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State Meeting

Westover Library

1644 North McKinley Rd., Arlington , VA

September 13, 2014

Minutes of GPVA Business Meeting

Present were: Audrey Clement and Kirit Mookerjee (Arlington [AGP]), Tamar and Tom Yager (At-Large), Charlie Jordan (Blue Ridge), Sid Smith (Central Virginia Greens [CVG]), and Joe Galdo [morning only] and Jim Lowenstern (Northern Virginia [NoVA]). Also present as an observer was IG congressional candidate Diane Blais.


Quorum consisting of at least half or three (3) of the six (6) locals participating in the two most recent business meetings--AGP, Blue Ridge, CVG, Hampton Roads, and NoVA on 5/3/14 and AGP, Blue Ridge, CVG, Fredericksburg, Hampton Roads and NoVA on 1/11/14 having been achieved, the meeting was called to order. .

Choose timekeeper, vibes watcher, facilitator, note taker.

Sid facilitated, Audrey took notes, Tom kept time, and Jim served as vibes watcher.

Ratify agenda.

The agenda was amended by consensus and agreed to as follows:

  • Ratify Agenda
    Approve minutes of last meeting.
    2014 Electoral campaigns
    Finance Committee report to amend Bylaws to exact membership dues.
    Proposed GPVA Bylaw amendment for at large members to count towards quorum.

    Co-Chairs' report.
    Treasurer's report.
    Press Secretary's report.
    Webmaster's report.
    GPUS representatives' report.
    Local reports.


    GPVA Officer elections.
    Proposal for GPVA committee chairs to assume committee listserv ownership and moderation privileges from the GPVA webmaster.
    Proposal to establish a GPVA mailing list distribution policy.
    Proposal to direct the GPVA webmaster to acquire and install free web based voting software from GPCA.
    Proposed amendment to codify Article I of GPUS Bylaws.

    Closing Circle.

Approve minutes of last meeting.

The minutes of the May 3, 2014 meeting were approved as amended without objection.

2014 Electoral campaigns.

Joe Galdo reported on the progress of his campaign for Congress in CD 11, mentioning that he is actively recruiting high school students to volunteer. Sid mentioned that his wife has agreed to run for School Board next year. Audrey said she is focusing on lit drops at townhouses and single family homes in her campaign as an independent for Arlington School Board. She also plans to go door to door in October. Tamar recommended arranging a campaign school with the national party but only if sufficient number of candidates are recruited to warrant the effort.

Finance Committee report to amend Bylaws to exact membership dues.

The FinCom report on dues not having been produced, the question of membership dues was tabled till the next meeting. Kirit, Audrey and Jim agreed to form a subcommittee to discuss the issue.

Proposed GPVA Bylaw amendment for at large members to count towards quorum.


Co-Chairs' report.

Audrey's co-chair report was submitted in advance and is included in the minutes by reference as Appendix A.

Treasurer's report.

Kirit reported that there is $1588.53 in the GPVA operating account. It agreed on a vote of 6-1-0 to donate up to $250 to Joe Galdo's campaign pending determination whether some of the funds in the GPVA operating account can be moved to the GPVA Federal PAC out of which the donation must be made, a question which Audrey offered to research.

Press Secretary's report.

In the absence of the Press Secretary this item was deferred.

Webmaster's report.

Chris Fink's webmaster report was submitted in advance and is included in the minutes by reference as Appendix B.

GPUS representatives' report.

Audrey and Tamar's GPUS delegate reports were submitted in advance and included by reference in this report as Appendix C and D respectively. In addition, Tamar announced that GPUS is moving its database operations to NationBuilder, a development which should help state level organizing, once state parties gain access to it.

Local reports.

AGP. Kirit reported that AGP voted to endorse independent John Vihstadt for reelection to Arlington County Board and endorsed no one for School Board. Audrey added that AGP had considered endorsing her Democratic Party opponent Barbara Kanninen for Arlington School Board, but Kanninen declined the endorsement when advised to do so by the local Democratic Party.

At Large. Tamar reported that she's been appointed to a steering committee to review the comprehensive plan for Front Royal. Tom is considering requesting appointment as associate director of the Warren County Soil and Water Conservation Board.

Blue Ridge. Charlie had no report.

CVG. Sid reported that he plans to organize a local meeting at the Charlottesville Library in late October. He also wants to recruit students at Longwood University where he and his wife both teach mathematics.

Fredericksburg. Chris Fink's local report was submitted in advance and is included in the minutes by reference as Appendix E.

