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State Meeting

Jefferson Library
Charlottesville, Virginia
January 14, 2006

Submitted by James Blythe


Eric Sheffield / Rockbridge
Gary Hagen/ Loudoun
Audrey Clement / Arlington
Tom Yager / Arlington
Bob Petrusak / NOVA Greens
James Blythe / Fredericksburg
Others in attendance not listed included observers (not members of the GPVA).

Local Reports

Rockbridge Greens got a referendum on the ballot to stagger terms of county Board of Supervisors approved with over 87% support. Also got a proposed new sign ordinance which would have allowed larger signs at interstate exchanges defeated. Key campaign activities in support of these initiatives included attending community events with the petition, bringing oversized signs to public hearings, and enrolling local businesses to oppose sign ordinance.

NOVA Greens are working on several initiatives, including:
1. an initiative to allow local government to purchase Canadian prescription drugs for hospitals and public employees. Questions regarding the Canadian prescription drugs proposal should be addressed to the NOVA local.
2. stopping the widening of I-66.
3. setting up town meetings with local Congressman to emphasize public opposition to the war in Iraq.

Loudoun Greens are still in the process of organizing and recruiting new members, and are attending meetings of local progressive groups to recruit members.

Arlington Green Initiatives included:
1. attending the Sept 24th antiwar demonstration in Washington. Rep. Murtha spoke against the war and enjoyed wide public support.
2. working on an ordinance to limit construction of more McMansions in Arlington county in conjunction with the Affordable Housing Coalition.
3. opposed the widening of I-66 at recent meeting of the Washington Planning Board. Of note, the Virginia Transportation Planning Board recently approved spot improvements to I-66 which Arlington county may file suit to prevent. Arlington Greens are primarily opposed to widening of I-66 inside the Beltway; widening further west has already been initiated. The Commonwealth of Virginia has a Transportation Board chaired by Kate Hanley which held public meetings throughout the state.

Fredericksburg Greens are currently in the process of organizing a Green Party group among the students at Mary Washington campus.

Co-Chairs’ Report

Tom Yager reported that state party membership remains steady between 1100 and 1500 members.

Treasurer's Report

Kirit Mookerjee reported that the state party currently has $1394.00 on hand. This includes contributions by members as well as a quarterly check from GPUS.

Press Secretary's Report

Bob Petrusak reported that he is currently making effort to free Tom Fox from Iraqi captivity by having local imams issue appeals for his release. Also working with Al Jazeera in order to have appeal broadcast as well.

GPUS Delegates' Report

1. Bundles of GPUS newspapers are currently available to locals at the cost of $25.00 per bundle.
2. Kristen Olson has been declared the winner of the 4th SC seat by some members of the National committee but has not been seated. An alternate counting method of the votes at Tulsa (by Roger Snyde) arrived at the same first 3 winners but Kristen as the 4th rather than Tom Sevigny who was declared the 4th winner by GPUS secretary Holly Hart.
3. Locals are urged to read discussion of proposals on and contact their delegates/alternates with comments at
4. There is an ongoing dispute within the national Party over the number of delegates awarded to states. Those states with greater numbers of Green members are pushing for greater representation, those with fewer members are resisting.

Newsletter Committee Report

Chris Fink is currently soliciting articles for the Greens of Virginia newspaper; deadline for inputs is February 10. The paper will be accepting ads in the forthcoming edition as usual.

Finance Committee Report

The committee discussed the need for all campaign funds to pass through a Political Action Committee (PAC). It was agreed the state party would file papers to set up a PAC to be called the Green Party of Virginia Committee which would be available to support local campaigns by the local parties.

Candidate Exploration Committee Report

1. Josh Ruebner of the Arlington Greens indicated that he was not running for Arlington County Board after all, on advice from activists who attended his exploratory meeting in December, 2005.
2. town and city council elections will be held on May 2. The deadline for candidates to file is March 7 For localities with more than 1600 registered voters, a petition with 125 signatures is needed to file. For localities with fewer than 1600 voters, no petition is necessary.
3. elections for local soil and conservation boards will be held in November 2007. A total of 25 signatures are needed to run.

Local Organizing Committees

are currently active in Williamsburg, Danville, Martinsville and Lynchburg. If formally approved, they would join the exisiting 11 state locals to make a total of 15 Green Party locals statewide.

Minutes GPVA


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