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State Meeting

December 30, 2007

In attendance were: Audrey Clement, Kirit Mookerjee, Tamar and Tom Yager (Arlington/Courthouse); Charlie Jordan (Blue Ridge); Sheri Bailey, Dena Cottle, Rick Johnson (Hampton Roads); Rain Burroughs (Richmond).

A quorum of four out of five recently participating locals having been achieved with GPVA officers in attendance, the meeting was called to order. The facilitator, note taker and vibes watcher were: Rick Johnson, Audrey Clement, and Kirit Mookerjee, respectively.

The first item of business was the agenda, which was approved with modifications as follows:

  • Old Business.
    • Approval of candidates to appear on GPVA's presidential nominating petitions for 2008.
    • Selection of site for GPUS regional presidential candidates forum.
  • New Business.
    • Instructions for facilitating access to completed presidential nominating petitions.
    • Statewide petitioning strategy.
    • Selection of a GPUS Alternate to replace Tamar Yager.
    • Sponsorship of GPGA proposal to apportion 2008 PNC delegation.
    • Publication of next edition of GPVA newsletter.
    • Conduct of GPVA presidential preference primary election.
    • Scheduling of next GPVA quarterly business meeting.

Approval of candidates to appear on GPVA's presidential nominating petitions for 2008.

The slate of presidential electors to appear on the Petition of Qualified Voters For Electors For President and Vice President for 2008 was agreed to by consensus as follows:
CD Elector
1 Christopher Fink
2 Dena Cottle
3 Rain Burroughs
4 Richard Miller
5 Jana Cutlip
6 Daniel Metraus
7 John Gallini
8 Kirit Mookerjee
9 Clifford Barry Anderson
10 Patrick Davenport
11 Paul Hughes
At Large James Lowenstern
At Large Tamar Yager

Later the GPVA stand-in candidates for President and Vice President, whose names will also appear on the petition were agreed to by a vote of 8-2-1 as follows: President Jared Ball Vice President Sheri Bailey

Charlie Jordan requested that the note taker record the following comment to his dissenting vote:

"Although I have no qualms about supporting all other candidates on the slate, I do not believe it is in the interest of GPVA to nominate a candidate anticipating that he/she will later formally withdraw from the race."

Selection of site forGPUS regional presidential candidates forum.

Tamar Yager reported that two presidential candidates have already agreed to participate in the presidential candidates forum to be held in Northern Va. on February 2, 2008 at 10:00 a.m. They are: Ken Mesplay and Jesse Johnson.Jared Ball and Kat Swift may also attend. Rick Johnson has been exchanging emails with Ralph Nader's campaign manager and and thinks Nader may be interested in attending. Tamar reported that she has not yet identified a venue for the presidential forum.

Instructions for facilitating access to completed presidential nominating petitions.

Audrey indicated that she has been advised by other GPVA members on the importance of preparing one accurate nominating petition form accessible to anyone who wants to carry a GPVA presidential nominating petition in the state. To that end, she agreed to forward to Dena Cottle the final slate of electors and presidential and vice presidential candidates. Dena will use Adobe Acrobat Distiller to insert the candidate names into the nominating petition form downloaded from the SBE website. Dena will then forward the edited PDF file to Rick Johnson, who will post it for download in a conspicuous location on the GPVA website. Audrey agreed to mail hardcopies of the petition form to local contacts, and subscribers to the the GPVA Business and Discussion listservs.

Statewide petitioning strategy.

Tom Yager reiterated his willingness to serve as statewide petitioning coordinator, and Rain Burroughs agreed to serve as statewide co-coordinator.

Rick Johnson also indicated the need for CD level petitioning coordinators and proposed the formation of an Ad Hoc Petitioning Committee to oversee the petitioning effort. He offered to reactivate the GPVA Activism listserv to facilitate committee business.

The following persons agreed to serve on the Ad Hoc Petitioning Committee: Rain Burroughs, Audrey Clement, Dena Cottle, Rick Johnson, Charlie Jordan, Kirit Mookerjee, and Tom Yager. Rick Johnson agreed to automatically subscribe committee members to the Activism listserv. Tom Yager proposed that the petitioning effort be completed before the 2008 PNC in Chicago to allow time to verify and correct the petitions submitted to SBE.

Selection of a GPUS Alternate to replace Tamar Yager.

It was agreed by consensus to hold an Interim Committee election to replace Tamar Yager, who is stepping down as GPUS Alternate Delegate to assume the paid position of GPUS Fundraiser. Rick Johnson agreed to facilitate the election.

Sponsorship of GPGA proposal to apportion 2008 PNC delegation.

Audrey advised that GPGA requested that GPVA sponsor its proposal to apportion the 2008 PNC, which is a competing proposal to one already adopted by GPVA now under consideration by the GPUS National Committee.The proposal to sponsor the GPGA proposal was defeated on a vote of 4-3, Dena Cottle and Sheri Bailey having left the call.

Publication of next edition of GPVA newsletter.

Tom Yager stressed the need to publish a newsletter both to advertise the GPUS regional presidential candidates forum and to distribute copies of the GPVA presidential nominating petition. After some discussion of the form and method of distribution of the newsletter, Tom agreed to discuss the matter with newsletter editor Chris Fink and report back to the membership.

Conduct of GPVA presidential preference primary election.

Since Chris Fink, who wrote the software that was used to conduct the GPVA 2004 presidential preference primary, had not joined the call, it was agreed that Tom Yager should contact Fink regarding the scheduling of the 2008 presidential preference primary and report back to the membership.

Scheduling of next GPVA quarterly business meeting.

The next quarterly business meeting of GPVA was scheduled for Saturday, February 2, immediately following the GPUS presidential candidates forum scheduled on that date.

Minutes GPVA


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