NoVa. Joe mentioned that he enrolled to audit a George Mason University course, which qualifies him to form a club or interest group to recruit student volunteers.

GPVA Officer elections.

Tamar was elected female Co-chair without objection.
Kirit was elected Treasurer without objection.
Chris Fink was elected Webmaster without objection.
Ryan Ruff was elected Press Secretary without objection.

It was agreed without objection to defer GPUS representative elections till the Spring, 2015 business meeting.

It was agreed on a vote of 4-3-0 to allow current officers, who were elected in January, to finish their terms before the new officers assume office in January, 2015.

Proposal for GPVA committee chairs to assume committee listserv ownership and moderation privileges from the GPVA webmaster.

It was agreed without objection to provide committee chairs with listserv ownership and administrative privileges, but moderation privileges are vested in the GPVA Moderator as per the GPVA listserv policy.

Proposal to establish a GPVA mailing list distribution policy.

On a vote of 5-2-0 it was agreed that every local representative and endorsed Green Party candidate shall have access to that portion of the GPVA mailing list containing the contact information of the GPVA members residing in their respective districts.

Anyone who wants access to a local party list must request it from the local party representative. Anyone else who desires access to the GPVA mailing list must request it from the co-chairs. In all cases, the GPVA mailing list shall be used exclusively for the purpose of promoting the Green Party of Virginia.

Proposal to direct the GPVA webmaster to acquire and install free web based voting software from GPCA.

Audrey reported that since she submitted the proposal for GPVA consideration, she learned that the voting software is not yet available for distribution. It was agreed without objection to defer consideration of this proposal until it is available for distribution and more is known about what it does.

Proposed amendment to codify Article I of GPUS Bylaws.

This proposal was tabled on a vote of 5-2-0.

Proposal to direct the GPVA Press Secretary to issue a press release opposing Dominion's plan to build a pipeline for fracked gas through Virginia.

This proposal was adopted on a vote of 6-0-1.

Closing Circle.

It was agreed to hold the next in person meeting in May, 2015 in Charlottesville and to conduct a teleconference in January.

- Audrey Clement Note Taker




Dear GPVA Members:

Here is my co-chair report for inclusion by reference in the record of the GPVA meeting to be held on September 13, 2014 at Westover Library in Arlington, VA.

As you know, I am stepping down as female co-chair in accordance with GPVA Bylaws, which term limit the position. So this is a retrospective account of my service to the party since 2006.

During my tour of duty GPVA membership has remained steady, as indicated by the current mailing list, which lists about 1,950 members.

Also during this period, the Rockbridge local voluntarily dissolved, and the Central Virginia Greens local revived under new leadership. The status of the Richmond local is in doubt, and the Hampton Roads local plans to reorganize into several smaller locals.

In 2013 Libertarian Party leader Bill Redpath and I successfully lobbied the Virginia General Assembly to reduce the presidential candidate signature requirement from 10,000 to 5,000, dramatically reducing the difficulty of getting the 2016 GPVA presidential candidate on the ballot.

During my tour of duty as co-chair, the party got two presidential candidates on the Virginia ballot, Cynthia McKinney in 2008 and Jill Stein in 2012. I obtained more than 6,400 of the 10,000 needed signatures in 2008 and over 2,700 signatures in 2012.

Also during 2013 I obtained 2,400 of the 3,000 signatures needed to place a housing authority referendum on the ballot in Arlington County.

I've run for local office five times in the past four years and am currently running for Arlington School Board as an independent. In 2013 I got 31 percent of the vote in a race for County Board on a budget of about $8,500, half of which I contributed out of my own pocket.

My leadership of the party has been questioned by the immediate past male party co-chair on the grounds that the state party has not grown. He also criticized the fact that I've served as state party officer and candidate for public office at the same time. In his view this is unprofessional, because the major parties don't do it. He thinks I should have quit running for office in favor of conducting organizing meetings around the state.

While this argument may seem reasonable, it is directly contrary to my style of leadership, which is LEAD BY EXAMPLE, or what I refer to as the Mark Twain style of management.

If the white picket fence needs work, then get out the paint bucket and brush and go to work.

If Greens need electing, then run for office.

If the Green presidential candidate needs to get on the ballot, then carry a petition.

In fact the only circumstances that should prevent a progressive leader from rolling up his/her sleeves is lack of time, competence or stamina to do the job at hand, in which case the task should be delegated.

So I guess you would say that my style of management is hands on in contrast with the major parties, which is top down.

While there are pros and cons as to which is best, given the lack of boots on the ground and bench strength which generally handicaps minor parties, it is doubtful whether Greens have the luxury to choose. Either our officers work in the trenches or nothing gets done.

