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Business Meeting

Hillwood Square Mutual Association Community House
Falls Church
, Virginia
October 9, 2010

I. Quorum Established, Agenda Approved

Quorum was maintained throughout the meeting.

Present were:

  • Candidates Kevin Chisholm and Miriam Gennari (morning only)
  • Kirit Mookerjee
  • Audrey Clement
  • Tamar Yager and Tom Yager (Arlington)
  • Charlie Jordan (Blue Ridge)
  • Chris Fink (Fredericksburg—afternoon only)
  • Jim Lowenstern (NOVA)
  • Bahram Zandi (NOVA.)

A quorum consisting of at least half of the five locals participating in the two most recent business meetings (Arlington, Blue Ridge, Hampton Roads, and Richmond on 5/22/10 and Arlington, Blue Ridge, Fredericksburg and Hampton Roads on 2/28/10) having been established, the meeting was called to order.

The previously published meeting agenda was amended and agreed to by consensus as follows:

  1. Approve agenda
  2. Choose facilitator, vibes watcher, note taker
  3. Endorsement of Miriam Gennari for Arlington County School Board and Kevin
    Chisholm for Arlington County Board
  4. Officer and delegate elections
  5. GPUS committee assignments
  6. Proposal to amend Article I of GPUS Bylaws
  7. Misuse of GPVA Logo by Independent Greens of Virginia
  8. Proposed GPVA Bylaws changes
    1. Delete Section IV of Bylaws
    2. Delete Section V.I of Bylaws
    3. Modify Section VII.A.2 of Bylaws
    4. Delete Sections XIX and XX of Bylaws; add new Section XIX
    5. Delete Sections X and XII.E of Bylaws
    6. Modify Sections XII.G and XII.M of Bylaws
    7. Add Section VIII.E to Bylaws
    8. Modify Sections XI.C and XI.D of Bylaws
    9. Modify Section XI.A of Bylaws
    10. Modify Section XI.B of Bylaws
    11. Modify Sections XV.F.2 and XV.G.5 of Bylaws
    12. Modify Section VII.C of Bylaws
    13. Add Section XV.E to Bylaws and renumber Sections XV.F-XV.H
    14. Modify Section XVIII.B.5 and XVIII.D.4 to Bylaws
    15. Modify Section XV.A and add Section XVI.D to Bylaws
  9. Adjournment

II. Choose facilitator, vibes watcher, note taker

Tom Yager agreed to facilitate the morning session and Tamar the afternoon session with Kirit as backup facilitator. Bahram agreed to serve as vibes watcher, Kirit as timekeeper, and Audrey as note taker.

III. Endorsements

Miriam Gennari and Kevin Chisholm, having previously been endorsed by the Arlington Green Party for Arlington County School Board and Arlington County Board, respectively, GPVA consensed to endorse them also.

IV. Officer and Delegate Elections

Elections were held for GPVA male and female co-chair, press secretary, and treasurer and GPUS delegate. It having been previously agreed to produce a full election report, Jim Lowenstern and Kirit Mookerjee formed an election tabulation committee. They reported the results as follows:

  • Female Co-Chair: Audrey Clement by consensus.
  • Male Co-Chair: Tom Yager elected on first ballot (6 of 7 first place votes); Charlie Jordan second.
  • Press Secretary: Sherri Bailey elected on first ballot (4 of 7 first place votes); Tamar Yager second.
  • Treasurer: Kirit Mookerjee elected on first ballot (6 of 7 first place votes); Scott Burger second.
  • GPUS Delegate: Bahram Zandi and Audrey Clement elected (Bahram 4 first place votes, Audrey 2 first); Sheri Bailey third.

The GPVA NC Delegate roster is now:

  • Audrey Clement Delegate
  • Kirit Mookerjee Delegate
  • Tamar Yager Delegate
  • Bahram Zandi Delegate
  • Sheri Bailey Alternate
  • Chris Fink Alternate

A motion by Charlie Jordan to elect two additional alternates failed on a vote of 2-3-2.

