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State Meeting

William Byrd Community House
Richmond, Virginia
September 12, 2009


Audrey Clement, Kirit Mookerjee (morning only) Tamar Yager and Tom Yager (Arlington)
Joey Borda, Charlie Jordan (Blue Ridge)
Jim Lowenstern (NoVA).

A quorum consisting of at least half of the six locals participating in the two most recent business meetings (Arlington, Blue Ridge and Virginia Beach on 3/28/09 and Arlington, Blue Ridge, Fredericksburg, Loudoun and NoVA on 5/30/09) having been established, the meeting was called to order.


The previously published meeting agenda was amended and announced as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Select facilitator, vibeswatcher, timekeeper, note taker
  • Approval of agenda
  • Co-chairs report
  • GPUS representatives report
  • Treasurer and Finance Committee reports
  • GPVA elections
  • GPUS delegate elections
  • Lunch break
  • Election campaigns
  • Candidate recruitment proposal
  • Other business
  • Adjournment

    Tom Yager agreed to serve as facilitator, Kirit Mookerjee as timekeeper, Joey Borda as vibes watcher and Audrey Clement as note taker.

    Co-Chairs Report.

    Tom Yager related that while Audrey and he had filed the paperwork to get state delegate candidate Josh Ruebner the Green Party ballot designation before the June 15 deadline, SBE challenged the list of Central Committee members they had submitted. As a result, Tom spent a few very tense days verifying and updating the Central Committee list, which was ultimately accepted by SBE. It was agreed by consensus with one stand aside to recommend that the co-chairs review the list of Central Committee members once a year before the primary to verify address information and members' willingness to serve.

    GPUS Delegates Report.

    Tom Yager reported that Chris Fink, Tamar Yager and himself had attended the 2009 GPUS Annual National Meeting (ANM) in Durham, NC. Although quorum was not met, the ANM Committee considered it a success, having netted revenue of $8,000 with 21 new or upgraded sustainers. There were also a number of well attended workshops. As part of a fundraising event at the meeting, Pat LaMarche, Kat Swift and Jesse Johnson agreed to offer their culinary skills to prepare a fundraising dinner to be hosted by Tom and Tamar Yager at a future date. Tamar reported that the positive energy of the ANM revived the North Carolina Green Party. She also indicated that Detroit is the likely venue of the next ANM.

    Treasurer and Finance Committee Reports.

    Kirit Mookerjee indicated that the current balance in the GPVA bank account is $1109.75 after donations of about $200 for the past six months and a lump payment of $900 to the Yagers for their petitioning expenses in 2008.

    On behalf of the Finance Committee Kirit reported that:

  • The party can legally use Chris Fink's Ebay account to sell party memorabilia;
  • .
  • As a result of a straw poll taken on establishment of quarterly dues, the Finance Committee recommends quarterly dues at $50 per local with a reduction in the amount of dues for in kind contributions.
  • .
  • Chris Fink endorses a proposal by Andrew Moore for GPVA to join Green Drinks.

  • Those in attendance agreed by consensus to a proposal by Jim Lowenstern that GPVA offer to put the Green Drinks link on its webpage.

    Tamar Yager reported that Empower Telefundraising currently has no window of time to conduct a test fundraising appeal on behalf of GPVA. As newsletter editor, she also proposed an online state party newsletter in lieu of a printed one.

    GPVA Elections.

    Tom Yager, Josh Ruebner and Kirit Mookerjee were re-elected male co-chair, press secretary and treasurer, respectively, in IRV votes. Audrey Clement was reelected female co-chair by consensus.

    GPUS Delegate Elections.

    Mike Rosenberg was reelected delegate and Audrey Clement elected delegate by consensus. Kirit Mookerjee and Chris Fink were elected alternates by consensus with one stand aside from Charlie Jordan, who lobbied for gender parity among GPUS delegates and alternates.

    Election Campaigns.

    Tom Yager reported that John Reeder is in a two way race for Arlington County Board, and Josh Ruebner is in a three way race for State Delegate, District 47. He also mentioned that Chris Fink's jazz band will perform at a joint John/Josh campaign fundraiser to be held on Friday, October 23.

    Candidate Recruitment Proposal.

    Tom Yager advised that the candidate recruitment proposal has been remanded to the Interim Committee. So the proposal has been tabled.

    Other Business.

    Jim Lowenstern wants to locate several editions of the GPVA newsletter that are missing from the online archive, and he volunteered to form a newsletter subcommittee for the purpose.

    Joey Borda complained that it recently took six days for his application to re-subscribe to the GPVA listserv under a new email address to be approved. Audrey offered to discuss the matter with Chris Fink, the GPVA volunteer webmaster and asked whether Joey would volunteer his services to assist Fink. Joey responded in the affirmative.

    To a question by Charlie Jordan whether GPVA intends to offer any advice to the voters in this year's statewide election, Audrey Clement recommended no gubernatorial endorsement, as neither major party serves GPVA's interest.


    The meeting adjourned with a tentative date of November 14 set for the next meeting in Harrisonburg, Va.

    Submitted by Audrey Clement, Note-Taker
    Green Party of Virginia

    Minutes GPVA


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