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State Meeting

Main Street Library

110 Main Street,  Newport News , VA

September 21,  2013

Minutes of GPVA Business Meeting

Present were: Audrey Clement and Kirit Mookerjee (Arlington), Jerry Tenney, Tamar and Tom Yager (At-Large), Charlie Jordan (Blue Ridge), Chris Fink (Fredericksburg), Anna Beasley, John Paul Cimino, Wythe Holt, Jeff Staples and Mike Shushan (Hampton Roads), Chris Simmons (Loudoun) C.J. Duncan-Arauz (NoVA).


Quorum consisting of at least half or four (4) of the seven (7) locals participating in the two most recent business meetings--Arlington, Blue Ridge, Fredericksburg, Hampton Roads, Loudoun, and NoVA on 1/5/13 and Arlington, Blue Ridge, Hampton Roads, NoVA, and Richmond on 4/27/13, having been met, the meeting was called to order.

Choose timekeeper, vibes watcher, facilitator, note taker.

Tom was appointed facilitator, C.J. timekeeper, Chris Fink vibes watcher, and Audrey note taker.

Ratify agenda.

The meeting agenda was amended by consensus to add some additional items and limit discussion of all items to 5 minutes, unless the members agreed to extend the time allotted. The agenda as amended follows:

Introduction and welcome by co-chairs.
Choose facilitator, note taker, timekeeper, vibes watcher.
Ratify agenda.
Approve minutes of last meeting.
Committee report on proposal to amend Bylaw governing the recording of minutes.
Committee report to amend Bylaws to exact membership dues.
Progress report on upgrading GPVA website.
Co-Chairs' report.
Treasurer's report.
$300 for local organizing in NoVA and Hampton Roads Locals.
Fall fundraiser featuring Sherry Honkala in Fairfax County.
Budget plans for 2014.
Press Secretary's report.
Webmaster's report.
GPUS representatives' report.
Local reports.
Peace demonstration at corner of Main St. and Warwick Blvd. between 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Lunch, 12:30 p.m.-1 p.m.
Proposal to appoint Audrey Clement to one or more GPUS committees (Audrey).
Proposal to amend Bylaws governing the appointment, term of office and duties of Co-Chairs and Treasurer (John).
Proposal to update GPVA Platform (Chris S. and Bill).
Electoral campaigns in 2013 and 2014 (Audrey).
Proposal to approve a GPVA bumper sticker (John).
Endorsement of candidates (Charlie).
Task list (Tom).
Closing circle.

Approve minutes of last meeting.

The minutes of the April 27 meeting were adopted by consensus with one correction.

Committee report on proposal to amend Bylaw governing the recording of minutes.

The committee report was heard and the Bylaw amendment it proposed was adopted by consensus. See Addendum A.

Committee report to amend Bylaws to exact membership dues.

Kirit, the ex officio chair of the ad hoc committee considering whether to exact membership dues, stated that the report that appears as Addendum B to the meeting agenda and these minutes is not in fact the report of the committee. Therefore Tom ruled the item out of order.

Progress report on upgrading GPVA website.

Tom proposed to set up a GPVA Facebook page using the services of Pennsylvania Green Michael Straw. But Jeff indicated that one had already been set up here:  Tom then recommended setting up a link to the page from the GPVA website. Chris Fink said he would do so. C.J. said he wants to develop a new state party website but needs help with the design. Mike Shushan offered to help. Chris Fink agreed to set up a test environment for them. Audrey also mentioned that her FB page administrator, David Ruckman, is a web designer and might be willing to help. Chris Fink said that the minutes of the last meeting indicate that "Sid and Tamar offered to conduct a survey of the membership on the design of the website." This being the case, it makes sense to see what these results are, before diving too deeply into web site production. C.J. said that he has already set up a survey form for the NoVA Greens located here:

Co-Chairs' report.

Audrey stated that the co-chairs agree that the key to organizing the state party is running candidates for public office. C.J. said that the party needs to do more outreach among college students, and John Paul emphasized the need for social media organizing.

Treasurer's report.

Kirit reported that the balance in the account is $865.23 He said Joe Galdo intends to conduct a fall fundraiser, but does not want to ask for previously authorized funds ($150 for NoVA and $150 for Hampton Roads) until they are needed. Mike Shushan, who was previously an officer and member of the Philadelphia Greens, recommended Cheri Honkala, who ran for Philadelphia Sheriff in 2011, as the featured speaker at the event. Kirit proposed budgeting the remaining funds in the party account to pay for more fundraisers and the $150 annual post office box fee.

Press Secretary's report.

Chris Simmons apologized for doing no press releases this year, saying that his wife had died suddenly in January, and he was only just now beginning to recover from her loss. He reported that he has gained a lot of experience in media marketing and hopes to use it to promote the state party.

Webmaster's report.

Chris Fink reported that he is about done incorporating templates into the existing website and would like to create an online database to maintain the membership list via MySQL. He also said he plans to get the spam filters working to prevent junk email from being transmitted by the listservs.

GPUS representatives' report.

