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State Meeting

Chris Fink's Residence
Fredericksburg Virginia
April 8th, 2006


Audrey Clement, Arlington
Kirit Mookerjee (Treasurer) : Arlington [left a little early]
Tom Yager (Co-Chair) : Arlington [arrived a little late]
Charlie Jordan : Blue Ridge
Chris Fink : Fredericksburg
Joey Borda (Candidate for 5th District Rep in U.s. Congress) : Blue Ridge

Establishment of Quorum based upon :

1. Presence of Co-Chair and/or Treasurer
2. Representative presence of 50% or more of locals which are currently represented or have had representation at either of the two preceding meetings.

Introductions & Welcome

Approved Agenda : Agenda modified as follows by consensus.

Selected Facilitator (Kirit for most of the meeting, then Tom when Kirit left)
Selected Note-Taker (Chris)
Selected Timekeeper (Charlie)
Selected Vibes-Watcher (Joey)

Candidate nominations and endorsements

A. Candidate Joey Borda wishes to represent the 5th U.S. House District, and seeks the GPVA nomination.

1. Candidate made brief introductory statement
2. Candidate answered questions from the membership : Candidate claimed membership in the GPVA and expressed intent to run as a Green / on the Green Party ticket. Candidate has a campaign website ( or for background info. Candidate must obtain petition signatures in 5th district but has no specific plan currently for the petitioning process (gaining volunteers, etc). Candidate has no treasurer, campaign manager, or formal campaign fund as of this date. Issues on which the candidate intends to run on include campaign finance reform, privacy guarantee legislation, and national health insurance. Candidate claims nothing in his background which, if disclosed, would hinder his candidacy, his ability to perform his duties, or harm the image of the Green Party. Candidate currently is a self-employed computer expert and teacher.
3. Candidate has been considered for consideration by the Blue Ridge Greens Screening Committee, and has not been opposed by the candidate's local (Blue Ridge).
4. Candidate nominated by consensus of non-candidate members present (five, including one stand-aside).

B. Candidate Andre' Peery wishes to represent the 6th U.S. House District, and seeks the GPVA's endorsement.

1. Candidate not present
2. Candidate has been approved for consideration and recommended by the Blue Ridge Greens Screening Committee
3. His petition drive was endorsed by Rockbridge.
4. Endorsement consideration postponed by consensus, with intent to invite candidate to a future meeting at an appropriate time.

GPUS Representatives' Report

A. Issues before the National Committee include :

1. Financial issues, such as maintaining staff members
2. Decision about the office location
3. Continued discussion of representation of states to the National Committee and to conventions (including advocacy of "One Green One Vote") has resulted in formation of Delegate Apportionment Committee which will make recommendations to the GPUS later this year. At least one member at this current GPVA meeting expressed concern about the operation of a federation of state parties, which departs from the Green key value of grassroots democracy.

B. Gary Hagen has requested a list of those Virginia GPUS members who have participated in the "Green Card" national program. Kirit has obtained such a list, as shared by GPUS, and the intent is to share this info with locals so they could contact these folks and invite them to join.

Election of Male and Female GPUS Representatives

A. Terms for both have expired, but issue has been put off in recent meetings due to lack of quorum. Nominations were taken as follows :

MALE : Kirit Mookerjee (declines if other candidates accept nomination)
Chris Fink
David Gaines
Eric Sheffield

FEMALE: Audrey Clement
Jana Cutlip

B. Election postponed until 2nd quarterly meeting 2006, with intent to promote vacant position to additional qualified members.

Proposal regarding divestment

Proposal under consideration was a resolution brought by Audrey Clement which would rescind GPUS Proposal #190, initiate a dialogue on the Israeli/Palestinian dispute, urge the GPUS to ensure that future relevant proposals include support for a two-state solution, and to oppose U.S. military aid to any country with a record of human rights violations. For reference, this proposal in its entirety was submitted as part of this meeting's proposed agenda.

A. Discussion focused on improvements to language/wording, and the possibility of its improvement via consultation with a known expert. Opposition noted to phrase "...except in cases of self-defense", on the grounds that this claim is too easily made.
B. Proposal retracted by presenter for delayed action, until such time as possibility of improvement by expert can be assessed.

