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State Meeting

Central Rappahannock Regional Library - Main Branch
Fredericksburg, Virginia
November 14, 2009


Audrey Clement, Kirit Mookerjee, Tamar Yager and Tom Yager (Arlington),
Joey Borda, Charlie Jordan (Blue Ridge),
James Blythe (morning only) and Chris Fink, (Fredericksburg),
Jim Lowenstern (NoVA),
Mike Shushan (Virginia Beach-afternoon only).

A quorum consisting of at least half of the five locals participating in the two most recent business meetings (Arlington, Blue Ridge, Fredericksburg, Loudoun and NoVA on 5/30/09 and Arlington, Blue Ridge and NoVA on 9/12/09) having been established, the meeting was called to order.


The previously published meeting agenda was amended and announced as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Selection of facilitator, vibeswatcher, timekeeper, note taker
  • Approval of agenda
  • Discussion of recent GPVA campaigns
  • Discussion of fundraising
  • Discussion of building new locals
  • Discussion of candidate recruitment
  • Lunch
  • Proposal to revise decision of Interim Committee on Central Committee members
  • Bylaws amendments
  • Co-chairs report
  • Treasurer's report
  • Press Secretary's report
  • GPUS delegates report
  • Other business
  • Adjournment

    Tom Yager agreed to serve as facilitator, James Blythe as timekeeper, Kirit Mookerjee as vibes watcher and Audrey Clement as note taker.

    Discussion Of Recent GPVA Campaigns.

    Audrey Clement reported that John Reeder made a strong showing in his campaign for Arlington County Board, having garnered 32 percent of the vote in a two way race, and GPVA is seeking other candidates for local office around the state in 2010 to maintain the party's momentum.

    A motion by James Blythe directing himself to research and circulate via the GPVA Business listserv a proposal to establish a state party PAC for adoption at the next quarterly business meeting was adopted by consensus.

    Discussion of Fundraising.

    James Blythe reported on the activities of the GPVA Finance Committee the previous year as follows:

  • a.. A fundraising appeal conducted by snail mail and email was a wash, having cost $361 and raised about $500.
  • b.. The committee recommended charging dues via a $25 annual membership card.
  • c.. GPVA set up a credit card processor via a link to PayPal from the GPVA website. Kirit reported that $61.25 in PayPal donations have been received to date.
  • d.. The committee recommended selling merchandise.
  • e.. The committee approved selling donated Green Party memorabilia via Chris Fink's Ebay account, but nothing has been offered for sale as yet.

    James Blythe said he intends to call another meeting of the Finance Committee in Fredericksburg in December to discuss party fundraising options. Tamar Yager said that in general selling merchandise isn't profitable, but it is a good outreach tool. The only successful fundraising tool in the present economic climate is telemarketing.

    Tamar recommended that GPVA collaborate with the DC Green Party and the Maryland Greens to conduct a regional fundraising event tentatively agreed to at the GPUS ANM in Raleigh in July, 2009. The draw is a cook-off to be conducted by party leaders Kat Swift, Pat LaMarche and Jesse Johnson, who "auctioned" the use of their culinary talents to Tom and Tamar Yager for $400. Jesse Johnson has also offered to show "Coal Country". Tamar indicated that she is negotiating with the DC Greens to set up a venue for the event near a Metro station.

    Tom Yager mentioned that last year's presidential petition drive brought in $400 from Greens throughout the state who were unable to petition but offered to contribute instead. He also mentioned that he has contacted a prospective newsletter editor from Virginia Beach.

    Discussion of Building New Locals.

    General dissatisfaction was expressed at the fact that the same people show up at quarterly business meetings and what to do about it--from promoting events to direct action. Chris Fink reported that he has organized the Mary Washington University campus twice and each time it's like reinventing the wheel due to student turnover.

    Discussion Of Candidate Recruitment.

    Tom Yager presented evidence that the major parties are weak in some parts of the state, e.g. a lot of local elective offices are held by independents. The weakness of the major parties at the county level represents opportunities for Greens. He also reported that in 2010 the only elections scheduled are for Congress, and town and city council elections in May and November. GPVA needs to recruit candidates for these offices in order to groom candidates for state delegate in the future.

    Proposal To Revise Decision Of Interim Committee On Central Committee Members.

    Joey Borda moved to revise the slate of Central Committee members approved by the Interim Committee in September, 2009, replacing Jana Cutlip with himself in CD 5 and Scott Burger with Sheri Bailey in CD 3. The motion was adopted by consensus.

    Bylaws Amendments.

    Joey Borda offered a proposal to amend GPVA Bylaws to create two chair-elect positions limited to non-successive terms and hold annual elections for those positions in lieu of co-chair elections. Charlie Jordan moved to send the proposal to the Structural Reform Committee with instructions to report its recommendations within forty-five days of the next business meeting. The motion was adopted by consensus.

    Tom Yager proposed to amend GPVA Bylaws to strike Section XIV.B, which limits platform revisions to odd numbered years. It was agreed by consensus to refer the proposal to the Structural Reform Committee.

    Co-Chairs Report.

    Audrey reiterated her happiness with John Reeder's strong showing the Arlington County Board race and wants to extend the effort statewide.

    Treasurer's Report.

    Kirit Mookerjee indicated that the balance in the GPVA account is $1,159 and that $50 is needed to pay for the GPVA P.O. box. GPVA webmaster Chris Fink recommended that the party send a $60 contribution to the Green Internet Society to cover the cost of maintaining the state and several local party listservs.

    James Blythe indicated that a meeting of the GPVA Finance Committee has been scheduled for the 2nd weekend in December at the Fredericksburg Central Library.

    GPUS Delegates Report.

    GPUS Delegate Mike Rosenberg reported that a proposal to split the GPUS votes listserv into separate votes and business listservs was recently defeated. Kirit Mookerjee requested that Mike report to the GPVA Discussion list on pending proposals before the GPUS NC. Kirit also mentioned that party members are entitled to observe bi-weekly GPUS Steering Committee teleconferences.

    Local Reports.

    Tom Yager reported that the vote tally reported on the Arlington County Board website for GPVA HOD candidate Josh Ruebner was inaccurate in at least one precinct. He also reported that the Arlington Firefighters Union has launched a petition drive to replace the county's form of government to a district system.

    Mike Rosenberg reported that a Democratic activist on the Eastern Shore wants to run someone against recently elected Congressman Glenn Nye in CD2 because of dissatisfaction on his vote against Obama's health care reform bill. Rosenberg plans to meet with a prospective candidate in early December.


    The meeting adjourned with no date set for the next meeting but Harrisonburg as the prospective venue.

    Submitted by Audrey Clement, Note-Taker
    Green Party of Virginia

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