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State Meeting

Central Rappahannock Regional Library Main Branch
Fredericksburg, VA.
March 10,  2012

Minutes of GPVA Business Meeting in Fredericksburg on March 10, 2012

Locals present at meeting: Arlington, Blue Ridge, Fredericksburg, Hampton Roads, and NOVA.

I. Co-chairs report:

GPVA elected 3 of its members to Soil and Water Conservation Boards in November:

Chris Simmons: Loudoun County
Giannina Ienco: Fredericksburg City
Buck Richards: Warren County

Two other candidates for Soil and Water Conservation Board also received GPVA endorsement:

Kathy Selvage: Wise County
Juanita Sneeuwjagt: Dickenson County

Tom Yager tried to contact Greens in Lexington and Lynchburg to run as write-ins for Soil and Water Conservation Board. Some party members in Lexington expressed interest in rebuilding the Rockbridge Greens.

II..Treasurer's report:

Balance of $2,041.81 in treasury. Recent receipts of $486.86 from Rockbridge Greens and $665.60 from the national Green Party for state sharing funds; another state sharing funds check may be forthcoming. Donations also recently received. Recent expenditures of $255.72 on mailing for Presidential primary ballots.

Our domain name needs to be renewed in six months.

Request to reinstate the political action committee (PAC) to promote and directly fund candidates and possibly to pay petitioners for Presidential ballot access drive.

Tom Yager agreed to file paperwork to reinstate the PAC.

PAC could have same treasurer as operating fund but would be seperate account.

III. GPUS representatives reports:

Litle activity other than elections and EcoAction Committee mission statement.

Tom Yager, who is co-chair of the Presidential Campaign Support Committee, issued a report on the PCSC's activities. The PCSC helped Presidential candidates meet filing deadlines for primary ballots. It also is compiling information about the dates of state party Presidential preference processes, and trying to promote Presidential preference processes in states without organized Green Parties. The candidates with PCSC recognition are Jill Stein and Roseanne Barr; Kent Mesplay and Harley Mikkelson had recognition earlier in the 2012 election cycle.

IV. Local reports

Arlington Greens: Held house party for Jill Stein; raised money for her. Don Rouse taped party; will be on Green Hour. Jill Stein is halfway to primary matching funds in Virginia.

Opposed to Colombia Pike trolley, which will have huge impact on affordable housing for minority populations.

Kirit Mookerjee is chair of the County's Tenant-Landlord Commission.

Running candidate for County Board for seventh year in a row; hope to run a full slate of candidates in 2015 election.

Fredericksburg Greens: Elected Giannina Ienco to Soil and Water Conservation Board. Chris Fink looking for someone to serve as cooridinator for local.

Hampton Roads: Preservation of historical Fort Monroe and promoting recycling in Portsmout. Need to get more members involved.

NOVA Greens: Focused on party building. Updated website; need better contact information (esp. email addresses from members). Involved in Move to Amend, Moveon, and Sustainable Reston. Very active on Facebook and Twitter. Petitioning for Jill Stein.

Blue Ridge Greens: No report.

V. Suspension of Rockbridge Greens' affiliation:

Tabled; Tom annouced plans to work on reviving Rockbridge Greens.

VI. Presidential candidate speeches:

Kent Mesplay, Roseanne Barr, and Jill Stein addressed GPVA via Skype about fundraising, the focus of their campaigns, and organizing for ballot access. NOTE: Harley Mikkelson did not address state party because he has not yet filed with the Federal Elections Commission and cannot legally raise funds

VII. Report on Audrey Clement's campaign:

Audrey is running in the Arlington County Board special election on March 27. She needs poll workers on Election Day.

VIII. Building and renewing GPVA locals:

Tom Yager will follow up with Erika Wolfe from the Stein campaign about putting together a seminar on building and reviving local Green parties.

IX. Presidential petition drive:

GPVA needs to collect 10,000 valid signatures, which requires about 15,000 raw signatures, by August 24 to get ballot access for the Green Presidential nominee. An initial turn-in of 10,000 raw signatures is planned for Memorial Day.

Jill Stein and Howie Hawkins are the Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates on the petition.

John Reeder agreed to be statewide coordinator for the petition drive. So far, the District coordinators are: Jim Hurysz (CD 8), Audrey Clement (CD 10), and Joe Galdo (CD 11).

Need list of festivals (Chris Fink will compile), updated brochure about GPVA, and repaired membership link on website.

Erika Wolfe provided contact info for students at George Mason who want to petition; Tom Yager will follow up.

Tom will also follow up with contacting Don Mackler in CD 9.

X. GPVA primary results:

A total of 45 GPVA members voted in the GPVA mail and online Presidential primary. Each voter had 100 points to allocate to candidates on the ballot, to write-ins, or to None of the Above. The candidates on the ballot were Jill Stein, Roseanne Barr, Kent Mesplay, and Harley Mikkelson. Out of the total 4,500 points:

Jill Stein: 3,121.
Roseanne Barr: 553
Kent Mesplay: 234
Harley Mikkelson: 200
None of the Above: 200
Barack Obama: 140
Jello Biafra: 50
Ralph Nader: 1

GPVA has 5 delegates to the Presidential Nominating Convention. They were allocated as follows, based proportionally upon on the results of the primary:

Jill Stein: 3.5
Roseanne Barr: 0.5
Kent Mesplay: 0.5
Harley Mikkelson: 0.5

XI. Election of delegates to Presidential Nominating Convention:

There was discussion over whether the item on the agenda was to elect delegates to the Presidential Nominating Convention or to discuss the election of delegates.

Charlie Jordan: Ambiguity about wording of agenda; should delay election of delegates and send out invitation to voters in Presidential primary to be delegates.

Tom Yager read from the meeting notice sent out on February 10: "Our next state party business meeting will be on March 10 in Fredericksburg from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. At the meeting, we will announce the results of our Presidential voting process that will take place from February 20 to March 4, elect delegates to the 2012 Presidential nominating convention, and discuss our petition drive to get our Presidential candidate on the ballot."

Charlie Jordan decided to block holding the election at the meeting. The vote was 7 in favor of holding the election at the meeting, 1 against, and 2 abstentions.

An election was held by Single Transferrable Vote for delegates and alternates to the Presidential Nominating Convention. The election was announced to all GPVA listservs 31 days before the state party meeting. The following candidates were elected as delegates:

Miriam Gennari
Chris Fink
Mike Shushan
Kirit Mookerjee
Giannina Ienco

The following candidates were elected as alternates:

Charlie Jordan
Sheri Bailey

XII. Press Secretary's report:

Discussion of need for separate meetings for promoting GPVA media presence and to have regular press releases.

Miriam Gennari agreed to schedule a teleconference about media on April 15.

Minutes GPVA


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