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State Meeting

Westover Branch Library
Arlington, Virginia
October 1, 2011

Minutes of GPVA Business Meeting at the Westover Branch Library, 1644 N. McKinley Road, in Arlington, Va., October 1, 2011.

Present were: Audrey Clement, Kirit Mookerjee (afternoon only), Tamar Yager and Tom Yager (Arlington), Chris Fink and Giannina Ienco (Fredericksburg), Chris Simmons (Loudoun), Joe Galdo and Bahram Zandi (NoVA), Sherry Stanley and W. Everberger (At Large). Charlie Jordan (Blue Ridge), Daryl Northorp (NoVA) and Scott Burger (Richmond) called in to the meeting but did not participate in most of the discussion because of bad connections. Also attending in the afternoon was Jim Hurysz, campaign manager for AGP candidate Audrey Clement.

A quorum consisting of at least half of the five locals participating in the two most recent business meetings:

Arlington, Blue Ridge, Fredericksburg, Loudoun and NOVA on 6/11/11
and Arlington, Blue Ridge, Fredericksburg and NOVA on 10/9/10,

having been achieved, the meeting was called to to order.

Sherry agreed to serve as facilitator, Chris Fink as vibes watcher, Chris Simmons as timekeeper, and Audrey as note taker.


Tom motioned to move consideration of the 2012 GPVA presidential primary to the top of the agenda, and the motion carried by consensus.

Audrey motioned to move the Officer and GPUS representatives election to before lunch, and the motion was defeated on a vote of 1-8-0.

The agenda was then adopted as amended as follows:

 I. Introduction
II. Choose timekeeper, vibes watcher, facilitator, note taker
III. Ratify agenda
IV. GPVA Presidential Primary
V. Co-chairs report
VI. Press secretary's report
VII. Treasurer's report
VIII. GPUS representatives report
IX. Local reports
X. Report on current campaigns
XI. Lunch
XII. Candidate nominations and endorsements
XIII. Officer and GPUS representatives election
XIV. Discussion of building locals
XV. Discussion of recruiting candidates
XVI. Closing circle

GPVA Presidential Primary

A motion to use the same point based proportional preference voting system for the 2012 GPVA presidential primary that was used in 2004 and 2008 was adopted by consensus, with the provision that ballots be mailed only to party members, and that those individuals listed as Nader supporters in 2000 who are still on the list be excluded from the mailing.

Co-chairs Report

Audrey reported that there is little GP activity in most parts of the state, but past-GPVA Co-chair Sherry Stanley reported that she is striving to start a new local in Augusta and Rockingham Counties and that there is interest in starting a Virginia Tech local. Tom reported that he'd called thirty members around the state in counties with soil and water conservation districts (SWDs) with more seats than candidates and asked them to recruit write-in candidates. So far Giannina Ienco from Fredericksburg has agreed to run as a write-in, and is likely to win.

Treasurer's Report

Kirit said that the balance in the GPVA account is $937.75 and that the P.O. Box has been paid for through November, 2011. Chris Fink reported that the plan to auction GP memorabilia hit a snag, when Finance Committee members couldn't agree on where to hold the items to be auctioned, either with the members or in a central location.

GPUS Representatives Report

Tamar Yager mentioned that 2011 ANM in Alfred, NY was both a financial and political success insofar as the event broke even and the delegates came away committed to run a presidential candidate in 2012. The other delegates in attendance, Tom (who attended as an alternate), Bahram and Audrey, all concurred.

Local Reports

Chris Fink reported that the Fredericksburg local will be working to elect Giannina to the Fredericksburg SWD Board. 

Mike Shushan, who recently returned from a year in Qatar, reported that the Hampton Roads local has 12 members on its Facebook page, but that the local is largely inactive.Tom Palumbo is interested in running a GP candidate in CD 2 and is trying to recruit Sharon Bivens. Tom mentioned that there are open SWD board seats in Williamsburg and Chesapeake. But Mike said he lives just outside the Williamsburg city line and can't run.