Tamar reported that she was elected to the SC; that the 2013 Annual National Meeting (ANM) made money; and that the party will be voting on a strategic plan within the next six months. Audrey reported that she was impressed with the unbiased coverage of the ANM by RT News. She was also impressed with David Cobb's stellar performance conducting the party fundraiser. As chair of the Ballot Access Committee (BAC) Tom said that he wants to increase the party's ballot lines from 18 now to 25 in 2014. Tamar indicated that the next ANM is likely to be in Minneapolis in July, 2014 in commemoration of the party's first meeting there 30 years ago.

Local reports.

Fredericksburg: Chris Fink has been attending meetings of the Virginia Organizing Project, in order to share ideas for local action, let them know about the Green Party, and recruit local members.

Loudoun: Chris Simmons plans to resume operations in Loudoun with a public meeting in October.

Hampton Roads: Mike said that there's a lot of interest in the party with people leafleting in Virginia Beach and Norfolk and 30 people following the Hampton Roads FB page. But the local is too big and needs to be broken up. Jeff reported that David Cobb filled his hat at a Hampton Roads fundraiser on June 3.

NoVA: C.J. reported that the local met on September 16 and discussed a number of initiatives.

Blue Ridge: Charlie reported that the local is focused on GMO labeling, but does not want to portray the initiative as partisan. It is also considering endorsing some non-Green local candidates. Jeff said that progressives are going to meet at the Alexander Gish House in Roanoke on October 12.

Arlington: Audrey reported that she is campaigning both for election to County Board and for adoption of an AGP sponsored Housing Authority referendum. To date she had dropped 10,000 pieces of lit promoting both campaigns. Kirit, who is a county appointed housing commissioner, reported that development is the key issue in the county.

Proposal to appoint Audrey Clement to one or more GPUS committees.

At her request, Audrey was vetted with no objections to the GPUS Bylaws, Rules, Policies & Procedures (BRPP) Committee and the GPUS Finance Committee (FinCom). At his request, C.J. was vetted with no objections to the GPUS IT Committee, which is in the process of forming.

Proposal to amend Bylaws governing the appointment, term of office and duties of Co-Chairs and Treasurer.

A motion to table the proposal till the next meeting was defeated on a vote of 2-10-1. A motion to send the proposal to the Structural Reform Committee received no second. The proposal was then considered and defeated on a vote of 3-9-0.

Proposal to update GPVA Platform.

A motion to commit the proposal to the Platform Committee was adopted by consensus, with the understanding that both Charlie and Audrey would publish their committee lists and subscribers to the GPVA listserv, so that they can be reactivated.. Chris Simmons was appointed by consensus as Convener of the Platform Committee.

Proposal to approve a GPVA bumper sticker.

The presenter being absent, a motion to table this item was adopted by consensus.

Electoral campaigns in 2013 and 2014.

Audrey proposed that Tom present the party with the 2014 SBE list of open seats and that the locals search for Green Party candidates to run for them. Task list. Kirit, reactivate Finance Committee and raise money. Chris Simmons, reactivate Platform Committee and produce a newsletter. Tom, locate candidates to run for open seats in 2014. Charlie, reactivate Structural Reform Committee. Chris Fink, C.J. and Mike, develop new website. Tamar, review listserv subscriptions to verify that no inactive members are subscribed.

Endorsement of candidates.

Robert Sarvis, the Libertarian candidate for Governor, was endorsed on a vote of 5-1-5. Three locals-Arlington, Hampton Roads and NoVA-having subsequently voted to overturn the endorsement, it was rescinded on 10/22/13. Audrey Clement was unanimously endorsed for Arlington County Board.

Closing Circle.

The next meeting was tentatively scheduled for January, 2014 in either Loudoun or Winchester County. Tamar and Chris Simmons agreed to search for a venue.

- Audrey Clement Note Taker



Addendum A

Amend GPVA Bylaws, Article 14. Officers, 14.2 Duties, Section, which reads:

" Record the minutes of GPVA business meetings and distribute at least one copy to each local within two weeks of the meeting."

to read:

" Record the minutes of GPVA business meetings, distribute a draft version on the GPVA business listserv, and publish it on the GPVA website within two weeks of the meeting. The minutes shall record: the date and location of the meeting; those in attendance and their local affiliation, except that the name of anyone who so requests will be redacted from the record, with a notation of the total number so redacted; whether quorum was met; the selection of meeting officers; the meeting agenda as agreed to by the members in attendance; officer and other reports, except that any report not directly pertaining to the state party shall be published as an addendum to the minutes; proposals considered and their disposition, along with the vote tally, if any; the date, time and location of the next meeting, if known.

Addendum B.

Amend GPVA Bylaws, 7. Membership, 7.1 Eligibility, as follows: Add new Section 7.1.4:

7.1.4 Active membership shall be renewed annually beginning January 1 of each year, with the payment of annual dues. Regular membership dues are $25 per year, excepting Students, senior citizens and low income individuals, for whom dues are $10 per year. In case of economic hardship, the Treasurer may waive dues upon receipt of a request from a member to do so. Members must be current on their dues to actively participate and vote on party business."

Minutes GPVA


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