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State Meeting

Charlottesville, Va.
March 4, 2007

In attendance were: Audrey Clement, Kirit Mookerjee, Tamar and Tom Yager (Arlington/Courthouse local); Charlie Jordan (Blue Ridge local); Jana Cutlip (Central Virginia local); Chris Fink (Fredericksburg local); Jim Lowenstern (NoVa local); Scott Burger and Rain Burroughs (Richmond local).

Tom Yager was chosen facilitator, Scott Burger time keeper, and Audrey Clement note taker by consensus. The meeting was called to order by Tom Yager at 10:00 a.m.

Finance Committee Report

Upon approval of the agenda as modified, Tom Yager gave a report on behalf of the Finance Committee, in which he shared with the group answers provided by GPUS Operations Director Emily Citkowski to questions raised by Eric Sheffield (Rockbridge local) on the desirability of sharing GPVA membership database with GPUS for the purpose of joint fundraising. The motion on the floor was whether to share GPVAs database with GPUS despite blocking concerns from the Rockbridge local. Audrey Clement moved to table the motion until such time as the Finance Committee has had an opportunity to consult with Rockbridge and obtain its consent to share the database. The motion passed by consensus.

GPVA treasurer Kirit Mookerjee reported that there is currently $1,360 in the GPVA account. According to the Finance Committee Report, this is enough money to produce another GPVA newsletter. But Chris Fink indicated that since an early spring deadline has already passed, there was a question when the next newsletter should be published.

Tamar Yager motioned to direct the Finance Committee to send a fundraising letter to the GPVA membership via email and share the proceeds 50/50 with GPUS, with the provision that Rockbridge members would be excluded from the mailing if the local had blocking concerns. The motion passed by consensus.

Candidate Exploration Committee Report

Tom Yager gave a report on behalf of the Candidate Exploration Committee (CEC). The CEC report as amended was adopted by a vote of 9 to 1 with the following plan of action for the 2008 Presidential election:

  • Have candidate presidential electors chosen by GPVA meeting in November, 2007 (preferably Central Committee members for convenience).
  • Have candidate presidential electors submit paperwork to the State Board of Elections (SBE) by December 1, 2007.
  • Have Congressional District Coordinators for petition drive chosen by GPVA meeting in November, 2007.
  • Start petitioning in January, 2008.
  • Coordinate with contiguous states and GPUS to set up Presidential candidate forums in the region during the first quarter of 2008. Make arrangements by December 1, 2007. Publicize forums with article in December, 2007 GPVA newsletter.
  • Poll membership on presidential candidate preference in May, 2008; publicize the results of the poll in first issue of GPVA newsletter in 2008.
  • Select delegates to GPUS nominating convention in May or June, 2008
A motion by Jim Lowenstern to post to the GPVA website a list of licensed notaries to for use in witnessing affidavits on nominating petitions was adopted by consensus.

Local Organizing Committee Report.

Tom Yager reported on contacts hes had with several individuals across the state who are interested in forming Green locals.

Legislative Priorities

The following motion by Tom Yager was adopted by a vote of 7 to 2 with one abstention:

The GPVA agrees to add the following to its list of legislative priorities for 2008:

  • Adoption of instant runoff voting at the county level.
  • Reduction of the ballot access requirement from 10% in a statewide election to 5%.
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through conservation and the development of alternative energy.
  • Banning mountaintop removal mining in Virginia.

Record of Local Affiliation

The following record of local affiliation introduced by Audrey Clement was adopted as amended by a vote of 9 to 0 with one stand aside.

WHEREAS, the Green Party of the United States allocates delegate seats based on the number of organized Congressional Districts and requires each member state Green Party to maintain "a current record and validation of active local affiliates, to be provided to the GP-US on request for credentialing purposes" (GP-US Bylaw Article II., Section 2),

PROPOSED, firstly, that GPVA hereby adopt this Current Record of active local affiliates numbered by Congressional District, for the purpose of documentation of actual, provable activity:

  1. Fredericksburg
  2. --
  3. Richmond
  4. Richmond
  5. Blue Ridge, Central Virginia
  6. Rockbridge, Blue Ridge
  7. Richmond, Central Virginia
  8. Arlington, NOVA
  9. New River Valley, Blue Ridge
  10. NOVA
  11. NOVA

PROPOSED, secondly, that this Current Record of active local affiliates shall be assumed true only for the time when adopted, shall have no prescriptive weight, and shall not be construed to limit the choice of any GPVA member or affiliate.

Bylaws Amendment

Audrey Clement introduced for consideration by GPVA membership a proposal to amend GPVA bylaws to bring them into conformity with the GPUS rule which requires state party affiliates to support candidates nominated at the quadrennial GPUS nominating convention. The proposal as amended modifies Article VI.E of GPVA bylaws, which reads:

"E. Decisions and rules of other organization which the GPVA is affiliated with or a member of will in no way be considered binding upon the Green Party of Virginia.

To read:

"E. GPVA agrees to support national candidates selected by the Green Party nominating convention. Decisions and rules of other organizations with which the GPVA is affiliated or member of will, in no way be considered binding upon the Green Party of Virginia.

Local Reports

Local reports were heard from all locals in attendance except Blue Ridge, whose representative to the meeting, Charlie Jordan, had to return home early due to inclement weather in his area.

Kirit Mookerjee advised that the newsletter of the Arlington/Courthouse Greens is available for download at its website:

Rain Burroughs, introduced Dave Swanson, cofounder of the blog,, board member of Progressive Democrats of America, and Washington director of, who spoke about his efforts to introduce a measure in Congress to impeach President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

Newspaper Committee Report

It was agreed by consensus that the next GPVA newsletter will be published in May, one month in advance of the filing deadline for statewide office with a deadline of April 1 for news copy.

GPUS Representatives Report

GPUS NC delegate Chris Fink reported on business pending before the GPUS National Committee with some additional comments from NC alternate Tamar Yager and NC delegate Audrey Clement.

Closing Circle

It was tentatively agreed to hold the next in person GPVA quarterly business meeting in Richmond on Saturday or Sunday, June 9 or 10th.

Minutes GPVA


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