Chris Simmons reported that he is running unopposed for one of three seats on the Loudoun County SWD Board, having agreed along with the other incumbents to announce his candidacy early in order to ward off competition. He mentioned that it will be hard to persuade Arlington County to form a SWD, because it lacks an agricultural base, and Fairfax County already delivers most of the services the the entity would provide. However, Arlington could ask to be absorbed into the Fairfax district.

Tamar reported that Arlington has made little progress in adopting a plastic bag/Styrofoam ban, due to the opposition of Arlington County Board.

Report on Current Campaigns

Giannina sought and obtained by consensus the endorsement of GPVA for her candidacy for Fredericksburg SWD director. She shared her bio, which includes degrees in Marine Science and Environmental Quality from the University of South Carolina. She has written regs for nuclear power plant license renewals and is currently employed as a contractor writing environmental assessments for the Airforce. She was previously employed as a contractor doing similar environmental reports for the Navy.

Chris Simmons, who was endorsed in June, said that his reelection was guaranteed once he and the other incumbents decided to announce their candidacies early.

Audrey, who was endorsed in June, said that her campaign for Arlington County Board is going full speed ahead, with 10,000 pieces of literature dropped in the month of September, a direct mailing of 5,000 pieces scheduled to go out the following week, and the purchase of 1,000 yard signs. On September 28, she seized an opportunity to address the monthly meeting of the Arlington County Republican Committee (ACRC) when the Arlington Gay and Lesbian Alliance (AGLA) canceled its candidate forum in the same building due to poor attendance. She felt the GOP crowd bristle at her firm stance on environmental issues, but she tried to mollify the ACRC with her commitment to fiscal conservatism and opposition to the aggressive development policies of the County Board, all of whose members are Democratic Party incumbents.

Officer and GPUS Representatives Election

Tom and Audrey and were elected by consensus to serve new terms as male and female Co-Chair, respectively.

  • Kirit Mookerjee was elected by consensus as Treasurer.
  • Miriam Gennari was elected in absentia by consensus as Press Secretary.

An STV election was held for four GPUS delegates.

  • Nominated were: Audrey, Bahram, Giannina, Chris Fink, Chris Simmons, Kirit and Tamar.
  • Elected were Chris Fink, Bahram, Giannina and Tamar.

Their first preference votes were as follows:

Chris Fink 5
Tamar 2
Bahram 2
Giannina 2

An STV election was held for GPUS alternate.

  • Nominated were Audrey, Chris Simmons, and Kirit Mookerjee.
  • Elected were Kirit and Chris Simmons.

Their first preference ballots were:

Kirit 7
Chris Simmons 3

In view of the fact that the GPUS NC will be reapportioned in the near future, Tom moved that GPVA alternates elected at the October 1, 2011 meeting serve until the new GPUS apportionment is ratified, and thereafter the GPVA Interim Committee will select delegates and alternates from those elected as delegate on October 1, 2011. This motion was adopted on a vote of 4-2-2.

Discussion of Building Locals

[No notes taken.]

Discussion of Recruiting Candidates

Audrey stressed the need to schedule the fall monthly meeting in September rather than October so as not to conflict with candidate events.

Kevin Chisholm, having previously announced that he is running for Senate as an independent, seeks volunteers to conduct a state wide petition drive. Joe Galdo indicated that he's interested in running for Congress.

Other Business

A proposal to endorse the protest activities in Freedom Square on October 6, 2011 was adopted by consensus.

Audrey mentioned that the membership sign up form on the GPVA website is unavailable because she suspected that GPUS web host, Cameron Spitzer, failed to copy the subdirectory containing the code to Rachel server when it was reloaded on a new hard drive after crashing during the summer. She mentioned that she has a copy of the subdirectory and was advised to send it to Andrew Ragland, the GPVA webmaster, to upload to the server. [She subsequently learned that the new member module is unavailable due to a bad symlink to the subdirectory not the absence of the subdirectory.]

Closing Circle

The meeting was adjourned with those present agreeing to schedule the next meeting tentatively for Saturday, March 10 in Fredericksburg.

Audrey Clement
Note Taker

Minutes GPVA


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