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State Meeting

Fredericksburg, Virginia
May 10, 2008

Initially in attendance were: Audrey Clement, Tamar and Tom Yager (Arlington), Chris Fink (Fredericksburg), and Mike Rosenberg (Virginia Beach). Also in attendance was Craig Thorsen, who serves as GPVA presidential candidate Jesse Johnson's liaison to GPVA. Arriving at the meeting later were: Kirit Mookerjee (Arlington), Charlie Jordan (Blue Ridge), Carol Kramer and Anna Yeisley (Fredericksburg), Paul Hughes (NoVA), and Rain Burroughs (Richmond).

Officers and representatives from half the number of locals participating in the two previous business meetings being present, quorum was met, and the meeting was called to order.

The first item of business was to approve the agenda modified as follows:

  1. Meet and greet, selection of timekeeper, vibes watcher and note taker, approval of agenda.
  2. Report of results of GPVA presidential preference primary by delegation selection coordinator.
  3. Nomination/election of delegates to GPUS presidential nominating convention (PNC).
  4. Election/appointment of committee co-chairs (Finance, IT, Platform,Steering, Structural Reform).
  5. Meet and greet with Lawrence Gaughan, who seeks the GPVA nomination for Congress from CD 5.
  6. Lunch.
  7. Formal recognition of any new Central Committee members.
  8. Reconsideration of proposal to release GPVA member list to GPUS presidential candidates.
  9. Reports:
    1. Ad Hoc GPVA Presidential Candidate Petitioning Committee
    2. Locals
    3. Officers/committee chairs
    4. GPUS delegates
  10. Notification of upcoming proposal to amend GPVA bylaws to modify quorum requirement for approving IC decisions.
  11. Reimbursement of expenses incurred on behalf of GPVA presidential candidate ballot access effort.
  12. Adjournment.

Approval of Agenda.

The agenda was approved by consensus. The minutes reflect the order in which agenda items were actually considered.

Tamar Yager and Chris Fink agreed to share duties as facilitator. Audrey Clement was the note taker, Tom Yager the timekeeper, and Craig Thorsen the vibes watcher.

Results of GPVA Presidential Preference Primary.

Mike Rosenberg, a new member, reported that he had not received a ballot due to the fact that he had been unable to add himself to the membership mailing list via GPVA's online membership form. So it was agreed by consensus to allow him to vote at the meeting.

Chris Fink reported that 88 out of 89 valid ballots were counted each with a weight of 100 points and were allocated proportionately among the listed candidates and write-ins as follows:
Kat Swift826
Ken Mesplay540
Ralph Nader2897
Jesse Johnson1158
Cynthia McKinney 1934
NOTA 900
Barack Obama 445
Michael Bloomberg 100
Total 8800

The results were used to apportion GPVA's eight delegates by full votes and half votes as follows:
Full Votes:Half votes
Kat Swift 1 1
Ken Mesplay 0 1
Ralph Nader 3 5
Jesse Johnson 1 2
Cynthia McKinney 2 4
NOTA 1 2
Barack Obama 0 1
Michael Bloomberg 0 0

Election of delegates to GPUS presidential nominating convention (PNC).

An STV election was conducted for delegates to the PNC, tabulated using open source STV software, and reported later as follows in order of level of approval:
Delegate 1Tom Yager
Delegate 2Chris Fink
Delegate 3Audrey Clement
Delegate 4Tamar Yager
Delegate 5Josh Ruebner
Delegate 6Kirit Mookerjee
Delegate 7Mike Rosenberg
Delegate 8Anna Yeisley
Alternate1Jana Cutlip
Alternate2Jim Lowenstern
Alternate3Joel Brown
Alternate4Charlie Jordan
Alternate5Scott Burger
Alternate6Rain Burroughs

Chris Fink reported advice he had previously posted to the GPVA website that delegates to the PNC are bound to cast their votes for the GPUS presidential nominee through all rounds in proportion to the preferences of GPVA members, as reflected in the tally of the GPVA presidential primary.

Audrey Clement motioned to release delegates to vote their conscience after the first round. Kirit Mookerjee offered to amend the proposal to instruct the delegation to make a good faith effort to cast further votes in proportion to the preferences of the membership. The proposal as amended was defeated on a vote of 4-6. Paul Hughes then motioned to allow delegates to vote as they see fit after the first round. The motion was defeated on a vote of 3-7. Tamar Yager then motioned to bind the delegation to the preferences of the membership as reflected in the votes cast in the preference primary to the maximum extent possible. The motion failed on a vote of 5-5.

Election/Appointment of Committee Co-Chairs.

No nominations for committee co-chairs having been received, it was agreed to table the nomination of co-chairs due to other pressing business.

Recognition of New Central Committee Members.

It was agreed by consensus to appoint Mike Rosenberg and Eddie Dowe as acting Central Committee members from CDs 1 and 2, respectively until such time as the IC approves a new Central Committee.

Meet and Greet with Lawrence Gaughan.

Lawrence Gaughan, a candidate for Congress from CD 5, teleconferenced with the group via speaker phone. A long time resident of Charlottesville, Gaughan reported that he has just joined the party and indicated that he is seeking the GPVA nomination. After providing his bio and answering questions posed by the group, a vote was taken on the nomination, which failed by a vote of 2-4-3-1. Paul Hughes then motioned to authorize the co-chairs to encourage Gaughan to seek a later GPVA endorsement by qualifying as an independent candidate and assisting GPVA in obtaining 1,000 signatures for its presidential ballot access effort. Mike Rosenberg motioned to amend the proposal by replacing the word "endorsement" with "nomination". The amendment failed on a vote of 4-4-2. The main motion succeeded on a vote of 9-1.

