements and other support.
  • Election of 2016 Ballot Access Coordinator for GP presidential campaign.
  • Closing Circle.

Approve minutes of last meeting.

The minutes of the September 13, 2014 GPVA meeting were approved without objection as amended.

2014 Electoral campaigns.

Joe Galdo ran for Congress in 2014 in the 11th CD, improving his margin over his previous run for the same seat in 2012. Joe’s report to the meeting was incorporated by reference as Appendix A to the minutes.

Audrey ran for Arlington School Board in 2014 as an Independent, garnering 32 percent of the vote.

Finance Committee report to amend Bylaws to exact membership dues.

Kirit’s report recommending an annual membership donation was incorporated by reference as Appendix B to the minutes.

In accordance with the Finance Committee report, Sid moved to amend the Bylaws to exact an annual suggested donation for all members renewable in January each year subject to hardship. The amount of the suggested donation is to be determined at the Fall business meeting. The motion having been seconded, formal consideration of the proposal will occur at the next regular business meeting of GPVA.

Proposed GPVA Bylaw amendment for at large members to count towards quorum.

The proposed Bylaw amendment offered by Audrey as a new section to Article 10.2 Quorum, was as follows:

"10.2.4 If at least one chair is present, then a local consisting of the At Large Greens is considered to be in attendance for the purpose of counting quorum."

Sid offered a friendly amendment as a substitute for the proposal, to replace Section 10.2.2, which reads:

“10.2.2 For the purpose of quorum-counting, officers and Local Representatives may be the same person, and one of the Chairs is deemed to be the Local Representative for At Large Greens.”

with the following:

“10.2.2 For the purpose of quorum counting at state party meetings, the At Large Greens are considered an affiliated local, no member may represent more than one local, and officers and local representatives may be the same person.”

The substitute proposal was adopted by consensus

Co-Chairs' report.

Sid reported that GPVA has been invited to sponsor and man a table at the Building a New World Conference at Radford University, May 28-31.

The Co-Chairs have endorsed a special screening of the internationally acclaimed documentary “Shadows of Liberty” showing in Charlottesville, Bridge Progressive Arts, 209 Monticello Rd. on May 19 and at NARO Cinema, 1507 Colley Ave, Norfolk, VA 23517 on May 20 5:30 p.m.

Tamar reported that Tom and she conducted organizing meetings for the Richmond local and the Shenandoah Valley Greens.

Treasurer's report.

The Treasurer’s report was incorporated by reference as Appendix B to the minutes

Press Secretary's report.

In the absence of the Press Secretary this item was deferred.

Webmaster's report.

The Webmaster’s report was incorporated by reference as Appendix C to the minutes.

GPUS representatives' report.

Tamar reported that the only controversial item before the NC right now is a proposed financial Conflict of Interest policy. The party has no debt and a recent eblast garnered $2000. The annual national meeting (ANM) will be held at the University of Missouri, St. Louis July 23-26.

Audrey reported that conversion of the NC discussion and business listservs to a threaded online discussion forum in November, 2014 was attended by a dramatic fall off in communication among delegates. The result has been less infighting at the national level, but quorum has been met for voting proposals.

Local reports.

AGP. Kirit reported that AGP voted to endorse independent John Vihstadt for reelection to Arlington County Board and endorsed no one for School Board. Audrey added that AGP had considered endorsing her Democratic Party opponent Barbara Kanninen for Arlington School Board, but Kanninen declined the endorsement when advised to do so by the local Democratic Party.

Shenandoah Valley. Tom reported that the Shenandoah Valley Greens had an organizing meeting the previous week. Current Soil and Water Board (SWB) member Buck Richards is unlikely to run ago due to employment constraints. He will try to attract recruits. The local may participate in the Warren County Fair.

Hampton Roads. Mike’s report on Hampton Roads Greens was incorporated by reference as Appendix E to the minutes.

Blue Ridge. Charlie had no report.

CVG. Sid reported a CVG meeting held on March 19, 2015 in Charlottesville. Sid was elected facilitator and treasurer pro tempore while the local develops a set of bylaws. Wendy Hagelin-Smith was endorsed for Appomattox County School Board.

Fredericksburg. Chris Fink's local report was submitted in advance and is included in the minutes by reference as Appendix E.

NoVa. Joe Galdo’s report on the NoVA Greens was incorporated by reference as Appendix A to the minutes.

GPVA Officer elections.

There being no nominations for Press Secretary, it was agreed by consensus to actively seek a communications director (Press Secretary) and notice the locals of the party’s interest to fill this critical role.

Quorum having been lost, it was agreed to defer election of GPUS representative to the next regularly scheduled business meeting.

Sid having been elected as a write in candidate to the GPUS Coordinated Campaign Committee (CCC), was vetted to serve by a 5-0 vote of the GPVA Interim Committee on March 23, 2015.

2015 November election candidates and campaigns; endorsements and other support.

Chris reported that the Fredericksburg local is actively seeking candidates to run for SWB.

Jeff Staples, who is running as a Green for state delegate from District 81, announced his platform as follows:

  • Promote ethics reform;
  • Increase the minimum wage;
  • Expand Medicaid eligibility;
  • Promote clean energy--solar and wind;
  • Increase public school funding;
  • Advocate the ERA;
  • Overturn Citizens United;
  • Liberalize marijuana laws;
  • Oppose Atlantic Coast pipeline;
  • Ban fracking in Virginia;
  • Restore a local ordinance that denies residential construction permits once the schools 120 percent capacity;
  • Stop unfair business practices that undercut small business;
  • End the gun show loophole.

