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State Meeting

Warren County Community Center

538 Villa Ave.,  Front Royal, VA

September 8,  2012

Minutes of GPVA Business Meeting on September 8, 2012

Present were:  Audrey Clement, Jim Hurysz, John Reeder [morning only], Tamar and Tom Yager (Arlington), Charlie Jordan (Blue Ridge), and Chris Simmons (Loudoun). Kirit Mookerjee (Arlington, GPVA Treasurer) called in to provide a Treasurer's report. Also present as an observer was Elizabeth "Betty" Molchany, an attorney from Front Royal and a third party advocate.

Quorum consisting of at least half or three (3) of the five locals participating in the two most recent business meetings: Arlington, Blue Ridge, Fredericksburg, Hampton Roads and NoVA on 3/10/12 and Arlington and Fredericksburg on 6/10/12, having been met, the meeting was called to order

Tom was appointed facilitator, Chris Simmons vibes watcher, and Audrey note taker.

The previously published meeting agenda was amended and agreed on a vote of 5-2-0 as follows:

1. Co-chairs report
2. Press Secretary's report
3. Treasurer's report
4. Lunch
5. GPUS delegates report
6. Local reports
7. Proposed bylaws change
8. Proposed listserv policy
9. Discussion of candidates
10. Adjournment

1. Co-Chairs' Report

Tom and Audrey reported on the success of the GPVA Jill Stein ballot access drive, SBE having reported on 9/4/12 that Jill Stein qualified for the ballot in Virginia. Nevertheless the co-chairs agreed that locals throughout the state need to be activated and/or strengthened so that future ballot access drives don't rely as much on paid petitioners. They also agreed on the need to produce and adhere to a petitioning schedule, so that a last minute rush to qualify for the ballot can be avoided. On criticism of the Jill Stein campaign, Chris Simmons commented: "Jill's not perfect, but she's on."

2. Press Secretary's Report

There was criticism that press releases are not being vetted, not going to media outlets and not going to the GPVA Discussion list and/or website when issued. A motion by Audrey to instruct the Press Secretary to: a) issue press releases timely; b) to disseminate them to media outlets around the state; and to c) publish them to the GPVA website and Discussion list was adopted by consensus.

3. Treasurer's Report

Kirit reported that there is $1.635.62 in the GPVA bank account held in Carter Bank and Trust. Audrey reported that there is $578.61 in the GPVA Federal PAC account held in Wells Fargo Bank and that the PAC is expecting to be reimbursed by the Stein campaign for a $450 outlay to pay for notaries to witness Jill Stein petitions on August 24. Audrey also reported unreimbursed petitioning expenses incurred by GPVA petitioners as follows:

Audrey Clement: $806.29
John Reeder: $553.50
Tom and Tamar Yager: $181
Total: $1540.79

A motion by Tamar to reimburse petitioning expenses on a pro rata basis up to $500 total and to reserve the balance to fund candidates in 2012, as permitted by law was agreed to by consensus.

 4. Lunch

5. GPUS Delegates' Report

Tamar reported that the NC is considering a Wisconsin proposal to endorse the Green New Deal, which is the centerpiece of the Jill Stein campaign. Tom reported unity around the GPUS presidential candidate at its nominating convention in Baltimore in July, 2012.

6. Local Reports

Tamar reported that Audrey is running for Arlington County Board and that the Arlington Green Party (AGP) is considering whether to endorse several controversial bond issues. There is also a lot of organizing activity in opposition to the $250 million Columbia Pike Trolley, the construction of which Arlington County Board recently voted to approve. Charlie reported that interest in politics in Franklin County was sparked by the presidential candidacy of a local resident and Constitution Party candidate, Virgil Goode. Chris Simmons reported that Loudoun Greens have restarted local meetings and are in the process of cleaning up their database.

Jim Hurysz reported that the AGP list is out of date and loaded with Democrats. A motion by Tamar instructing the co-chairs to forward the GPVA mailing list to local contacts for update with a request to send the updates back to the co-chairs was adopted by consensus.

7.  Proposed Bylaws Change

A motion by Audrey to amend GPVA Bylaws Article XI, Candidate Nomination and Endorsement Policy, Section J,  which reads:

"J. The GPVA may endorse INDEPENDENT candidates who support the Ten
Key Values and who generally endorse the GPVA State Platform." read:

"J. The GPVA may endorse OTHER candidates who support the Ten Key Values and who generally endorse the GPVA State Platform, provided there is no Green Party endorsed or nominated candidate in the race."

...was adopted on a vote of 3-1-2.

8. Proposed Listserve Policy

A listserv policy proposed by Audrey was adopted as amended below on a vote of 4-1-1. Chris Simmons was appointed by the co-chairs with no objection to serve as interim Moderator until the next GPVA officer election.

