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State Meeting

Happy Creek Coffee

18 High Street,  Front Royal , VA

January 11,  2014

Minutes of GPVA Business Meeting

Present were: Audrey Clement, Kirit Mookerjee and Marie Pellegrino (Arlington [AGP]), Tamar and Tom Yager (At-Large), Charlie Jordan (Blue Ridge), Sid Smith (Central Virginia Greens [CVG]) Chris Fink (Fredericksburg), Ryan Ruff, Mike Shushan [via online meeting chat] (Hampton Roads), and Jim Lowenstern (Northern Virginia [NoVA]).


Quorum consisting of at least half or three (3) of the six (6) locals participating in the two most recent business meetings--Arlington, Blue Ridge, Hampton Roads, NoVA, and Richmond on 4/27/13 and Arlington, Blue Ridge, Fredericksburg, Hampton Roads and NoVA on 9/21/13--having been met, the meeting was called to order.

Choose timekeeper, vibes watcher, facilitator, note taker.

Sid facilitated, Audrey took notes, Marie Pellegrino kept time, and Chris Fink served as the vibes watcher.

Ratify agenda.

The agenda was agreed as amended by consensus as follows:

  • Approve minutes of last meeting.
    Ad Hoc Committee report to amend Bylaws to exact membership dues.
    Progress report on upgrading GPVA website.
    Progress report on updating GPVA Platform.

    Co-Chairs' report.
    Treasurer's report.
    Press Secretary's report.
    Webmaster's report.
    GPUS representatives' report.
    Local reports.


    2014 Officer elections.
    2014 Electoral campaigns.
    GPUS and GPVA committee appointments.
    Consideration of GPVA dues proposal.

    Closing Circle.

Approve minutes of last meeting.

The minutes of the September 21, 2013 meeting were approved as amended without objection.

Ad Hoc Committee report to amend Bylaws to exact membership dues.

The ad hoc committee having no report, Audrey moved to add an agenda item to consider the proposal to exact GPVA dues, which appears as Addendum A to these minutes. The motion was agreed to by consensus.

Progress report on upgrading GPVA website.

Chris reported that he'd recently set up a WordPress blog on the the GPVA Athena server. He plans to provide other members with a password that will enable them to configure and upload content to the blog for testing purposes. In response to a recommendation by Charlie that content editors be appointed to download, edit and upload content to the website, Sid explained that WordPress is a content management system with an interface that enables users to edit content in place. Audrey added that the WordPress administrator can designate content editors with password permissions to the blog.

Progress report on upgrading GPVA Platform.

It was agreed that whereas an ad hoc committee to revise the Platform had been set up by the previous male co-chair, John Reeder, a permanent committee structure already exists in the form of a Platform Committee listserv to which the ad hoc members and others interested in serving on the committee should be subscribed. Ryan agreed to serve as convener of the Platform Committee until a permanent chair is elected. It was further agreed that the Platform Committee produce a report for the next meeting, including a recommendation for streamlining the current Platform amendment process.

Co-Chairs' report.

Audrey said that previous male co-chair John Reeder had resigned in December with a view towards focusing his organizing efforts on the Arlington local.
Audrey acknowledged that while most of her own recent organizing efforts have been focused on campaigning for office in Arlington County, she hoped that GPVA would elect a new male co-chair with a statewide focus.

Treasurer's report.

Kirit Mookerjee reported that GPVA has received $682 from GPUS in state sharing funds. It has also received $10 each from two new members. bringing the current balance in the GPVA account to $1505.63.
Kirit also reported that the balance in the segregated Green Party of Virginia Federal PAC is $268.61. He recently filed a year end FEC campaign finance disclosure report reflecting that amount. It was agreed that the GPVA webmaster should put an item on the GPVA home page soliciting donations to:

GPVA Federal PAC
P. O. Box 7316
Falls Church, VA 22040

In response to a question from Charlie, Kirit reported that he'd sent an email to the GPVA listserv soliciting members for the GPVA Finance Committee.

Press Secretary's report.

This item was tabled in consideration of the Press Secretary's absence.

Webmaster's report.

Chris Fink reported that he incorporated templates into the existing website that would facilitate content editing and that he had created an online MySQL database to maintain the GPVA membership list. The database can be downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet via an unpublished URL via MySQL. He indicated that he can provide local access to the database via an administrative password.
Chris has also implemented spam designation to flag incoming junk emails on the GPVA listservs.
Chris mentioned that he'd discovered and restored to the Rachel server GPVA listserv archives through 2008.
Tamar reminded the membership that at the previous meeting she had volunteered to update GPVA listservs to excluded non-members but that she had not yet received the list of subscribers from Audrey. Audrey responded that the list of subscribers had been sent to her in November, 2013. Tamar subsequently located the correspondence but indicated that she needs administrative access to the listservs to update GPVA subscribers.
Tom reported that a GPVA Facebook page had been set up by a Pennsylvania Green and Stein supporter, Michael Straw, who is a student at Penn State. It is located here:
Tom reported that he currently manages the page. At his request Tom was appointed GPVA FB administrator without objection.