V. GPUS Committee Assignments

Consensus was achieved to vet GPVA members to GPUS committee assignments as follows:

  • Bahram for Diversity Committee and International Committee
  • Audrey for Bylaws, Rules, Policies and Procedures (BRPP) and Eco-action
  • Charlie Jordan as an observer to the Delegate Apportionment Committee (DAC)

VI. Proposal to Amend GPUS Bylaws

The membership consensed with one stand aside to adopt and forward to the GPUS Steering Committee for consideration by the NC the following proposal to amend GPUS Bylaws to provide for a party mission statement:

SPONSOR: Green Party of Virginia

CONTACT: Audrey Clement, 571-830-8889,

SUBJECT: GPUS Mission Statement


Insofar as a mission statement is critical to accomplishing an organization’s purpose and insofar as GPUS currently lacks a mission statement, GPVA proposes to amend GPUS Bylaws as follows:

Replace Article I of the Bylaws, which reads:

1. Assist in the development of State Green Parties
2. Create a legally structured national Green Party Federation]

With the following language:

1-1. Structure.
The Green Party of the United States (GPUS) is a legally structured national Green Party federation of state Green parties.

1-2. Mission.
1-2.1 The purpose of the Green Party of the United States is to transform government at all levels by electing Green Party candidates to office and engaging in other electoral and advocacy efforts, consistent with the Party’s Four Pillars of ecological wisdom, social justice, grassroots democracy and non-violence.

1-2.2 To further its mission, GPUS nominates Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates and approves a Party Platform. Through the operation of a National Committee, GPUS provides ongoing support to state Green parties.



VII. Misuse of GPVA Logo by Independent Greens of Virginia

Tamar mentioned that GPUS Secretary Holly Hart had brought to her attention the fact that a photo of Carey Campbell, leader of the Independent Greens of Virginia, appears on a Facebook page identified as the site of the Green Party of Virginia. She also mentioned that Campbell is campaigning to nominate Michael Bloomberg as the Independence Party’s 2012 presidential candidate. Since neither Campbell nor Bloomberg espouse the values of GPUS or GPVA, it was agreed to contact Carey Campbell regarding the Facebook page and direct the press secretary to issue a press release urging NYGP to disavow Bloomberg.

VIII. Proposed GPVA Bylaws Changes

Proposals to amend GPVA Bylaws were acted upon as follows:

1. It was agreed to delete Article IV. Legal Requirements for Consideration as a Political Party, on a vote of 5-0-2.

2. A motion to delete Article V. I. Political Practices was defeated on a vote of 3-3-1.

3. Article VII.A.2 was amended on a vote of 3-2-2 as follows:

“Locals shall be defined geographically.”

4. It was agreed on a vote of 3-1-3 to delete the language in Articles XIX and XX describing the composition and responsibilities of the Finance and Steering Committees and to replace Article XIX with the following:

“XIX. Standing Committees.

“A. Establishment

“The party membership may elect to establish Standing Committees as it may from time to time deem necessary to conduct party business. Existing committees shall function until such time as they are dissolved. Establishment of a committee shall be considered a major party decision.

“B. Dissolution

“The party membership may elect to dissolve a Standing Committee whose purpose has been accomplished or whose function is no longer needed. Dissolution of a committee shall be considered a major party decision.”

It was further agreed on a vote of 5-1-1 to add Section C to Article XIX as follows:

“C. Records

“The rules and archives of all GPVA standing committees shall be publicly accessible.”

5. A motion to delete Article X. Local Review and Article XII.E. Candidate Nomination and Endorsement Policy was defeated on a vote of 4-3-1.

6. A motion to change the language of Articles XII.G and M was approved on a vote of 5-1-2 as follows:

“G. No candidate will be nominated or endorsed by the GPVA if the nomination or endorsement is opposed by all of the Green Locals in the candidate's electoral district.

“M. If in a given electoral district, there are multiple candidates for a given office or if at least one but not all of the Green Locals in the district oppose a candidate, then a democratic process open to all GPVA members in that district will be used to nominate a single candidate or to not nominate any candidate. If the Locals in that district cannot agree on a democratic process in a timely fashion, then the Co-Chairs of the GPVA will conduct a ballot of GPVA members in that district.”

7. A motion to add the following language to Article VIII. Membership, was approved on a vote of 5-0-3 follows:

“E. Each GPVA member, who is registered with the state party for at least one year or is designated to party officers by his/her Local Representative or Alternate as a member in good standing of the Local, is entitled to vote on proposals presented at business meetings. At Large members who wish to exercise voting rights within the first year of joining the party shall be vetted by one of the co-chairs”

8. A motion to amend the language Article XI. Meetings and Decision Making, Sections C and D was approved on a vote of 6-0-2 as follows:

“C. Major Decisions

“1. Major decisions shall be made by consensus of those GPVA members present, or if consensus cannot be achieved, a vote of three-fifths voting members present, unless the Bylaws specify a different approval threshold for the decision at hand.

“2. Decisions of Green Locals will be considered in the process but do not directly affect consensus or voting.

