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State Meeting

Jefferson-Madison Public Library
Charlottesville, Virginia
September 6, 2008

In attendance were: Audrey Clement, Josh Ruebner, Tamar and Tom Yager (Arlington), Charlie Jordan (Blue Ridge) Chris Fink and Anna Yeisley (Fredericksburg), Chris Simmons (Loudoun). Participating via teleconference were: Kirit Mookerjee (Arlington), Paul Hughes (Northern Virginia), Scott Burger (Richmond), and Mike Rosenberg (Virginia Beach)

Tom Yager, Audrey Clement and Chris Simmons agreed to serve as facilitator, note taker, and timekeeper respectively.

The first item of business was to approve the agenda:

1. Meet and greet, selection of timekeeper, vibes watcher and note taker, approval of agenda.

2. Old Business: Election/Appointment of Committee Co-chairs (Finance, IT, Platform, Steering, Structural Reform).

3. New Business: Election of GPVA Officers and Delegates. Approval of Proposal to Amend GPVA Bylaws to Modify Quorum Requirement for Approving IC Decisions.

4. Lunch.

5. Endorsements for 2008 General Election.

6. Determination of Status of Inactive Locals-Including Identification of Officers (as Defined by GPVA Bylaws).

7. Reports: Locals Officers/Committee Chairs GPUS Delegates

8. Adjournment.

 Josh Ruebner moved to amend the agenda to add the following items: .

Discussion of Media and Outreach Plans to Publicize Cynthia McKinney's Campaign For President. .

Discussion Of 2009 GPVA's Plan For Fielding Candidates In The 2009 Election.

The motion passed on a vote of 9-2-1.

Charlie Jordan motioned to change the order of the day to conduct officer elections first, followed by election of committee co-chairs. The motion was adopted by consensus.

Election of GPVA Officers and Delegates.

Nominations were taken for male and female co-chairs. Tom Yager was elected male co-chair and Audrey Clement female co-chair.

Nominations were then taken for GPUS delegates, it having been agreed by consensus that two delegates and two alternates would be selected among the highest vote getters. Chris Fink and Mike Rosenberg were elected as delegates, and Audrey Clement and Anna Yeisley as alternates.

Josh Ruebner was elected Press Secretary and Kirit Mookerjee Treasurer.

Election/Appointment of Committee Co-chairs.

A motion to defer the election of committee co-chairs and appoint committee conveners instead was adopted by consensus. A motion to postpone appointment of Platform Committee convener failed on a vote of 1-6-1.

Co-conveners were then recruited for the following committees:

Finance                  Jim Blythe

IT                          Chris Fink

Local Organizing    Josh Ruebner

Platform                 Anna Yeisley and Scott Burger

Steering                  Tom Yager

Structural Reform    Audrey Clement and Charlie Jordan

Members were recruited for these committees as follows:

 IT : Audrey Clement and Charlie Jordan

Local Organizing : Anna Yeisley

A motion by Josh Ruebner to approve appointment of recruited co-conveners as a bloc was agreed to by consensus. The list of conveners was then agreed to by consensus. The meeting also consensed to direct conveners to report to GPVA on their committees' membership and activities by the day before Thanksgiving, 2008.

A vote to approve Audrey Clement for reappointment to the GPUS Bylaws, Rules, Policies and Procedures Committee (BRPP) as a non-delegate was approved on a vote of 10-1-0.

Approval of Proposal to Amend GPVA Bylaws.

A vote to amend GPVA Bylaws to reduce the quorum requirement for Interim Committee (IC) decisions was adopted on a vote of 8-2-1.

Section XX.D of GPVA Bylaws now reads:

D. Decision Making.

        1. A quorum of the Interim Committee for conducting business shall be the same as that required for GPVA major decisions.

        2. The Interim Committee shall strive for consensus in all of its decisions.

        3. If consensus is not achievable, then approval by three-fifths of Interim Committee members participating in the vote for the resolution shall affirm a decision.

        4. All decisions of the interim committee are subject to revision by the GPVA at any scheduled meeting.

Endorsements for 2008 General Election.

John Reeder, having been endorsed as the GPVA candidate for Arlington County Board at the May 10, 2008 quarterly business meeting, no other endorsements for the 2008 General Election were considered.


Local committee reports were heard from representatives of the following locals: Arlington, Blue Ridge, Fredericksburg, Loudoun, Richmond

Reports were also heard from the newsletter editor, treasurer and female co-chair.

Determination of Status of Inactive Locals.

Chris Fink surveyed the locals to determine the identities of current local representatives and treasurers. The information gathered at the meeting is listed as follows:

                         Local Contact                           Treasurer

Arlington           Kirit Mookerjee                        Dana Thompson

Blue Ridge        Patrick Davenport                     Unknown

CVG                Jana Cutlip                                Unknown

Fredericksburg Chris Fink                                 Chris Fink

Loudoun           Chris Simmons                         Chris Simmons

NRV                 Don Mackler                           Unknown

NOVA              Jim Lowenstern                       Unknown

Richmond          Scott Burger                           Unknown

Rockbridge       Eric Sheffield                           Unknown

Va. Beach         Mike Rosenberg                     Unknown

A motion to refer the determination of the status of inactive locals to the Local Organizing Committee was adopted by consensus.

Media and Outreach Plans and 2009 Election.

Josh Ruebner presented both a media plan and an outreach plan to promote the McKinney/Clemente presidential ticket. He also initiated a general discussion of the need to recruit candidates for the 2009 election.


The meeting was adjourned without scheduling the next GPVA meeting.

Minutes GPVA


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