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State Meeting

November 18, 2007

In attendance were: Audrey Clement, Kirit Mookerjee, Tamar and Tom Yager (Arlington/Courthouse), Charlie Jordan (Blue Ridge), Rick Johnson and Dena Cottle (Hampton Roads), Paul Hughes (NoVA), Rain Burroughs (Richmond). Kirit Mookerjee left the call and returned several times. Dena Cottle joined late.

Rick Johnson agreed to serve as facilitator, Audrey Clement as note taker.

A quorum consisting of representatives from five out of six recently participating locals announcing themselves present, the meeting was called to order.

The first item of business was to propose and approve the agenda, as follows:

  • Request by Audrey Clement for approval to join the GPUS Eco-Action Committee.
  • Motion to forward to GPUS Secretary a proposal to provide a formula to apportion the state delegations to the 2008 GPUS National Convention.
  • Motion to set a date in early 2008 for a regional presidential candidates' forum in Northern Va.
  • Motion to approve stand-in presidential and vice presidential candidates whose names will appear on GPVA presidential nominating petitions in Janaury, 2008.
  • Discussion of the method of implementation of GPVA membership presidential preference primary.
  • Motion to amend GPVA Bylaws to reduce the decision making majorities (consens quorums) throughout from three quarters (3/4) to three fifths (3/5).
  • Set the date and time of the next GPVA business meeting.

No objections having been heard to this agenda, the meeting proceeded as follows:

Audrey Clement's request for approval to join the GPUS Eco-Action Committee was approved by consensus.

Tamar Yager, Tom Yager and Audrey Clement provided background on the ongoing debate on the proposed apportionment of state delegations to the 2008 GPUS presidential nominating convention (PNC), indicating that there was considerable controversy on a California-Washington proposal that was likely to fail on a vote that night. Tamar indicated that she had received positive feedback among other NC delegates on a substitute that she wants GPVA to cosponsor along with Illinois Green Party (ILGP) that would use the existing NC apportionment formula with a multiplier to bring the size of the convention delegation to 800. It was agreed by consensus that GPVA would introduce the proposal for deliberation by the NC.

Tamar Yager proposed to set the date for a regional presidential candidates' forum for February 2, 2008 at 10:00 a.m. at a site in Northern Va. to be determined at a later date. She also proposed that following the forum, GPVA convene a quarterly business meeting. The date and time of the forum was agreed to by consensus. Convening of the business meeting was agreed to on a vote of 5/1/1, Kirit Mookerjee having temporarily dropped off the call and Dena Cottle having not yet dialed in.

Tom Yager informed the group that Jared Ball (DC) and Kat Swift (TX) had agreed to be placed on GPVA presidential nominating petitions as stand-in candidates for President and Vice President, respectively. However, it was agreed by consensus-after Kirit rejoined the call--to postpone approval of the stand-in candidates until late December in order to provide time to solicit other prospective candidates.

Discussion ensued on the procedures employed in 2004 to conduct a presidential preference primary. Audrey Clement motioned to form a committee to implement the 2008 GPVA presidential preference primary. The motion passed by consensus after which Kirit Mookerjee again left the call. Volunteers named to the committee were Rick Johnson, Tom Yager, Charlie Jordan and Audrey Clement.

Dena Cottle joined the call, and discussion proceeded on a motion previously published by Rick Johnson on the GPVA webpage to modify GPVA Bylaws to change decision making majorities throughout from three quarters to three fifths. Rick relayed that the affected quorums are spelled out in the following sections of GPVA Bylaws:

  • 7.C.5 Majority required for disaffiliation of a GPVA local;
  • 8.D.6 Majority required to expel a GPVA member;
  • 11.C.2 Majority required for major decisions of GPVA;
  • 20.D.3 Majority required for a decision of the GPVA Interim Committee

Audrey moved to modify the bylaws amendment to exclude Section 8.D.6 dealing with expulsion of members from the main proposal. Thus under her proposed amendment a three quarters majority would still be required to expel a member. The motion passed on a vote of 7/2/0.

The main motion to amend GPVA Bylaws to change the majority requirements in sections 7.C.5, 11.C.2, and 20.D.3 was amended to provide for review of the changes at the end of 2008 and passed by a vote of 6/2/1.

The next GPVA business meeting was scheduled for 12/30/2007 at 7:00 p.m. via teleconference.

Minutes GPVA


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