GPUS representatives' report.

Tamar reported that the next Annual National Meeting (ANM) will be held in Minneapolis, July 25-27, 2014 at McAllister College in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the founding of the national Green Party. She also reported that GPUS had recently received a bequest from the Reimer Estate in the amount of $50,000--$30,000 of which was allocated to the 2013 budget and $20,000 of which was allocated to the 2014 budget in accordance with FEC rules restricting gifts from individuals to political parties to $30,000 per year.
Kirt requested that GPUS delegates provide GPVA with periodic updates on proposals submitted to the GPUS National Committee (NC) for a vote, noting the absence of such information over the past year.

Local reports.

CVG. Sid reported that the local met in Appomattox on 1/4/11, with 3 in attendance and 7 more indicating an interest in attending future meetings. Sid anticipates recruiting candidates for Appomattox School Board and Farmville Town Council in 2015. The next local meeting will be held in March, 2014.

NoVA. Jim reported that the local is arranging a benefit hosted by Cheri Honkala in March, 2014. Joe Galdo and Bill Benson are gathering signatures to get Joe on the ballot as a congressional candidate in CD 11.

Fredericksburg: Chris Fink is organizing a spring revitalization meeting for the local.

AGP. Marie reported that she is a member of a candidate exploratory committee convened to decided whom to endorse for an Arlington County Board vacancy election in March, 2014. Audrey indicated that she is seeking the AGP endorsement for Arlington County School Board in November, 2014.

Blue Ridge. Charlie reported the local had endorsed several candidates in the last election, had nominated Frank Munley for the GPVA Platform Committee, and had adopted a resolution asking GPVA to oppose the Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty (TPP).

Hampton Roads. Mike Shushan reported that there was an NSA Occupy protest in Norfolk that prevented Virginia Beach activists from attending the GPVA meeting.

At Large. Tom reported that he'd recently attended a meeting of the Lord Fairfax Soil and Water Conservation Board in Warren County. He was reputed to have been the first member of the public to have attended the regularly scheduled meeting in a decade. He reported that residents of Warren County are organizing to keep fracking out of George Washington National Forest.

2014 Officer elections.

The following officers were elected by IRV/STV election:
Male Co-Chair: Sid Smith
Treasurer: Kirit Mookerjee
Press Secretary: Ryan Ruff
Webmaster: Chris Fink
GPUS Delegate: Tamar Yager, Audrey Clement
GPUS Alternate: Mike Shushan, Charlie Jordan

2014 Electoral campaigns.

Tom announced the local offices in Virginia up for election in 2014, all of which are available at:

It was agreed that seats for state delegate and soil and water conservation board across the state are priorities in 2015.

GPUS and GPVA committee appointments.

The membership affirmed without objection reappointment of the following GPVA members to GPUS committees:

Tom Yager: BAC, PCSC
Audrey Clement: BAC, BRRP, Ecoaction, FinCom
Tamar Yager: ANM, FundCom

The membership affirmed without objection appointment of the following GPVA members to GPUS committees:

Kirit Mookerjee: PCSC
Sid Smith: CCC
Ryan Ruff: Outreach

The membership affirmed without objection appointment of the following members to GPVA committees:

Tom Yager: Convener, Candidate Exploration Committee
Audrey Clement, Mike Shushan, Sid Smith: Members, Candidate Exploration Committee
Tom Yager: Convener, Local Organizing Committee
Mike Shushan: Member, Local Organizing Committee
Kirit Mookerjee, Convener, Finance Committee
Chris Fink: Chair, IT Committee
Audrey Clement, C.J. Duncan, Ryan Ruff, Sid Smith, Tamar Yager: Members, IT Committee
Ryan Ruff: Convener, Platform Committee
Jim Lowenstern, Sid Smith, Tom Yager: Members, Platform Committee

Consideration of GPVA dues proposal.

It was agreed without objection to refer the proposal to pay dues to the GPVA Finance Committee, with instructions to report its recommendation to the membership at least thirty days prior to the next state party meeting.

Closing Circle.

Sid recommended Baine's Books & Coffee, 205 Main St, Appomattox, VA as a venue for the next state party meeting. It was agreed that Tamar would research this and other venues for a meeting to be scheduled some time in May.

- Audrey Clement Note Taker



Addendum A

Amend GPVA Bylaws, 7. Membership, 7.1 Eligibility, as follows: Add new Section 7.1.4:

7.1.4 Active membership shall be renewed annually beginning January 1 of each year, with the payment of annual dues. Regular membership dues are $25 per year, excepting Students, senior citizens and low income individuals, for whom dues are $10 per year. In case of economic hardship, the Treasurer may waive dues upon receipt of a request from a member to do so. Members must be current on their dues to actively participate and vote on party business."

Minutes GPVA


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