9. Discussion of Candidates

Tom mentioned that there are currently three Greens running for office in Virginia: Jill Stein for President; Joe Galdo for Congress in CD 11; Audrey Clement for Arlington County Board. Also running as an independent write-in congressional candidate in CD 7 is Vivec Jain, whose nominating petition was disqualified by SBE even though he secured 1,700 signatures to meet a quota of 1,000 and has already identified 175 signatures that were illegally disqualified.

Tom indicated that there is a need to produce candidate literature listing both the local candidate and Jill Stein for dissemination in Arlington and Fairfax Counties. There is also a need to purchase the Fairfax County voter list for targeted distribution of literature in CD 11.

10. Adjournment

It was tentatively agreed that the next meeting of GPVA will be in January, 2013, date and location TBD.


Audrey Clement, Note Taker

* * *




Section 1: Listserv Organization
1.1 Definition
List / Listserv / Forum are terms used interchangeably to refer to a group of people (members) who can send emails to a common email address and have those emails disseminated to the other people who are in the group.
1.2 GPVA Listservs

1.2(a) The GPVA maintains various listservs to facilitate party business, including: three general listservs designated as the Announcement, Business, and Discussion lists, as well as, several committee listservs dedicated to committee business, and other listservs as the co-chairs create from time to time.

1.2(b) The Announcement list is a read only listserv that is reserved for use by the co-chairs in disseminating announcements of meetings, events and other important business.
1.2(c) The Business list is reserved for use by the members in corresponding about formal party business.
1.2(d) The Discussion list is reserved for use by the members in corresponding about political matters generally and issues of interest to GPVA.
1.2(e) Subscription to the aforementioned listservs is generally limited to the members of the GPVA.
1.2(f) Subscription to committee listservs is generally limited to the members of GPVA.
1.2(g) Except as otherwise indicated herein, all GPVA members are permitted to post to the general GPVA listservs, and all committee members are permitted to post to the committee listservs.
1.2(h) Private correspondence should not be sent to any official GPVA listserv.
1.3 Listserv Moderator
1.3(a) The GPVA shall elect as Moderator a GPVA member in good standing who is not a co-chair, who shall serve for a term of one year. In the event of resignation or other vacancy, the co-chairs will appoint an interim Moderator to fill the balance of the term.
1.3(b) The Moderator shall provide annual reports to GPVA via the Business list. These reports shall include the number of: informal advisories, official warnings and probations.
Section 2: Listserv Protocol

2.1 Posts Must Be Identified By Author

2.1(a) All list posts should be signed at the bottom of every message to identify the author.
2.2 General Netiquette
2.2(a) In general, when quoting other messages, the person quoted should be properly cited, and extraneous text (including headers, footers, irrelevant messages to the section being responded to when replying to a digest, and the like) should be deleted.
2.2(b) Non-substantive one-word replies should be sent off-list.
2.2(c) Violations of General Netiquette guidelines can result in written informal reminders from the Moderator.
2.2(d) Repeated off topic posting, over posting and other disregard for the purpose of the lists can be grounds for an official warning.
2.3 Verbal Abuse Prohibited
2.3(a) Insults, name-calling, sexist/sexual, racist, homophobic, or otherwise belittling, demeaning or degrading comments will not be tolerated.
2.3(b) Personal, one-on-one arguments are inappropriate and should be taken off list for one-on-one communication.
2.3(c) Hateful, abusive, and threatening language directed at other Green Party members is prohibited.
2.3(d) Unwarranted attacks of an ad hominem nature are prohibited.
2.3(e) Making false and defamatory accusations on the listserv against another list member, a Green Party officer, delegate, candidate, committee, caucus or the Green Party itself that can be clearly and objectively disproven, is prohibited. If such accusations are made unintentionally, a retraction is called for. Failure to retract such allegations can result in an action by the Moderator.
2.3(f) All listserv members are strongly encouraged to bear in mind the official nature of the lists and refrain from the use of obscene or profane language.

Section 3: Enforcement of Listserv Protocol

3.1 The Moderator may send informal advisories to posters to encourage protocol compliance. The Moderator must make every attempt to address individual complaints regarding offending posts. This may include contacting the author of the offending post and counseling the author on constructive, neutral, and effective ways to communicate.

3.2 List members may file a complaint about a specific post directly with the Moderator. Complaints will not be publicly posted to the listserv. List members are encouraged to send informal complaints privately to offending members to encourage cooperation. If filing a complaint with the Moderator, a list member should include copies of complaints sent directly to the offending member.

3.3 After two informal advisories within a six month period, if the Moderator determines that the listserv protocol has been violated a third time by the offending member, an official private warning will be sent to the member by the Moderator. The Moderator will respond to complaints in a uniform fashion and maintain electronic records of all official warnings. Official warnings remain in effect for six months.
3.4. List members who receive a second official warning within six months will be placed on probation, including moderation of the messages they post. The local representative of the member placed on probation will be notified immediately of this occurrence. The Moderator will review all proposed submissions from the probated member and will only forward those posts that do not violate the listserv protocol. Probation shall be for a term not to exceed three (3) months. Completion of probation clears the record of official warnings.


Minutes GPVA


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