In any event, I've enjoyed serving as GPVA female co-chair for eight years. I wish my successor the best and will do everything in my power to make the transition an easy one.

My heartfelt thanks to other party members who placed their trust in my leadership of the Green Party of Virginia.

Audrey Clement
Outgoing Co-Chair



Webmaster's Report
Green Party of Virginia

Chris Fink reports that in addition to his regular duties for maintaining the GPVA website and IT capabilities, including updating GPVA meeting notices, minutes, and agendas online, he is currently working on the following priorities:

1. Upgrading the existing scripts to allow co-chairs access to membership status changes (e.g. probation and quit dates/flags).
2. Upgrading the existing scripts to check new member requests against existing member status.

Chris is also looking forward to implementing any changes required by passage of the proposals scheduled for consideration at the September GPVA meeting.

Finally, Chris would like to remind all members with information technology experience that their help would be greatly appreciated. In particular this is a good time for those who have opinions and good ideas for GPVA website upgrades to step up and take a crack at the re-design themselves. People with experience in linux-based IT scripting (Perl, PHP, etc.) would also be helpful. Members can join the GPVA IT Committee by signing up at the following address: .

- Submitted by Christopher Fink, GPVA Webmaster



GPUS Representative Report

Since the last GPVA meeting, the GPUS National Committee adopted the following proposals of interest to GPVA:

Proposal 741 amended GPUS Bylaws to allow both current and past delegates and current alternates to serve on the GPUS Steering Committee.

Proposal 756, which was sponsored by GPVA, amended the GPUS Platform, I.D.2. A Real Road to Peace in the Middle East, to add a new paragraph preceding paragraphs. 2. a-k, "The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict", under the heading, "Iran":

“We support negotiation with Iran for a peaceful resolution that reduces or eliminates sanctions, while continuing or strengthening inspections to ensure Iran's adherence to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. We oppose any bill threatening increased sanctions as long as Iranian policy is to pursue dialogue on this topic. We call on the President and Congress to oppose any attack by Israeli military or intelligence services on Iran’s nuclear research facilities, and for American military and intelligence services to refrain from such attacks as well.”

The GPUS National Committee defeated Proposal 757, which was sponsored by GPVA, which would have add a new Section N to the GPUS Platform, Chapter III, Ecological Sustainability:

"N. Human Population Stabilization

"The continued growth of the human population, along with unsustainable consumption patterns, is jeopardizing the quality of life for all humans and is a major contributor to habitat destruction and the extinction of other species. By reducing biodiversity, we are undermining the health of the biosphere on which we all depend. The Green Party recognizes that it is necessary both to reduce excess consumption and to curb our population’s growth to stabilize it at a sustainable level. To achieve this goal ethically and humanely, the Green Party recommends making birth control and family planning services available to all who want them as outlined in Chapter II-I (Social Justice: Population) of this Platform, along with implementing policies to reduce consumption as described in Chapter IV (Economic Justice and Sustainability)."

For a description of all the recently considered proposals of the GPUS National Committee go to:

Audrey Clement



GPUS Representative Report

In a addition to what Audrey has said below, I offer the following:

GPUS adopted a new "brand" for the party. You can see the roll-out presentation here:

Also, we held a very successful meeting of national delegates and others in st. Paul, MN. at Macalester College. About 150 attended including myself, Audrey and Tom Yager.

Part 1 of 5 parts of a strategic plan was adopted. See the proposal here:

Audrey Clement was elected to a 2-year term as a Steering Committee (SC) Co-Chair. I continue to serve the 2nd year of a 2-year term on the SC.

Tamar Yager



Fredericksburg Local Report
Green Party of Virginia

The Fredericksburg local reports that it has successfully renewed its mission, by electing new officers, updating its website, renewing regular meetings, and starting on new projects. The new officers are as follows:

Chair : Larry Maxwell, fgp-chair at
Treasurer: Gerald Anderson, fgp-treasurer at
Webmaster & GPVA-Contact : Christopher Fink, webmaster at

Our updated website is at , at which you can find relevant meeting notes documenting these advancements.

Projects we're working on currently include (1) a campaign to encourage the local paper (The Free Lance-Star) to publish voting results and upcoming votes for all state and congressional bills, and (2) a campaign to push the City of Fredericksburg to adopt zero-waste plans for their jurisdictions, in concert with Stafford County.

The FGP would also respectfully like to offer its locale and logistics toward hosting a GPVA meeting at the earliest possible opportunity.

Submitted by Christopher Fink


Minutes GPVA


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