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State Meeting

Baine's Books and Coffee

205 Main Street, Appomattox , VA

May 3, 2014

Minutes of GPVA Business Meeting

Present were: Audrey Clement [via Google Hangouts] (Arlington [AGP]), Tamar and Tom Yager (At-Large), Charlie Jordan (Blue Ridge), Sid Smith (Central Virginia Greens [CVG]), Ryan Ruff (Hampton Roads), and Joe Galdo [via Google Hangouts, morning only] (Northern Virginia [NoVA]).


Quorum consisting of at least half or four (4) of the seven (7) locals participating in the two most recent business meetings--Arlington, Blue Ridge, Fredericksburg, Hampton Roads, Loudoun and NoVA on 9/21/13 and Arlington, Blue Ridge, Central Virginia, Fredericksburg, Hampton Roads and NoVA on January 11, 2014--having been met, the meeting was called to order. .

Choose timekeeper, vibes watcher, facilitator, note taker.

Sid facilitated, Audrey took notes, Ryan kept time, and Tom served as vibes watcher.

Ratify agenda.

The agenda was agreed as amended by consensus as follows:

  • Approve minutes of last meeting.
    Nominations and Endorsements
    Finance Committee report to amend Bylaws to exact membership dues.
    Progress report on upgrading GPVA website/listservs/social media sites.

    Co-Chairs' report.
    Treasurer's report.
    Press Secretary's report.
    Webmaster's report.
    GPUS representatives' report.
    Local reports.


    Approve Proposed GPUS Platform amendments.
    2014 Electoral campaigns.

    Closing Circle.

Approve minutes of last meeting.

The minutes of the January 11, 2014 meeting were approved as amended without objection.


Joe Galdo was nominated by consensus as the Green Party candidate for Congress in CD 11. In addition Tom recommended sending the forms needed to designate Joe as a Green Party candidate ASAP, and call SBE in advance to verify the addresses of members on the current Central Committee list, which is a required document.

Sid announced that Mike Dickinson was seeking a Green Party endorsement for Congress in CD 7. Consideration of endorsing Mike Dickinson was deferred until Mike's anticipated arrival. When that did not occur by mid-afternoon, Sid moved the question and the party agreed by consensus not to endorse him, because of outstanding concerns about his position on the issues and other matters. Sid later received an email from Mike advising him that he had been rear ended by a semi on his way to the meeting.

Finance Committee report to amend Bylaws to exact membership dues.

Sid read a Treasurer's report sent by Kirit indicating that the party has $1442.53 mostly from GPUS state sharing funds. He also wants direction on what type of party building activities to undertake this year. Charlie said that without a budget, GPVA doesn't know how to allocate funds. Tamar recommended budgeting for candidate training.

A motion directing Fincom to send a report with a recommendation on dues to the co-chairs no later than a week before the next meeting was adopted on a vote of 6-1-0.

Progress report on upgrading GPVA website.

Tamar is updating the listservs and will send a report to the co-chairs when she is done. Charlie noted that the electoral archive on the current website is not up to date. Ryan indicated that he'd started a GPVA Twitter page with thirty followers, two of whom expressed an interest in joining the party, one of whom joined in February. Ryan plans to link the GPVA Facebook and Twitter accounts to automatically cross post.

Co-Chairs' report.

Audrey reported that she had been contacted by Charles Frohman of the Our America Initiative (OAI), a Libertarian lobby group founded by former Republican Governor and LP presidential candidate Gary Johnson. Frohman invited Audrey to join the board of OAI as GPVA co-chair because of her collaboration with LP leader Bill Redpath in lobbying for legislation adopted by the Virginia General Assembly in 2013 to reduce the signature requirement for presidential candidates from 10,000 to 5,000.

The co-chairs having agreed that party approval is needed to represent GPVA on the OAI board or any of its committees, the membership considered the question and agreed by consensus with one stand aside to limit GPVA involvement with OAI to endorsing its campaign to open the presidential debates.

Treasurer's report.

Kirit's report was read in the section above on the need for a Fincom report on dues.

Press Secretary's report.

Ryan mentioned that he'd issued a press release endorsing marriage equality, and Tom encouraged him to issue at least one party press release per month.

It was agreed by consensus that in addition to disseminating press releases to news outlets, party social media and the web page, press releases should be posted to both the GPVA Announcement and Business listservs.

Webmaster's report.