“D. Minor Decisions

“Minor decisions shall be made by consensus of those GPVA members present, or if consensus cannot be achieved, a simple majority of voting members present for approval.”

9. A motion to amend the language Article XI. Meetings and Decision Making, Section A was approved on a vote of 6-1-1 as follows:

“A. Local Representation

“1. Each Local, through an inclusive democratic process shall designate a Local Representative and one or more Alternates to serve as its principal point of contact with the state party.

“2. The Local shall provide the names and contact information of the Local Representative and Alternates to GPVA Officers along with a copy or reference to published meeting minutes at which such representation was designated. Notice of changes in representation shall be submitted to the party within 31 days of the change so that the party can publish the change in a timely manner.

“3. The names and contact information of the Local Representative and Alternates shall be published to the GPVA website in a timely manner after they are received and validated by GPVA officers.

“4. The GPVA strongly encourages its locals to promote gender balance and diversity in the selection of its Local Representative and Alternates.”

10. A motion to amend the language Article XI. Meetings and Decision Making, Section B was approved on a vote of 4-1-3 as follows:

“B. Quorum

“Quorum consists of:

“1. At least one of the Chairs or the Treasurer, and

“2. A Local Representative or Alternate from each of 50% or more of the affiliated Locals.

“For the purpose of quorum-counting, officers and Local Representatives may be the same person, and one of the two co-chairs is deemed to be the Local Representative for At Large Greens.

“Locals which have no Local Representative or Alternate present and have not sent representatives to either of the two preceding business meetings of the GPVA will not be counted for purposes of the 50% quorum requirement.”

11. A motion to amend the language Article XV. Officers, Sections F-2 and G-5, was approved on a vote of 4-1-2 as follows:

“F. The duties of the Chairs shall be as follows:

“2. Schedule two in person GPVA business meetings each year, one in the spring and one in the fall, and any other meetings needed to expedite party business, whether in person or via teleconference. Arrangements for in person meetings shall be coordinated with the hosting local.

“G. The duties of the Treasurer shall be as follows:

“5. Present the annual budget for approval by GPVA no later than the beginning of the calendar year to which the budget applies.”

It was also agreed to list officer qualifications under a subsection entitled “Qualifications” and list officer “Duties” under a separate subsection entitled “Duties”.

12. A motion to amend the language Article VII. C. Disaffiliation, Sections 1, 3 and 4 and to delete Section 5, was approved on a vote of 5-0-2 as follows:

“1. The GPVA may suspend affiliation of a Green local for valid reasons by a three-fifths vote of the GPVA membership at a business meeting.

“3. Members of the affected local may submit a motion to override the suspension decision at the next GPVA business meeting at which quorum is satisfied, supplying evidence and/or arguments, but may not vote on this or any other matter.

“4. If the local’s motion to override passes according to the rules for a Major Decision, the affiliation suspension is revoked. Otherwise disaffiliation is permanent.”

13. A motion to amend the language Article XV. Officers, to add a new Section E and renumber subsequent sections was approved by consensus with 2 stand asides as follows:

“E. Officer vacancies may be filled at any business meeting of the GPVA by consensus or by a majority vote of members present or otherwise by a majority vote of the Interim Committee. Any such decision of the Interim Committee must be ratified at the next scheduled business meeting at which quorum is achieved.”

14. A motion to amend the language Article XVIII. Interim Committee, Sections B. 5 and D. 4 was approved on a vote of 5-1-1 as follows:

“B. Composition

“5. Each Local Representative is an ex officio member of the Interim Committee. In the event a Local Representative is unable to participate in an Interim Committee session, the Local or its Representative may designate an Alternate to participate in his/her absence, unless another Local member has been so designated.

“D. Decision Making

“4. If consensus is not achievable, then the decision making rules for major and minor party decisions outlined in XI.C and XI.D shall apply.”

15. A motion to amend the language Article XV. Officers, by changing Section A under Qualifications and adding a new section under Duties was approved on a vote of 5-1-1 as follows:
“A. The Green Party of Virginia shall establish the following positions ("Officers"): two equal positions of Chair, one woman and one man, a Treasurer, a Press Secretary, and a Webmaster.

“H. The duties of the GPVA Webmaster shall be as follows:

“1. Develop and maintain the GPVA website, including but not limited to: posting GPVA meeting agendas and minutes; bylaw and platform updates; newsletters; committee rosters; and officer contact information.

“2. Maintain GPVA listservs.”

IX. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned without scheduling a date for the next meeting.


Minutes GPVA


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