Reconsideration of Proposal to Release GPVA Member List.

The co-chairs reintroduced a motion previously defeated by the Interim Committee to share the GPVA membership database with the GPUS recognized presidential candidates. The motion as amended was adopted on a vote of 9-1-1. The adopted proposal reads as follows:

The GPVA shall release its membership list to GPUS-recognized 2008 Green presidential and vice-presidential candidates upon request, subject to the following provisions:

  1. The list shall be provided under revocable license.
  2. The same offer on the same terms shall be available to candidates for vice-president.
  3. Licensing of the list by GPVA shall be considered a contribution with monetary value.
  4. Those receiving the list shall agree to provide GPVA with any corrections and updates they encounter for as long as they use the list.
  5. The information shall only be disseminated with the Green Party, except for companies certified by NCOA to provide address validation services.
  6. Unsolicited fund raising appeals from each candidate in a single month shall not exceed 60 kilobytes of e-mail, one completed telephone call, and three land-line telephone messages per contact. Candidates are also allowed to send up to five pieces of fund raising mail per month.
  7. The names of only those contacts that are legitimate GPVA members will be disseminated.
  8. The following fields will be stripped away before distribution: Nader, Announce, Newslet, Skil1, Skill2, Skill3, Comment.


Kirit Mookerjee provided the treasurer's report. He indicated that there is $1,730 in the GPVA account, including state sharing funds disbursed by GPUS Treasurer Jody Grage.

GPVA press secretary Rain Burroughs promised to publish a press release reporting the progress of the presidential petitioning effort.

Newsletter editor Tamar Yager reported that no newsletter is currently planned due to financial constraints.

Tom Yager provided the report of the Ad Hoc Presidential Candidate Petitioning Committee. He indicated that 3,000 signatures have been collected thus far and that the GPUS Ballot Access Committee has approved a grant of $2,500 to assist in the ballot access effort, including $2,000 for Rain Burroughs to petition on behalf of the candidate at $1.00 per signature. The remaining $500 would be employed to reimburse petition related expenses.

Chris Fink reported that as co-chair he had he solicited names of members interested in chairing GPVA committees and had received no response.

Local organizing committee chair Tom Yager reported that he was trying to recruit someone to run for Arlington County School Board and Lexington County Council. He announced that Scott Burger is running for Richmond City Council and John Reeder for Arlington County Board. Don Langrehr recently won a seat on Blacksburg Town Council. He was the only one of three incumbents who won reelection. Sherri Bailey lost her seat on Portsmouth School Board.

Charlie Jordan reported that he had resigned as contact of the Blue Ridge local in favor of Patrick Davenport as contact and Joey Borda as acting contact. He remains representative of the local.

The Fredericksburg local reported that it had:

  • hosted a pair of movie nights open to the public, for the purposes of increasing membership;
  • hosted a 1st District petitioning drive kickoff meeting on 4/20/08;
  • worked with the Virginia Organizing Project (VOP) on the issue of payday lending practices, and visited with state representatives in Richmond on the issue.

Paul Hughes reported that the NOVA local is participating in a campaign to close the Mirant power plant in Alexandria and the effort to make Reston an incorporated city within Fairfax County.

Tamar Yager reported that Kirit Mookerjee has been appointed to the Arlington County landlord/tenant commission. She reported that as a result of vocal opposition from Josh Ruebner to a parking decal featuring a quote from Robert E. Lee, Arlington County has agreed that to allow citizens to substitute another one.

Chris Fink volunteered to request that the Virginia Beach and Loudoun locals notify GPVA of its officers.

Proposal to Amend GPVA Bylaws to Modify Quorum Requirement for Approving Interim Committee Decisions.

Audrey Clement read the proposal in anticipation of its adoption at the next business meeting as follows:

GPVA hereby modifies Section XX.D of GPVA Bylaws, which reads:

D. Decision Making.
1. A quorum of the Interim Committee for conducting business shall be the same as that required for GPVA major decisions.
2. The Interim Committee shall strive for consensus in all of its decisions.
3. If consensus is not achievable,then approval by three-fifths of Interim Committee members shall affirm a decision.
4. All decisions of the interim committee are subject to revision by the GPVA at any scheduled meeting.

to read:

D. Decision Making.
1. A quorum of the Interim Committee for conducting business shall be the same as that required for GPVA major decisions.
2. The Interim Committee shall strive for consensus in all of its decisions.
3. If consensus is not achievable,then approval by three-fifths of Interim Committee members PARTICIPATING IN THE VOTE FOR THE RESOLUTION shall affirm a decision.
4. All decisions of the interim committee are subject to revision by the GPVA at any scheduled meeting.

Reimbursement of GPVA Ballot Access Expenses.

A motion permitting the GPVA petition coordinator and at least one GPVA co-chair to authorize requested reimbursements for expenses incurred on behalf of the GPVA presidential candidate ballot access petition drive was adopted on a vote of 8-1-1.


It was agreed by consensus to schedule the next quarterly business meeting on Saturday, August 9, 2008 in Danville.

Minutes GPVA


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