Proposal regarding Green Party Declaration of Independence

Under consideration (nationally) is a proposal (Prop. 218) brought to the GPUS National Committee (NC) by the Green Parties of California, Michigan, Wisconsin, and the District of Columbia, and forwarded to the GPVA's business list. Proposal would resolve that the GPUS declare its intention to run national campaigns "full-out", without resort to "Safe-States" strategies or deference to "good Democrats", and to encourage state and local Parties to do the same, as well as promote ranked voting reforms.

Under consideration for the GPVA were two items : First, a non-binding assessment of the GPVA's stance on whether our representatives to the GPUS NC should vote for the proposal. There was general agreement in the affirmative on this matter, though sentiments were expressed that the wording could be better. Secondly, a binding proposal was introduced that the GPVA sign on to Prop. 218 as a co-sponsoring state. This proposal did not achieve consensus, and was not taken to a vote.

Election of Female Co-Chair

Audrey Clement nominated herself to fill out the term expiring at the 2nd Quarterly Meeting 2006, and nomination/election approved by consensus. Audrey is now co-chair until the end of this term. It was also resolved that more female members be encouraged to attend the June meeting and accept nominations.

Candidate Exploration Committee Report

Tom Yager (Chair) reported that he himself would run for Soil and Water Conservation Director in his region in 2007. Chris Fink reported his intention to consider running for the similar position in his area in 2007.

Local Organizing Committee Report

Tom Yager (Chair) reported a Williamsburg contact interested in setting up a local.

Activism Committee Report

Charlie Jordan reported too much cross-talk and misplaced posts on the Activism list, and requested a name change for this list in order to alleviate the problem.

Newspaper Committee Report

Chris Fink (Chair) reported that the Spring 2006 issue had been printed and paid for (at a cost of $400 for 4000 copies) and were available for distribution. The labels have been printed and sorted by zip code, and it was resolved that the GPVA look into moving its bulk mail permit to a location closer to Fredericksburg. A check in the amount of $100 was handed over to the Treasurer in compensation for the half-page ad purchased by the Golden Owl Herb Farm. GPVA members present were urged to press their local members for submissions of content for the next issue.

Finance Committee Report

No report.

Platform Committee Report

No report.

CoChairs' Report

Tom Yager reported that Matt Brown from Urbanna is considering running for town council in 2008.

Treasurer's Report

A. Operating Fund is at 1237.00 (after cost of printing newspaper). Most recent donations from private individuals (new member in Blacksburg) and the GPUS sharing program.

B. We need to follow up with new contribution pledges from website. Recent ones include residents of Leesburg and VA Beach.

Press Secretary's Report

No Report. Bob Petrusak has stepped down as press secretary, and so the GPVA needs to hold an election for this position. It was resolved by consensus that the Interim Committee shall publish a call for nominations and up to the 2nd Quarterly Meeting 2006 is authorized to make a selection for this position by appointment.

Local Reports

Arlington local report : Report submitted to Greens of Virginia Newsletter Spring 2006 included affordable housing petitioning, transportation issues, and taping of a new installment of Challenging Corporate Power on the Green Hour channel 69.

Blue Ridge : No report.

Central Virginia : No report.

Fredericksburg : Reported success in setting up and fulfilling the university-imposed conditions for a permanent Campus Greens group at the University of Mary Washington. All papers have been filed and they are currently awaiting approval by the university.

Loudoun : No report.

New River Valley : Green town council member Don Langrehr is running for Mayor, and very progressive Susan Anderson (one of the main editors of the New River Free Press) is running for Town Council!

Northern Virginia : No report.

Richmond : Earth Day activities

Rockbridge : On Wed. the 5th the Rockbridge Greens endorsed the petition drive of Andre' Perry, who is petitioning to get on the ballot for the 6th Congressional District race.

Virginia Beach : No report

Locals in Formation : None


It was resolved that the Interim Committee be directed to choose a date prior to the Virginia candidate filing deadline for the next (2nd) Quarterly Meeting, and that the Interim Committee shall be empowered to nominate a candidate for the November 2006 elections.

Minutes GPVA


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