Audrey read a webmaster's report forwarded to her by Chris Fink as follows:

"The IT Committee has been convened, in the sense that an introductory email was sent out to all current IT committee members. This email contained: (a) a listing a variety of projects, including the transition to Wordpress, which have been proposed as committee work in the near future, (b) an invitation to submit additional proposed projects, (c) a solicitation for members to volunteer for these projects, and (d) a request that members reply to verify that they wish to remain on the committee. A similar email was sent out to a wider GPVA member audience (e.g. via the gpva-business list) to solicit new IT committee members. In addition, personal emails were sent to those who had previously expressed interest in working on the Wordpress conversion, to request status on this project. To date, there have been no responses to any of these emails, so clearly more work needs to be done in the area of projecting the importance of the IT Committee, and any suggestions are welcome. During the next reporting period, I (as Webmaster and IT Committee convenor) will start the process of calling each committee member individually, to see if that produces better results."

Having overlooked Chris' request to place the following item on the agenda, she recommends that he request that she convene the Interim Committee to consider the question:

"Should the IT Committee alter the existing listserve accounts & passwords such that lists corresponding to individual committees be owned & moderated by their respective committee chairs, rather than the current scheme in which all lists are owned by the co-chairs and moderated by the GPVA Listserve Moderator? Note that general lists such as gpva-discuss, gpva-business, gpva-announce, and the like, would be unaffected. Because committee membership is often defined by subscription to the committee list, one immediate benefit of this change would be that committee chairs would have read/write access to their committee membership lists. A secondary benefit would be reduction of the workload on the existing GPVA List Moderator."

GPUS representatives' report.

Tamar reported that National Committee is voting on a proposal to extend the deadline for submitting Platform amendments to the GPUS Platform Committee to May 11, 2014 and that the proposal is likely to pass. She announced that the next Annual National Meeting (ANM) will be held in Minneapolis, July 24-27, 2014 at McAllister College in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the founding of the national Green Party. She also mentioned that a recent Global Greens fundraising campaign had been a success.

Audrey reported that the NC is deliberating on the language of a GPUS mission statement, which is long overdue.

Local reports.

CVG. Sid reported that he testified at a recent County Board meeting on a proposed tax increase and that the local will hold a meeting soon to ratify its bylaws and elect officers.

Blue Ridge. Charlie reported that the local is looking passively for a candidate for Congress in CD 6.

At Large. Tamar reported that Tom and she are planning an organizational meeting for a new local, the Shenandoah Greens. She mentioned that she was interviewed for a position on the Front Royal Zoning Commission and is likely to be considered for other positions in the future.

Audrey proposed to amend the Bylaws to allow At Large members to count towards quorum. At Ryan's request consideration of the proposal was deferred until formal language is submitted for the party's consideration.

Hampton Roads. Ryan indicated that Hampton Roads is considering splitting into two locals, Virginia Beach and Williamsburg, and that members from both areas met in March to discuss the matter.

AGP. Audrey reported that a proposal to endorse her for Arlington School Board failed on a vote of 4-1-0 at the May 1, 2014 AGP meeting from which she was absent due to illness.

Tom mentioned that an AGP endorsed independent, John Vihstadt, had recently been elected to a vacant seat on County Board. Tamar mentioned that candidates now running for Congress in CD 8 are on board with an AGP supported initiative calling for a referendum on construction of the $310 million Columbia Pike trolley.

Fredericksburg. Chris submitted the following report to the co-chairs:

"The Fredericksburg local recently held a meeting at the main branch of the Central Rappahannock Regional Library, at which we divided up our current contact list, and merged in contacts from the GPVA membership list (those who indicated they wanted to be part of the Fredericksburg local), in order to form phone calling lists for the purpose of member data validation, and personal notification of the next local meeting."

Approve Proposed GPUS Platform amendments.

Ryan reported that since the GPVA meeting agenda was published, the GPVA Platform Committee forwarded two GPUS Platform amendments to the GPVA Interim Committee, where they were approved and sent on to the GPUS Platform Committee. Pending before the committee is a proposal outlining a process for conducting committee business.

2014 Electoral campaigns.

Tom recommended soliciting candidates for open seats until the June 10 deadline and reported that he'd already disseminated a list of open seats via GPVA social media. He promised to send out the call for candidates and list of open seats again and post the call to the GPVA listservs. Tom recommended soliciting write in candidates after the primary.

Closing Circle.

It was agreed to hold the next meeting in September somewhere in Northern Virginia, with Tamar to make the arrangements. There was general consensus for holding elections at the fall meeting rather than in January due to the hardship imposed by foul weather.

- Audrey Clement Note Taker



Minutes GPVA


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