Jeff indicated that the following link contains information on the forms needed to get party designation in the November 3, 2015 General Election:

Quorum having been restored with his belated arrival, GPVA endorsed Jeff Staples as GPVA candidate for District 81 by consensus.

A proposal by Jeff to spend up to $250 from the GPVA treasury to purchase Green Party tabling banner and feather flag with stand for use in political events from was adopted by consensus.

GPVA endorsed Wendy Hagelin-Smith for Appomattox School Board.

Audrey announced that she is on the ballot as an Independent for Arlington County Board.

2016 Ballot Access Coordinator

Sid was elected by consensus to serve as 2016 ballot access coordinator.

Closing Circle.

It was agreed to conduct the next state party business meeting somewhere in Central Virginia in September.

- Audrey Clement Note Taker




NOVA Greens Report

May 8, 2015

Due to the combined problems of changing work schedules and having to reserve a meeting room well in advance of a meeting, we were unable to conduct business meetings several months due to lack of a quorum. This issue seems to have been resolved, at least for the near future.

The College Greens group we organized at the Annandale campus of NVCC, was not successful in holding a meeting this semester. However, in the fall, at least one graduating high school student who volunteered for Joe's campaign last year, will be attending the community college and said he will join the College Greens group. Bill Benson is planning to register to audit classes in the summer session as well as in the fall, so we should have at least enough participants to staff tables at events on campus, hold membership drives etc.

NOVA Greens participated in a number of demonstrations, including at the NRA headquarters in Fairfax supporting tougher gun control and at the demonstration in DC for higher wages for service workers. Our local party has discussed the need for party literature at events like these and also to support the College Greens groups in the state. While we are making an attempt to develop a pamphlet, this is really an activity that the GPVA should undertake. If we are to be successful in building membership, we have to have at least a standard pamphlet that all the locals can use that tells voters why they should consider the Green Party.

Though the Independent Green Party has several candidates running in local elections this year in Fairfax and Alexandria, we have none. We participated in the workshop for potential candidates at the end of March sponsored by the Arlington Greens. It was an interesting dynamic and certainly supported the premise that the smaller the voter population, the easier it is for a third party or independent candidate to win. My experience in the two campaigns I have run is that the greatest challenge is reaching voters, that is, even letting them know you exist. I still run into people I know who do not know that I was a candidate in either 2014 or 2012.

Nevertheless, I have to say that the 2014 campaign was better than 2012. I spent far less money in 2014 than in 2012, but almost doubled my percentage of votes. In 2012 I had only 4 high school volunteers. In 2014, I had inquiries from 20-30 students and had about a dozen who actually put in 5 or more hours each distributing campaign literature at back-to-school nights and door-to-door. Not only was it a great help, but several of the students seemed to be very interested in getting involved in politics and with the Green Party. Also, I would like to thank the GPVA for its support and the individuals who contributed to the campaign. Wthout a presidential race competing for resources, NOVA Greens also contributed a substantial number of volunteer hours helping with petitions and literature distribution. Audrey was a also great help with circulating petitions. Still our resources were far less than needed for a congressional race. But, what makes the effort worthw hile is the exposure it provides the Green Party, the opportunity to speak about the issues, and, at least this time, to get students involved who are potentially future Green Party supporters or members, some of whom are also interested in being active politically.

This Summer, the NOVA Greens are planning to be a presence at a 2 or 3 Farmers Markets in Fairfax County, as we have for the past couple of years, and to hold at least one voter registration activity.

Joe Galdo, Co-Chair, NOVA Greens



Treasurer's Report

All Sadly, due to a work conflict, I will be unable to attend tomorrow in person. I spoke to Tamar and will attempt to call in during the meeting.

1. GPVA Operating fund balance (Carter Bank & Trust): $1461.43

Recent and upcoming expenses: renewal of domain names by Chris Fink; renewal of Post office box (due May 31)

2. Dues recommendation Treasurer recommends that we implement "suggested" donation of $25 for new members; existing active members would be asked to contribute each January by the 31st. Hardship allowance for those unable to afford this amount would be approved by the Co-Chairs.

3. Fundraising Events Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders are both running for President; suggest that we coordinate a speaking event with their campaigns for Green Party members and other interested Virginia voters.

Peace, Kirit, Arlington VA.



GPVA Webmaster's Report

April 26, 2015

Since the last meeting, the webmaster has been focused on email security and spam-reduction on our server, and has successfully implemented both DKIM and SPF validation. There remains an intermittent problem with sending emails from server-based email accounts which may be related to these improvements, and (as usual) volunteer help is always appreciated, as we have no IT experts with formal training on staff.

In the next quarter, the webmaster will begin the process of offloading administrative control of committee listserves to the appropriate committee chairs, pursuant to the proposal passed at the Sept. 13, 2014 meeting.

- Christopher Fink, GPVA Webmaster



GPVA Fredericksburg Local Report

April 26, 2015

The Fredericksburg local set up and manned a booth at the recent Earth Day festival in downtown Fredericksburg on April 18th. We handed out flyers and old GPVA/GPUS newsletters, spoke with interested citizens, and gathered a number of contacts for potential membership.

At our next monthly meeting, we plan to have Giannina Ienco, our Soil & Water Board candidate in 2010, attend and deliver a short review of the local SWB activities, and hopefully discuss logistics toward her next run for office this coming November.

- Christopher Fink, Fredericksburg Local contact



Hampton Roads Local Report

On March 28 at the Slover Library in Norfolk we held our first meeting in years. There were 6 people in attendance, four of whom are members, and additionally I participated by telephone.

The main order of business was whether to nominate Jeff Staples as our candidate for Virginia House of Delegates from the 81st District. We officially nominate him and pass the nomination to the state party for approval.

Mike Shushan


Minutes GPVA


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